Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Mr Kendall apparently sees himself as a “Statesman-like hero and ‘Pillar’ of Wagga Wagga’s community”.   So much so, that, during the 2016 Council Election period, so ever-confident of his popularity by the “Adoring, Fawning”(?) Voters, he will not deign to be present in Wagga Wagga.
Instead, he will be absent, “On Duty”,  on a “BEER-SWILLING JUNKET” in Germany  -  serving the “Interests” of  Wagga’s community ... OF COURSE !!!   AND,  NATURALLY,  THE  “RAPED-Payers” of Wagga are expected to foot the Bill  -  at a MINIMUM of $12,500-00.
Of course,  this ‘fits’ with Mr Kendall’s “SUSTAINABLE ‘CONSISTENCY’ “ in wastefully PLUNDERING the ‘Public Purse’ .   For example :-
a).  The waste of $50,000-00 (at least !) on the aborted Chinese Trade Centre project.
b).  The LOSS OF $2.4 MILLION in Council funds, on the Douglas Aerospace FIASCO .
c).   A number of massively costly (6 figures at times) “professional”  ‘Studies and Reports’ which were of nil or little benefit to Council and the RAPED-Payers .
d).   And now the $12,500-00(PLUS) Beer-Swilling Junket in Germany.  (“Well,  it’s a Job and someone has to do it”,  says Mr Kendall, wearing his “SERIOUS” LOOK !!)
Does Mr Kendall imagine that the alcohol in German beer will carry him to a special “Altered state of Consciousness” which reveals a plan to re-imburse Wagga Council (for all of its wasteful losses on his ‘Watch’) without him having to dip into his own pocket ??   We know that German Beer is good,  but ...THAT good ???
Imagine what FURTHER  PAST WASTE AND MISCHIEF will come to light with the election of HONEST Councillors  in 2016!!??
But there’s more :-  
1).   Mr Kendall has publicly asked the Community to offer a solution to the rampant Drugs and Crime problem in Wagga.   He has no suggestions and even less interest .   No profit here for Wagga’s “Good Ole Boys” -  the “Familia” !!   Does he view the insufferable Drugs and Crime situation as part of the Community’s  ENTITLED “WHITE PRIVILEGE” in which he dare not interfere ??
2).   Mr Kendall euphorically supports the establishment of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities FOR THE ‘RICH AND FAMOUS’, located within the Wagga Community which  Community ANGRILY RESENTS AND OPPOSES the idea .   Is Mr Kendall in a state of rapture at having upset the Community, .... OR is there some “Special Appeal” in helping out other “Good Ole Boys” from Big Cities and overseas ??
3).   The ‘Kendall Group’ on the Ballot Papers includes one Mr Tim Koschel who publicly stated that the Wagga Council has virtually gone nowhere for 10 years .  For much of that period, Mr Kendall was Mayor .   What “Sterling Support” you’ve mustered to your ‘Group’, Mr Kendall,  and one wonders why a person with that opinion would ‘team up’ with “A LOSER” ??
4).   Mr Kendall and his GENERAL Manager will be visiting Tips in Germany, and hoping to learn something of Germany’s Re-cycling methods.   The Re-cyclers only re-cycle worthwhile materials.   There is an analogy in this for politicians.
5).   Mr Kendall has said publicly that in this, his final term (Yeah !!  IF he’s lucky !!), he intends to MENTOR other Councillors .   So, the record and shining example of his  years of ‘Leadership’ qualifies him for this function ??   ‘Leading by example’  -  instructing Councillors on best methods to frivolously waste $Millions, on best methods to ignore Community concerns,  on best methods to ‘remove’ a ‘troublesome’ HONEST Councillor,  on best methods and opportunities to serve up shallow, meaningless,  Politically-Correct Propaganda to the Public ??
6).   We note that Mr Kendall has made no public statement about the serious waste of Council Funds under his ‘Watch’,  nor about restitution to the Council .   One seriously wonders what ‘back-scratching’ took place to have Wagga Council,  above other smaller and more efficient Councils, adjudged to be “FIT FOR THE FUTURE” ??   Is the waste of $Millions a prerequisite to qualify ??
7).   Is it true that, as a “FIT FOR THE FUTURE” Council which has frivolously wasted around $3,000,000-00 of RAPED-Payers’ funds,  the Mayor is entitled
to indulge in an overseas BEER-SWILLING BINGE at Raped-Payers’ expense,  all of which is highly unlikely to solve the Drugs and Crime problems and any other problems in home-town Wagga ??
Mr Kendall’s erratic statements and behaviour leave a trail of questions to which we are unlikely to get answers, in the same way as he never answered any of the more than 100 questions validly raised about the abortive ‘Chinese Trade Centre’ project  -  one of his proudest ‘accomplishments’ as Mayor.  
Mr Kendall is so proud also, of his ‘Refugee Welcome Zone’.   Upon arriving in Germany, soon,  he will not need to seek an opportunity to learn and observe at first hand, the success of the world’s most “advanced” state of Multiculturism.   The uplifting behaviour of uncivilised, barbarian newcomers, “WELCOMED” in by Angela Merkel, is a sight to behold, as they rampage, terrorise, plunder, murder, rape their undefended hosts, and sponge welfare from the State.   (Mr Kendall should find himself in “Friendly, WELCOMING” company among the barbarians.)   Such “ENRICHING CONTRIBUTIONS” to German society !!!   Will an enthusiastic Mr Kendall, upon his return to Wagga, attempt to replicate the “ENRICHING” circumstances of Germany here in Wagga ??
Simultaneous with all of these gratuitous ‘blessings’ from the newcomers,  the Politically-Correct German government blames its German citizens for the criminal barbarity of the newcomers.  Very ‘logical’, of course !!   No doubt  Mayor Kendall will be highly enthused by all of this.  Perhaps he may, whilst there, enrol in an Advanced Course of Political-Correctness,  in order to better regale the Public with Communist Propaganda when he returns  -  AND to also better “MENTOR” Councillors !!   It should distract Public attention away from his WASTE for a few moments.
Then again, he may seek Political Asylum in Germany,  to be among his new migrant friends, and to escape the Oppression of Political truth and  the ‘backwardness’ of little old Wagga .  But, alas !!  Reluctantly, he’ll return and fulfil his ‘Mentoring’ commitment,  and an ever grateful Wagga will shower him with rose petals in welcoming him home, whilst clamouring, “GIVE US MORE WASTE !!”   He may need a defibrillator and a good supply of old fashioned “Magnesia” if he returns.

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