Friday, August 26, 2016

Killing Of The Greyhound Industries For Their Chinese Masters

We at Australia First Party are curious as to the real reason behind the arbitrary Greyhound racing industry ban and the "freeing" up of prime real estate for developers ie Greyhound race tracks.

It fits with the Baird programme of setting up large satellite suburbs and mini cities for the Chinese; Inner Sydney growth corridors, Waterloo, Redfern, Parramatta and extending outwards to Wyong, Shoalhaven and elsewhere. The new proposed fast train from Sydney - Melbourne that will not be stopping at Wagga, as eight NEW dormitory or satellite cities will be built along the new line. And that's only in NSW.

We note the NSW government has been most pleased with government revenue raised by Greyhound racing for many many years. In all off those PROFITABLE years "cruelty" to animals did not concern the government.

As the expulsion of the Aboriginal peoples from Redfern - so goes the Aussie dog racing industry it gets expelled too. All these things - everything for the Chinese.

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