Friday, August 26, 2016


Dr. Jim Saleam
The New South Wales Police Force is the nation's largest. In the wake of the damning inquiry into the Lindt Cafe siege of December 2014, a public clamour has developed to relieve senior officers of their authority and return Nick Kaldas to authority - this time as Commissioner.
I cannot escape the conclusion that evidence led at the inquiry has been engineered to achieve that very result. Minor parties and the Opposition have been employed to make the 'call'.
One report said: " ..Opposition leader Luke Foley and MPs from the Greens, Christian Democrats and Shooters, Fishers and Farmers called for Mr Kaldas to be installed as the next commissioner. "(He's) the best person to provide the leadership the NSW police force needs", Mr Foley said."
Kaldas is a political cop. The former anti terrorism czar is linked to the world of counter-terrorism an political policing, in Australia and overseas.  If Nick Kaldas took over the New South Wales Police,it would be  a signal to all police forces within Australia that politicisation and paramilitarization would be pursued as policy.
Australian nationalists have, over and over, pointed out the public concern over Islamist terror has been manipulated into support for a security-state. Minor parties and Liberal Party satellite 'conservative' structures turned out to fuel community concern into support for a coercive regime.
The Australia First Party has said that terrorism has grown from a mistaken immigration policy. We have said that terrorism is linked to the enforced program of ongoing globalisation, which leaves certain 'backward' communities right out of the loop - and with one response, reactive violence. We have said that terrorism has a global-link and the Australian state's complicity in building terrorism, for opportunistic reasons and occasional in its directioning renders the whole issue - false.Kaldas would know, because he must know, that Australia via its allies is well aware of the criminal linkages with Islamists in their struggles with secular Arab states.
A security state upon a false basis means that it must have other ends. I cannot escape the further conclusion that the politicisation and paramilitarization of the police throughout our country would be directed to serve the globalisation process in Australia.
As the Kaldas drama unfolds, all Australians should pay close attention. We should fear these developments as much as terrorism itself.

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