Saturday, August 20, 2016

United Nationalists Australia


The UNA Nationalist writers’ bench has noticed some interest from our readers in our political concept of White Australia; its context and implications.
In providing a quick sketch here we must impress upon our readers that this question will forever be up for debate, however, there are limits to that debate, if you’re White you get a say, if you’re not, you don’t.
Nationalists are not obliged to explain anything to our enemies, we won’t be going down the path of splitting hairs with anti-Whites or humouring any of their ideas on “Whiteness”.
We will here outline a position which is so at odds with the anti-White position on race that it can never be mistaken for anything other than a radical and revolutionary stance.
So, for the purpose of this exercise who is a White Australian?
Basically, it boils down to a commitment to an affirmative answer to a question we ask ourselves, am I White?
Let us be serious, anti-White sophistry aside there is no doubt about who is White, everyone knows which ethnic group we mean when we say the words White Australia.
Acceptance of one’s place in the ethnic mosaic of 21st century Australia is a first step to what is sometimes called “the secession of the mind”, the sloughing off of hyphenated labels, euphemisms and all the artifacts of the globalist monoculture.
Interestingly Meriki Onus of the indigenous nationalist group
Warriors Of Aboriginal Resistance espouses a very similar concept, she calls it decolonisation.
“Decolonization. We want to inform our people and inspire them, particularly our youth, to take action in the anti-colonial struggle because that's the only way. Decolonization encompasses all aspects of life. It's the food you eat, it's the things you buy. Food and health are high on our agenda, but we're also helping our own communities to learn their languages, their dances, the traditions. We want people to study and be informed of their true history.”
Are we not also engaged in an anti-colonial struggle against the agents of globalism and the big money power?
We’d agree with Meriki Onus that the present status quo demands radical ethnocentrism as a response to globalism and entrenched power structures, however, we cannot accept their definition of White Australia as THE power structure.
Here too is the justification for our insistence that a person who cannot look in the mirror and say “I am White” and mean it has no right to express an opinion on White Australia; our secession of the mind, our declaration that we are White renders us outcasts, dissidents and barbarians in the eyes of the authentic brokers of power in this land.
When we say we are White and mean it we are consciously rejecting social standing in the globalist order in exactly the same way that dissident Aborigines do when de-colonising their minds.
W.A.R should know exactly what we mean as they are currently extracting themselves from the clutches of broader leftist milieu, just as we are kicking back the clawed hands of conservatism and civic patriotism.
It’s one thing to secede intellectually, consciously rejecting the globalist monoculture is the easy part because it’s a spook, as the Individualists would say. Fighting the undertow of the elites’ many minions who superficially resemble radicals, Socialist Alternative for W.A.R, or in our case Party For Freedom, is a very real struggle, against a very real adversary.
Identifying the power structure on this continent as a system of White power and racial privilege is no longer a viable position, it’s abundantly clear to all that the crony capitalists aspire to an international, multi-racial order where power is granted as a concession to the highest bidder or the biggest earner.
The outward manifestation of globalist power in the 21st century is anti-racism, ethnic mixing and one overriding culture often described as Californication, thus crass Leftist identity politics and anti-racism actually only reinforces this old power structure.
Ethnocentrism, being consciously White in our case, is a revolutionary act under present circumstances, it’s a gauntlet slapped in the face of the money power as we declare “We are not you! And you are not us!”.
So why be White?
Do you want things to change? Do you want a life of political struggle with open eyes, an insatiable hunger for the truth and a fire in your belly?
Ethnocentric awakening is a bell which once rung cannot be unrung when people read the words of Nationalists or hear them spoken, the effect is permanent.

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