Monday, August 29, 2016


AFP Victoria would like to congratulate one of our newest members, Chris Shortis, on  a recent legal victory in the Firearms Appeals Committee of Victoria.  This decision is good news not just for gun owners, but for Australians in general with the result a success for freedom of speech as much as gun ownership.  Well done Chris Shortis!
I have just come back from Melbourne, after appearing before the Firearms Appeals Committee of Victoria.  The Victorian police had revoked the licence of  my client, Chris Shortis, a member of registered political party, Australia First, on the grounds that they did not like the way he was on social media talking about gun laws and other hot political topics. I argued "the words spoken by Mr Shortis are within the sphere of    constitutionally protected liberty of political communication recognized and described in the case of Lee versus Commissioner of Police NSW (a NSW case). They do not amount to Mr Shortis expressing any intent to disobey the law, let alone in respect of firearms. Mr Shortis’ words do not go beyond his expression, and advocacy, of his point of view about the incendiary subjects of Islam, immigration policy and history. Crucially, there is no evidence of him having a propensity to cause harm to others with a firearm or to counsel others to do so”.
The Committee readily agreed with my argument and set aside the police decision immediately. This is a good win: an Australian citizen who has a firearms licence has the same right to free speech as every other Australian.
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