Sunday, January 15, 2017



Have our "News Releases" attracted such gripping interest from the "Good Ol Boys" of Wagga, that their enthralled anticipation of what's next to come, impels them to drive up and loiter at the front of my humble home (in  excited hope), drive off, but return again,  and again, and again and yet again ??    Indeed, in a car with Number Plates which belong to another car,  no less ??!!   Gentlemen, please !!!   We understand what an undignified embarrassment for you that it would be should your own 'Privilege-Class' vehicles be seen here in the realm of the "CATTLE CLASS" ;      but, really,  don't you think that  might be a rather 'extreme precaution'  to only avoid being "noticed" ??

And then there are 'others' who have taken to 'tail-gating' my daughter around the suburbs.   Perhaps they are just mis-guided 'admirers' too shy to ask for an autograph from the daughter of such an interesting person as myself.

Could it be that "The Good Ol Boys" are just 'discreetly' looking out for our personal safety and security ??   Nah  !!   They're too busy just being "important" !!

Of course,  there is always the drab possibility that we are witnessing nothing more than the hum-drum of some un-exciting, criminal stalking and surveillance.  So, no Fan Club, after all?


Wagga's trusting good citizens may be somewhat shocked to learn of the grasping 'extra-curricular' proclivities of certain senior figures in and associated with Wagga's "Fit For The Future Council".   We sincerely hope that they will take more serious steps to 'alleviate' the pain of these discoveries, than a session of un-therapeutic "Counselling".

Q. 1.
The General Manager, Mr Eldridge.   A significant component of his SECRET and outrageous "Remuneration Package", is that Council (i.e., the Rate-Payers/Wagga Residents) provide him with THREE CARS,  because, allegedly, Mr Eldridge has been, according to him, "victim"(?) of on-going "threats" to his personal and exalted  safety.   We ask:-

(a).  Mr Eldridge, being such a renowned "Standard-Bearer of Integrity and Propriety" in his  vocations prior to and since joining Wagga Council,  what dastardly intrigues have pursued him to laid-back and friendly Wagga ??    Surely he has not been previously engaged in certain "less than scrupulous" activities  -  indeed, activities which might cast a 'negative blot' upon his otherwise  "Sterling" character  and disqualify him from occupying his present position in Wagga Council ??

(b)   By what mysterious standards does Wagga Council "JUSTIFY" such SECRETIVE,  BREATH-TAKING  BENEFITS to Mr Eldridge   -   for ANY reason ??

(c)   Who decided that Wagga's Rate-Payers/Citizens may be SECRETLY  raped to pay for "protection" for the  'Eminent'  Mr Eldridge,  in respect of some suspect matter which he may have brought upon himself BEFORE he joined  Wagga Council ??     If  he has a "less than reputable" past that is now catching up with him,  it most certainly is not the obligation of Wagga Citizens to subsidise the costs of his "Personal Security" !!    Indeed,  it is the DUTY of Council to consider most seriously, their responsibility, to the Public, to engage persons of only the most impeccable standards to his position.  Given Mr Eldridge's recent Public performance, in light of the apparently suspicious background circumstances of his past,  Public confidence is most unlikely to be 'sustainable'.   And there is more to come  -  whether or not he remains there to 'face the music'.

(d).   Why does Mr Eldridge's Employment 'Package' include unlimited Free Travel, to ANYWHERE, whether or not legitimate Council Business is involved,  and when Council Business is NOT involved, does he continue to receive his full salary during his period of absence ??    Following his recent lavish Booze-up in Germany, all at Rate-Payers' expense,   nothing would surprise us,  but the truth will obviously shock Rate-Payers;     otherwise, why all the SECRECY surrounding the Package deal agreed by Council ??   Other Business Interests of Mr Eldridge raise serious concerns about 'Conflict of interest' which we will address in detail at a later time.    

Council-controlled Parking at Wagga Airport.    "Someone"(?) in Council  Proposed and Authorised the INCREASE in Council's Parking Fees to a DELIBERATELY PROHIBITIVE and UNCOMPETITIVE  sum of $12.00 .    WHO ??    Also,

(a).   In doing so,  IT WAS KNOWN that the opposition Parking provider at the Airport, was 'Valet Parking', owned by the son of our Local State Liberal M.P., Darrell Maguire,  WHO  was charging ONLY $7-50 .    WHY HAS COUNCIL  SQUANDERED  COUNCIL'S  OBLIGATIONS AND  OPPORTUNITIES OF REVENUE BY PREMEDITATED DESIGN TO DRIVE THE BUSINESS TO MR MAGUIRE'S ENTERPRISE AND THUS INCREASE HIS PROFITABILITY WHILST SIMULTANEOUSLY UNDERMINING COUNCIL'S REVENUE PROSPECTS ??    Not a bit of back-scratching among "The Good Ol Boys" ??     THIS IS ANOTHER FORM OF "PRICE-FIXING" AND CORRUPTION.

Behaviour by Wagga Council,  such as above-described (and we have more to follow), seriously erodes the Public Funds entrusted to Council.   As commonly realised, Council never has any qualms in raising Rates when it can get away with it.    And as we will show,  there are occasions when Council corruptly and incompetently "erode" the funds (and shroud it in "cover-up" secrecy) sufficiently to seriously diminish the works and services for which the Public has already paid,  meaning that the Public will be made to pay for such works and services a second time and,  of course, WAIT !!!

Abuse of authority within a government or Public body,  particularly via Financial "FAVOURS", and IN SECRET,  does not sit well with the Public, especially when such abuses have been at direct Public expense.    In this respect, Wagga Council has a dismal history which goes back a significant number of years.   Nor has this Council earned itself any "merits" from  instances of malice against certain Council Members or former Members, over the years, which matters we will be publicly reporting in some detail in the near future.     Macquarie Street moves in recent times, to emasculate the very Authorities created to properly and justly deal with corruption, may not, in the end, be sufficient protection against the "heat" which is about to be turned on the long history of misdeeds within Wagga Council.

The General Manager, Mr Eldridge.    His propensity for shameless VIOLENCE in Public places.   We refer to recent media reports of Mr Eldridge's screaming, abusive Stand-over behaviour at Wagga Airport.    When other 'lesser'(?) folk, in Local Courts every week get 'the book thrown at them' for 'offences' of much less import,  how is it that, in Mr Eldridge's case, a Police Officer is assigned to investigate his churlish, offensive and intimidating  behaviour at the Airport, and then summarily ordered to abandon the matter ??    Are there special 'laws' for over-paid, privileged Bully-boys in elevated positions of  "Service"  to the Public ??   And,

(a).   By what "privileged authority" does Mayor Conkey presume  to 'set aside' appropriate Police involvement (as would apply if other citizens had committed the same offence), and palm off the Public with nonsense platitudes and an insincere 'apology' by Eldridge to THE PUBLIC  -  but NOT TO THE VICTIM ??    Is Mayor Conkey setting a new  'Legal precedent'  -  will he, from now on, be relieving the Police and Courts of their work relating to all local criminal behaviour ??     NOT GOOD ENOUGH,  Mr Mayor !!!   But thank-you ever so much for revealing yet again the renowned proclivities of Wagga Council to SHAMELESSLY EXTEND FAVOUR TO AND TO COVER-UP FOR THE IMPROPRIETIES OF COUNCIL AND OR ITS 'PRIVILEGED' ONES .   You obviously can't help yourself to do other than follow the long established "PATTERN" of what has always more commonly been done IN SECRET  !!   

Why was Mr Crakanthorp sent home on full pay, for about a year, and without explanation ??   In this issue, a considerable amount of money AND a considerable amount of un-done work must be accounted for .

When will the Public be informed about the mystery surrounding Council's Planning Department ??

The abortive Douglas Aerospace adventure.   When will the outstanding $2.1 million be reimbursed to Council by those responsible for this needless loss ??

In respect of Mayor Conkey's improper and inappropriate interference in and mishandling of the Eldridge Airport Violence matter, we are not satisfied that this matter has received the  "All are equal before the Law"  attention,  and especially in respect of those holding prominent positions in service to the Public.  The long history of secrecy, waste, and 'improprieties' (to put it mildly),  of unexplained senior staff dismissals and resignations, together with matters presently  being addressed to Council (with  much more to come), and Council's arrogant belief that they can continue ignoring such matters of increasing Public concern,  will not go on forever.   The "status quo" will eventually meet its Waterloo .     If Mayor Conkey could just cease and desist from endlessly massaging his ego and strutting like Wagga's Chief Barnyard Rooster, he might just begin to understand the real crisis circumstances which he continues to nurture and incubate, and have the common sense to begin resolving the problems.   We expressed our concerns with the DPP  who recommends that the matter be referred to Council or the Local State MP, Darrell Maguire.   Amusing, huh ??   Considering only the contents of this article, obviously Council will not respond appropriately.    And concerning Mr Maguire,  we have other very serious matters to raise which will "interest"  him.  However, in "the fullness of time" we will have rather more expansive and exciting material published,  after which we suggest, certain parties may wish they'd "done the right thing".

Meanwhile,  supposedly,  the "surveillance"  and "stalking" as mentioned above, will probably continue and may even morph into something more exciting.   If they weren't so shy, we'd offer them a cup of tea.    Being in "CATTLE-CLASS" territory, they wouldn't want to expect anything fresher than last weeks tea-bags,  of course !!

Sunday, January 8, 2017



The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions,
I formally request the DPP investigate the matter of Mr Alan Eldridge. This request is based on the DPP provision to provide "the people" of NSW with an independent, just and efficient prosecution service.

Wagga Police refused to investigate or charge Mr Eldridge for his violence at Wagga Airport on Tuesday 15.11.16 at 6am. Mr Eldridge admitted guilt by way of an insincere apology via print and T.V media on 18.11.16. Rather than the customary and lawful procedure of investigation of criminal matters ie; Police investigation, Mayor Conkey appointed himself as lead investigator, Judge and Jury in the Eldridge fiasco. Over ruling local Police. The Victim Mr Julian McLaren contacted Wagga Police for action, a Detective Mr Dominic Burton was assigned to the case, then called off the case. Case closed !
This situation poses very serious questions and casts alarming aspersions as so far as "the natural course of justice" goes.
1. The DPP are bound by the Victims Charter and therefore bound to investigate.
2. Justice needs to be done or seen to be done.
3. What message does Mr Eldridge's immunity from prosecution send to the rest of the Community ?
4. I was prosecuted, now an Appellant and the Crown version of the case is known to You. I dispute the entire case and maintain my innocence, yet I have been subject to being lectured, dressed down, abused and fined in a grossly unfair manner (as court transcripts will show).
So Mr Eldridge avoids all of this (?) tarnishing beyond repair the integrity of the Court and indeed the entire legal system in NSW. In fact it appears there are two different laws (by the way the Eldridge Affair was handled) one for "we the people" and one for the privileged class.
Clearly I am requesting a fair and proper investigation with the intention of all being equal before law.
Criminal rulings can be seen to be biased and farcical when people such as Mr Eldridge admit guilt to violence and intimidation (at an Airport) and escape unpunished.
Can any criminal record coming out of our court system have any integrity or validity when only certain people are subject to prosecution ?
I request this anomaly be explained to me I would like to understand this anomaly.
The DPP must act to restore any integrity left at all locally in Wagga with this farce going on.
People who are convicted (guilty or innocent) can not get jobs due to criminal record. How can any working with children's check have any integrity when violence is covered up for some and not others ?
This is a very serious situation, which I trust will be investigated without delay.
Yours Sincerly

Monday, December 5, 2016


Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts are off to areas just west of Townsville to "side" with farmers who may be pushed off land to accommodate a training centre for Singaporean soldiers.
Roberts is quoted as saying by The Australian today: "Senator Roberts, a Queenslander, yesterday reiterated the party’s opposition to the misuse or sale of productive farmland, particularly to foreign owners."
Of course, nothing stopped Hanson and Roberts siding with Gina Rinehart and the Chinese Shanghai-Cred in their purchase of the huge Kidman Pastoral Company. This new lash-up now exports Aussie beef to the Chinese market. Pauline Hanson said on video that because Rinehart had the majority share it was still an Australian company. This was wilful blindness. And because Roberts has had a relationship with Rinehart, it makes us wonder if all is proper.
Pauline Hanson's One Nation is really Pauline Hanson's Liberal Party Extra. The farmers can buy her line if they are minded, vote for her and tout for her, but at the end of the next State election in Queensland (as former Liberal-National Premier Campbell Newman puts it) One Nation may be in 'coalition' with Liberal-National Party (LNP). A few One Nation MP's will be there and a couple may be ministers in the LNP government. If the LNP supports the sale of the land to Singapore, then would the new 'government' be for it?
Farmers should reject Hanson as a fraud.


The Australia First Party advances Australian Identity, Freedom, and Independence, in contrast to the Globalist/Internationalist policies of the current holders of the State Power in Australia.
Australia First provides an alternative to continuing servitude to Global Capitalism, and places the national interests of Australians and Australia first.
Our vision is that of a High Culture, fulfilling the aspirations passed down to present day Australians from our pioneering and settling peoples for a new European derived civilisation, wherein our citizens productively participate, and attain both the highest quality, and enjoyment from life, commensurate with sustainability from our available resources.
Australia Firsters see our great old continent, with its unique eco-systems, as more than just a quarry, a people dumping ground, or for exploitation by corporate interests parroting materialism and consumerism.
On the issues of strategic Australian manufacturing capacity/self-sufficiency, foreign ownership, ecological sustainability, big business immigration and/or community destroying multiculturalism, what the prevailing traitor class advocates is against the interests of Australians, and is undermining our civilisation. Their globalist doctrines will see the Australian People perish.
The Australia First Party is committed to a regime change from this traitor class, and offers a beacon for men and women to step forward, and to join in this challenge.
If we don’t fight we lose!

Sunday, November 20, 2016



It is duly noted the GM Mr Alan Eldridge has admitted to intimidation of Mr McLaren and other members of the public at Wagga Airport last week. Mr Eldridge has admitted guilt for this crime by way of a public apology for violent verbal abuse and standover / intimidation as revealed by media photographs and reports. We are reliably informed Wagga Police have in their possession the video footage of this crime committed by the illustrious Elderidge. Kindly advise if this video footage will reliably be retained as court evidence contrary to earlier cases mishandled by Wagga Police where video footage has been lost or damaged or unavailable when subpeoned ?

We appreciate the great difficulty Wagga Police have upholding standards of propriety as expected by the public, but we note the difficulties regarding "accidents" with "evidence" is not the end of your difficulties.

Selective evidence for selective victims ?

It would seem to the public they have received a rather ignoble service from Wagga Police ?

Inside or on the fringes of government and indeed government agencies and auxiliaries, it's the CROOKS that are elevated to the top and the citizens destroyed by contrived criminal records.

Who authorised Mayor Conkey to investigate the Eldridge incident at the airport ? It is standard procedure for Police and not local Councillors to investigate crime. Apparently Councillor Conkey assumed to himself the position of Prosecutor, Judge and Jury ? And there We were with our ever so humble understanding of the practice of law in Wagga Wagga that we should expect an early appearance by Mr Eldridge in the local court !!  But, silly us !

In Wagga Wagga the "PRIVILEDGED CLASS", are EXEMPT from Police charges in cases where they demonstrate a propensity for violence.

Not withstanding the foregoing , the public has expectations, quite rightly, that Justice be seen to be done. Thus, Sir, it behoves us to, in good public conscience, demand that in this case, JUSTICE be done !

In support of our request we supply the following details and examples which with the Wagga Police are FACTUALLY acquainted.

1. The missing, damaged, unavailable video tape from the Victoria Hotel, The Wagga Taxi rank, the Wagga Police cells, the Wagga Base Hospital.

2. Targeted Police harassment of individuals. We always knew policing was political. Perhaps if police were engaged in traditional community policing and not trying to fit people up Roger Rogerson style then the crime rate in Wagga may actually drop. Of course if it's been decreed that the Rogerson method must be used at Wagga, then we say no more.

It appears Eldridge is to escape Police charges for violence at Wagga Airport ? We see that the assiduous efforts of police to create so called criminal records for the general public is nothing more and nothing less than a mission directed at mainly the battler Aussies / aka ordinary citizens. But Heaven forbid that persons of Mr Eldridge's illustrious social stature be demeaned by sharing the same coarse police "justice" as the "UNRESPECTABLE DEPLORABLES" at the lower end of the social ladder.

Missing evidence ? No evidence ? But here we have an individual supposedly of upstanding character flying into a violent rage at Wagga airport. What ? No police charges ?

Sunday, November 13, 2016


 Heather was taken hostage some 5 years ago. A mental, emotional and physical
captive. Jesse introduced Heather to the drug ice, in part as a way to
control her through dependence. Heather relied on Jesse for ice supply.
Jesse, himself a sad story, turned depraved individual. Jesse is a victim of
a violent and psychopathic mother - Karen Prowse - and subsequently a victim
of the "help industry mincer". The reality is Jesse is now also a cunning and
extremely  dangerous individual and abuser.

Karen Prowse has also abused and assaulted Heather violently. Karen
manipulates Heather's mind using (in the beginning) Heather's infatuation
with her son Jesse as leverage. Sen Cst Polly Mason remarked one day "do you
know Karen is manipulating Heather"? The family responded with "yes, we have
appealed to all and sundry authorities and agencies and no one will stop her
and we have no legal power to stop Karen”. We feel betrayed and bemused by
all the domestic violence publicity, yet nothing is being done to save
Heather". Sen Cst Mason said no more.

Eventually a few well meaning people amongst the frauds tried to do what was
within their power to do (which was greatly appreciated, as those who rock
the local good ol boys boat around town usually pay a high price for their
honesty). Graeme Killalea, Juvenile Justice Wagga Office, enacted a non
association order preventing Karen from associating with Heather. Mr Killalea
could see what was happening to Heather. Of course the non association order
is a toothless tiger and without any real consequence if breeched. Karen
ignored it and picked Heather up in her car and facilitated Heather to her
son Jesse's unit and to generally use Heather for her own agenda. Thankfully
at last a local Magistrate (no longer at Wagga) also smelt a rat and placed
bail conditions upon Heather not to associate with Karen Prowse. All this was
ignored by Karen and she continued to sink her fangs into Heather. No action
was taken by any authorities.

Karen has used and abused Heather over the last 5 years ongoing. Karen has
violently assaulted Heather on many occasions, punching Heather in the head
and stomach and held knives to Heather's throat. Cst Gilbert Wagga Police
took a statement regarding two of the assaults. Karen manipulated Heather to
retract the statements by way of trickery and deceit, convincing Heather of a
nonsense “bad outcome” for someone not involved in the whole affair. Cst
Gilbert stated he knows Heather was assaulted by Karen, he viewed her
injuries and he stated he also knew Karen had manipulated Heather to withdraw
the statement. No action was taken. Karen and Jesse have taken Heather's mind
hostage by way of lies and manipulation ensuring Heather remains trapped in
their delusional world. Heather is an empty shell devoid of any self worth,
Heather has been destroyed in every way mentally physically and spiritually.
Heather displays Stockholm Syndrome.

An example of the lies and manipulation - Karen and Jesse lie to police to
frame up the narrative Heather is also an offender. Karen and Jesse routinely
threaten and carry out false reports to police ie Jesse will self inflict
wounds then ring police and say Heather did it, or they would drive Heather
out of her mind with relentless abuse until she loses her mind and then they
phone the police. Karen and Jesse will threaten Heather that something will
happen to her or her family. When Karen performed the home invasion at
Heather's mother's house, Karen was ranting about bashing Heather’s then 6
year old brother. Karen and Jesse will set the stage and mercilessly use
Heather as something to punish relentlessly (well the authorities have never
prevented any of this). Karen and Jesse have been manipulating the law to
destroy Heather and the law is compliant. Jesse takes all Heather's
social-security money. Heather is not allowed a phone. Heather is locked in
Jesse's unit and he holds the keys. Life Without Barriers have made it a
veritable jail installing crimsafe and plate glass windows all around for
Jesse's security? Jesse uses it as a jail for Heather. The violent home
invasion Karen Prowse perpetrated at Heather's mother's home went nowhere
Wagga Police "bungled" the case - Cst Mathews. Karen got away with it as
usual. Karen and her daughter Kiarna violently assaulted Heather's sister at
the check out at a local Woolworths store. Karen and Kiarna ran up when they
noticed Heather's sister and violently gouged her face and assaulted her. No
police action again.

Fast forward though relentless persecution and strife to present day.
Saturday 12.11.16, approximately lunchtime. Heather attended Wagga Wagga
Rural Referral Hospital with a black eye and a fractured eye socket. Heather
stated to a friend independently at the hospital that Jesse was responsible
for her alarming injuries. Heather was reportedly a beaten down empty shell.
Heather and Jesse were out front of the hospital and upon return Heather
reportedly had a blood nose. The cameras at the front of the hospital may
have captured this subsequent assault? No police charges again. No action.
Heather’s family contacted police to get some information on the situation.
They were accommodated the first time, but after a shift change Cst Todd
arbitrarily decided to remove the ‘concern for welfare check job’ the
previous officer had put on. So, the family know nothing of the welfare of
their loved one.

Heather's mother was recently accused of having a propensity to respond to
situations with violence in a court report for sentencing for the local Wagga
Court in relation to a minor matter. Police had no problem laying charges on
people where none should have been laid. Interestingly, when contemplating
the years of violence and injustice, Heather and her family have received but
Heather's mother has not once responded to these people with violence. No.
Heather's family have endured an ongoing unimaginable nightmare at the hands
of these social terrorists. The question to Mark Bolton is - why would you
write such a fraudulent and nefarious  court sentencing report? It is not
based in reality.

The reality is rather than respond with violence Heather’s mother has
contacted (largely a waste of time) many relevant Ministers of Government
about this abhorrent situation which local authorities allow to go on without
end. They too have a care-free attitude, unless its white ribbon day and the
contrived domestic violence talk is front and centre. In other words - theatre.

1. NSW  Attorney General Greg Smith - largely dismissive.

2. NSW Attorney General Brad Hazard correspondence via mail x 3 - unconcerned

3.NSW Minister for Police Stuart Ayres - After corresponding with Wagga
Police , Mr. Nihall on behalf of Ayres, wrote back and declared no one is in
danger. Really ?

4.Minister for Age Care and Disability John Ajaka. Correspondence x 3.
Couldn't care less.

5. Multiple representations in writing to FACS, in person and on phone. Refused to
assist in any way.

6. Representations to Premier Mike Baird - no reply. Wonder if Baird's
daughter was in this situation he would ignore it? The political class and
moneyed class are excluded from these problems. They are looked after.

7. Family Link. A worker was fired after Representations of serious criminal
behaviour. Via a complaint to the Ombudsman.

8. Life Without Barriers - completely derelict of duty of care and
unprofessional in their conduct. They are compliant in Heather's suffering.

9.Wagga Domestic Violence Advocates -  it is deemed too dangerous for them to
attend Jesse’s unit to help Heather.

10. Many other representations and nothing is being done. Zero action.

11. 2 weeks ago NSW shadow Attorney General ( Member for Liverpool, Labor)
was contacted with an urgent request to look in to this matter. A harrowing
tape of Heather describing years of abuse and how on that day Jesse had
bashed Heather around the head in the shower until she collapsed on the
shower floor and then Jesse urinated on Heather’s head. No police action that
day either.

Wagga Wagga Police use the standard line ‘if Heather wont speak to us we
can’t do anything’. Police know Heather is mentally destroyed from ongoing
serious abuse and suffering a type of Stockholm Syndrome as this has been
allowed to go on for 5 years while authorities watch on in silence. Heather
does tell the police on occasions and nothing is ever done. This is evidenced
in the recorded interview 2 weeks ago. Heather sees Karen and Jesse get away
with crime after crime etc. Its hardly reassurring to someone as fragile,
traumatised and destroyed in every way that the police can or will assist ?

No one knows what became of Heather on Saturday afternoon and seemingly no
one cares. So much for white ribbon day it’s soaked in blood !

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The Australia First Party will build a special Sydney forum on the Syrian War, terrorism and the Syrian refugee crisis.
The event will be held on December 17.
While our politicians are crying about the "dictator" President Assad in Syria killing "his own people" with the support of President Putin of Russia, about the "humanitarian disaster" and the "need for Australia to take its share of refugees", more and more Aussies are awakening to the truth.
The sick truth is that it is our 'Western allies' who have sponsored terrorism to bring down Assad in order to support Israel and serve other regional allies in the lead up to a confrontation with Iran. Our allies have supported ISIS and al-Qaeda when it suited them. Our allies seek war. And as for the refugees: they may return home, says Assad, when the war ends, to rebuild their broken country.
Our politicians are simply lying about what this war is about and where it all leads.
Our forum will address these issues with a raft of speakers. An announcement on speakers will be made next week.
Alert friends. This is an event you will not wish to miss.