Saturday, August 13, 2016


Dr. Jim Saleam

The Australia First Party lead candidate for Wagga Wagga City Council, Lorraine Sharp, has been on the receiving end of political harassment. It has been of a continual nature.

We shall start with the first instalment.

In 2013, during the height of the people's campaign to sink the Chinese Trade Centre, a notorious fruit, Lex Stewart, appeared in Wagga Wagga as the Candidate of the Palmer United Party. Stewart demanded that Lorraine, as the candidate for Australia First Party give preferences to him. She declined. A report of Stewart appeared in our party press. Stewart threatened a defamation suit for $600,000 which he said he would withdraw if she gave the preferences. His entreaties were declined.

Stewart upped the ante to open harassment and assault.

Stewart appeared at Lorraine's home at various hours, acted in an intimidating manner and drafted various legal letters and made innumerable phone calls at all hours.

The Stewart campaign culminated in an incident witnessed by several people, including Catherine, the wife of Michael McCormack, the Federal MP. Stewart appeared at the pre-poll centre in Wagga, brandishing a phone in Lorraine's face. He verbally reproached her and one of her daughter's who was assisting in handing out how to vote cards. At one point he grabbed Lorraine's arm and pushed her. He intimidated and chased her daughter in the manner of a wild animal. Stewart then decamped at speed to the Wagga Wagga Police Station and made a statement claiming that Lorraine has assaulted him and tried to steal his phone. Nothing came of Stewart's complaint - nor of her counter - complaint. The Wagga Wagga Police said it was a Federal matter and not a State matter (it was in fact a common assault).

After the election Stewart vanished from Wagga Wagga.

However, this was not the end of him. Stewart later took up with a speaking group run largely by "Climate Sceptics" which meet at Fivedock RSL in Sydney. This group, which is a classic satellite structure of the Liberal Party, has recently featured speakers such as Malcolm Roberts and Brian Burston, now One Nation Senators and various dross noted for their negative functions inside former One Nation.

Let us return to 2013. Lorraine raised the whole matter with the then Registered Officer of Australia First Party. It is understood that he was informed by Howard Crawford (who had infiltrated our party to undermine it and who is now exposed as an operative of the Liberal Party's dirty tricks department) that she had exaggerated the events and past a general protest to the Electoral Commission about the safety of polling workers - that nought should be done.

We note too, that Stewart had also had membership in the Liberal Party after he was expelled for wrecking inside One Nation and that he had wrecked a patriotic party called "The Great Australians" in 2002-3.

In our business, political harassment is just the nature of the game. The question for us now is - who continues to stalk Lorraine Sharp?

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