Wednesday, September 21, 2016



The Wyndham Council Election is a general reflection of the corruption found at the top in Australian society today, that which has become all but pedestrian and largely ignored by all.

Susan Jakobi says "Enough is Enough". Wyndham City residents are being conned right out of town, thanks to the scurrilous hijacking of Council by largely Indian Sub-Continentals - or the Raj Mafia.

This anomaly was noted by the rush on Labor Party memberships, to the point of a ban on further membership from this particular ethnic group in this particular area and from Cr Khan's local area prior to and in readiness for the upcoming Wyndham Council election.

With 33 people vying for just 4 seats in Harrison Ward!

Introducing Cr Khan, our very own Slum-Dog Millionaire, and currently Wyndham Council's ECONOMIC portfolio holder !!!

And what of the rumours of Labor Party branch stacking, in the Wyndham area by the local Land Mafia, ALL of Indian sub- continental background ?

Reports coming from the Melbourne based Indian Sun newspaper suggest Cr Khan and Cr Gupta seek to insinuate Indian Culture as the dominant culture in Wyndham, rivalling Dandenong's "Little India". Is this competition for the China City AKA Educity, or will these cultures co-exist in dominance as our new colonial master- races ?

Cr Khan owns a lucrative private education facility - Western Institute of Technology amongst his burgeoning personal wealth and extensive local land holdings.

Cr Khan has decided he has lost interest in the "over regulated" education industry and he prefers to concentrate on amassing farmland in Wyndham instead (for re-zoning and subdivision later ?). This is a less "regulated" process when one has the wherewithal for development and re-zoning ?

Mayor Hegedich is ready to assist with her already- established Point Piper Law Firm specialising in development and conveyancing. Does Mayor Hegedich and does Cr Khan know something which Wyndham locals are yet to learn ?

Of course, Cr Khan's Western Institute of Technology has been banned for a period of 3 years from using 457 visa labour, due to recent and ongoing abuses of the 457 visa system. Is that the real reason Cr Khan has soured on the education industry ?

It seems Cr Khan has the Bollywood Edelstein touch regardless of his criminality. Cr Khan is a "monument" to excess and almost certainly Victoria's richest Councillor, with a "disclosed" $70 Million dollar personal fortune. Meanwhile ordinary local people are pursued no end for punitive offences and fines, can't find a job, suffer ongoing African gang violence and are drowning in the drug Ice! What hope and opportunity is there in all of this for local people ?

Cr Khan blows off local people's concerns by describing his largesse as the migrant "economic miracle". His Council "misconduct" is also politically explained away as a CULTURAL misunderstanding.

Reports coming from local press state Cr Khan has deliberately "stacked" the Council election with "dummy" candidates who Cr Khan paid to run - in the true Raj Mafia style.

Where does the proposed Educity AKA Migrant Transit Lounge fit in to all of this ? Has Cr Khan had any meetings or conversations with the Chinese Educity proponents ?

Does Cr Khan suggest that voting for him and providing him with the wherewithal to increase his personal wealth and culture, is good for the local people of Wyndham ?

There is no end of traitors endorsing Cr Khan. It shows the slippery slope down which the Labor Party have slid - with the ALP leadership endorsing all of this. The Labor Party has abandoned, long ago, working class Australians.

Remember this on election day and Vote 1 Susan Jakobi - A voice for ordinary local people. Resist your dispossession, take back control of your community and your children's future.

Local people have a choice. To Vote 1 Susan Jakobi is a vote against the Raj Mafia takeover of your community.

Please Explain ?

Malcolm Turnbull has received his orders. Australia will increase its refugee intake to 19,000 per year and still admit the 12,000 it promised from the Syrian war.
Australia First Party rejects any and all refugee intakes. In the case of the Syrians, we have concluded that Russia and President Assad must win the Syrian war which would allow all refugees to return home.
A nation-wide movement must develop against the refugee invasion.
But as we have warned, Pauline Hanson's One Nation (PHON) cannot be trusted at all.
We quote the PHON programme and then comment:
"One Nation is of the opinion that any leader who cannot control its borders should not hold the position as Prime Minister."
So said Abbott and Turnbull in the last few days. With secure borders, we can then admit the masses legally and orderly. That is what Abbott and Turnbull have said. What is PHON getting at?
PHON says: "When our soldiers pull out of Afghanistan at the end of this year we will see a flood of refugees never seen before, if we do not put out a clear message that if they come via people smugglers they are not welcome."
No refugees should be allowed from Afghanistan. So those who come via people smugglers will be rejected? And the others?? Will PHON accept the others?
PHON says: "For those who are genuine refugees and not here for economic reasons are to be granted a temporary protection visa to be reviewed every 2 years. Depending on individual circumstances, to be sent back to their homeland if no longer a threat to their safety."
This is gobbledegook. Yes, we could see a situation possibly where some people may be sheltered and when a conflict ends returned home. Australia did this with 8000 Bosnians in the 1990's. This should be the position of the Syrians now. Circumstances? What are they?
PHON says: :"Family reunion will not be available to those granted refugees status until such time that they may be granted permission to apply for Australian citizenship. This would not be available for a period of no less than 5 years from date of acceptance as a refugee. Australians must be assured of good character, loyalty to Australia and not an ongoing burden to the taxpayer living on welfare."
So, refugees can get citizenship! So temporary visas can become permanent? And refugees become citizens?
Pauline Hanson makes a lot of noise about her worries and concerns. And that is the end of it and behind the smoke and mirrors PHON will follow the Liberal Party line.
Australia First recommends:
1. Australia quit the Treaty on refugees.
2. Australia change sides in Syria and let Assad win the war and create peace.
3. Australia gives money that would be squandered on the resettlement of 'refugees' to help rebuild Syria - given we have supported the war that wrecked it
4. Australia begins the long task of resettling all refugees in their homelands after brokering details with home governments.
Australians are being sold by their government and opposition into massive burdens and we are being shopped by some people who say they are opposed to the program (Hanson). Australians must support any organisation which says 'no' and fights for 'no'.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Mr McLaren (Liberal) has reportedly departed the local political scene due to his disgust with Macquarie Street’s  despotic “Banning” of Greyhound Racing in NSW,  and “Well done, Sir !!”  So, that leaves one less “Coalition” supporter inside Council.
NEVER FEAR !!   Mr McCormack, Federal Member (Nationals) for Riverina,  to the rescue !!!
Ms AnnabelleWillaims, recently on Mr McCormack’s local Staff,  in a cosy job with comfy salary,  has ‘heroically’ put up her hand to compete for a far less ‘comfy salary’ on Wagga Council,  supposedly entirely ‘independent’ of any Political Party connections   -   ‘Yeah, sure !!!’
So, at Pre-Poll,  and on Election Day at ALL of the Polling Booths,  who are all those willing ‘volunteers’ handing out all her ‘How to Vote Cards’  ???   Surely we will not be witnessing the highly organised National Party machine, with their PAID ‘volunteers’ ganging up to CHARITABLY support  the frail little Miss Muffett, out of the ‘goodness of their big hearts’ ??
In considering the ‘credentials’ of the numerous participants in this Election,  there are a small number of persons who clearly have a history of sincere community concerns which quite properly could be addressed by a Council ‘For The People’.    So, WHAT  RECORD OF A ‘HISTORY OF COMMUNITY CONCERNS’ does our ‘independent’ Ms Williams. have  to offer ??
What ‘ongoing’ income might Ms Williams be receiving from Mr McCormack or the National Party ??
Should Ms Williams fail to be elected on 10-9-2016,  we should not be surprised to observe her hasty ‘re-employment’ at Mr McCormack’s office.
Are Wagga folk as silly as “The Good Ole Boys” obviously think they are ??
Folks,  Council for too many years,  has been under the controlling influence of Coalition-aligned persons and their sycophants,  and much scandalous impropriety, and ‘misuse’ of SERIOUS Funds (at least $3-Million approximately) has been ‘glossed over’  -   Mr Kendall AND “The Good Ole Boys” DON’T WANT THE “CATTLE” TO LEARN OF THIS !!    “Certain Persons” on Council have conspiratorially and busily  misused their Council positions for personal gain in their business interests elsewhere,  and this is possibly part of the reason that they never have time or interest get on with the jobs they are supposed to be doing  -  like fixing the roads etc.
Haven’t we seen enough Mainstream politicians exposed for serious financial corruption in recent years  -  they AND THEIR MAJOR PARTIES ???
In this Election,  Wagga folk have opportunities to choose from diverse interest groups UN-ALIGNED with the political ‘Agenda’ of the MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES.
CHOOSE WISELY !!!   CHOOSE FOR WAGGA WAGGA ...................NOT ..........................FOR THE FAT-CAT “GOOD OLE BOYS” !!!


Monday, September 5, 2016


The Wagga Wagga City poll on Saturday is a contest between the local China money clique and Australia First Party.
This struggle has gone on ever since Mayor Rod Kendall tried to impose a China Trade Centre upon an unwilling populace. At that time, Kendall linked himself to veritable spy Helen Liu, an immigration fraudster, and a shifty company - in order to get the dollars flowing. Of course, it would have meant the takeover of the Riverina economy by the Chinese. Like all China enterprises in Australia, a few local collaborators would have benefited, the Chinese 'investors' would have profited while the locals were pushed aside. Local MP Daryl Maguire was also up to his neck in trying to get the deal done.
The inter-relationship between the local country business elite and the Chinese state was clear enough.
A major article published by the Sun Herald on Sunday draw the threads together, how Chinese money permeates the Liberal Party (and its National hanger-on) and how the Chinese exercise their growing power.
Consider the comment on William Chiu, a major player and Chinese state agent in Australian politics:
"He donated big to universities, gave to NSW politicians' election campaigns, and sponsored MPs travel to Tibet and China with his medical charity. They reciprocated by becoming ACPPRC "advisers" (Liberal MPs Jonathan O'Dea, Daryl Maguire, Mr Coure and Labor's Sonia Hornery and Ernest Wong), attending dinners, and making Mr Chiu a life member of the NSW Parliament's Asia-Pacific Friendship Group."
Magure is always running off to China . He once told Lorraine Sharp personally that the China Trade Centre failed but there's plenty of money in China for future games.
Will there be new angles for the good ol' boys country elite in Wagga Wagga?
Loarraine Sharp, the Australia First Party lead candidate for Council. wants to see the China money clique (we may call them that!) broken in Wagga Wagga.
While Wagga Wagga will be by-passed by the fast-train project that will see eight new Chinese cities built between Sydney and Melbourne, there is still the possibility of coal seam gas mining in Riverina and other sidelines which will profit the money clique.
The Council poll on Saturday is about more of the same or electing a fighter who will stand up for the Australian people.
Elect Lorraine Sharp on Saturday!

NSW Liberals defy foreign policy on Taiwan by supporting Beijing's man

Enjoying a glass of red wine, Chinese businessman William Chiu announced he would donate $25,000 if the NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith sang him three songs. Mr Smith obliged with Elvis and Sinatra.
How did a student Maoist, arrested by the Malaysian government, imprisoned and tortured for his links to Communist insurgents, come to have the NSW Liberal government singing his tune 40 years later?
Enjoying a glass of red wine, Chinese businessman William Chiu announced he would donate $25,000 if the NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith sang him three songs. Mr Smith obliged with Elvis and Sinatra.
How did a student Maoist, arrested by the Malaysian government, imprisoned and tortured for his links to Communist insurgents, come to have the NSW Liberal government singing his tune 40 years later?
Mr Smith, along with other NSW Liberal MPs to benefit from Mr Chiu's donations, or sponsored travel to China, told Fairfax Media this week they had no idea of his previous identity.
"Maybe it is a good idea that political parties ask more questions," said the Liberal MP for Oatley, Mark Coure, who received $1990 from Mr Chiu for the 2015 election.
The Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, founded by Mr Chiu in 2000, attracted scrutiny this week because its new president, Huang Xiangmo, complained that Australian politicians treated the Chinese like "cash cows". Mr Huang vowed to extract some political return.
But Mr Chiu was the model for Mr Huang's recent large donations to universities and charities, as he skilfully cultivated close relationships with NSW politicians over 16 years in the deploy of Beijing's "soft power".
Condolence motions in the NSW Parliament had MPs from both sides warmly espouse Mr Chiu's work for "the peaceful reunification of China", flatly contradicting Australian foreign policy on Taiwan.
He donated big to universities, gave to NSW politicians' election campaigns, and sponsored MPs travel to Tibet and China with his medical charity. They reciprocated by becoming ACPPRC "advisers" (Liberal MPs Jonathan O'Dea, Daryl Maguire, Mr Coure and Labor's Sonia Hornery and Ernest Wong), attending dinners, and making Mr Chiu a life member of the NSW Parliament's Asia-Pacific Friendship Group.
Mr Chiu gained regular access to NSW Parliament to launch events promoting China's "peaceful reunification" in front of Chinese government TV cameras.
The term is offensive to Taiwanese Australians, and the council's activities – exhibitions promoting China's control of Tibet, or visits by Beijing's substitute for the Dalai Lama – upset Tibetan Australians.
Yet such was Mr Chiu's status that the ACPPRC pays for NSW Premier Mike Baird to flick the switch to turn the Opera House red for Chinese New Year.
It paid $10,000 to fund the Premier's 2016 Harmony Dinner, and has paid $10,000 a year to sponsor the NSW government's Multicultural Marketing Awards since 2011.
The first time Mr Smith sang for Mr Chiu, the money went to the Lions Club. In 2012 Mr Chiu was the only non-politician to become a member of the NSW Parliamentary Lions.
Former premier Barry O'Farrell laid a wreath at Mr Chiu's Sydney Town Hall memorial. But it was his other funeral, at the Babaoshan Cemetery in Beijing, reserved for communism's revolutionary heroes, that was the clue to his past.
Rebel with a cause
In 1974, Khoo Ee Liam's detention by Malaysian authorities under the Internal Securities Act sparked student protests across New Zealand and Australia. He had been a student activist here in the late 1960s.
By December, the Malaysian Minister Mahathir Mohamed, hit out at Australian students "meddling" in his country's affairs.
The US State Department appeared annoyed at the students, and sympathetic to Malaysia's claims that Mr Khoo had aided the guerilla Malayan National Liberation Army upon his return to Malaysia in 1971, Wikileaks cables revealed.
Former activist David Cuthbert met Mr Khoo when they were officials for the student union at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Mr Cuthbert says when the New Zealand security agencies, decades later, showed him his surveillance file, it contained photographs of the pair at anti-apartheid rallies and protests against US submarine bases. He said he couldn't confirm Mr Khoo's links with the Malaysian Communist Party, but "suspects it is true".
By 1987, Mr Khoo was living in Hong Kong, but his business was Beijing. He visited Mr Cuthbert in New Zealand to ask for help setting up a New Zealand company called Golden Glory International.
Mr Khoo had an 86 per cent stake in the Badaling Great Wall cable car project, and wanted Mr Cuthbert and trade union leader Dave Morgan to become directors of the NZ shelf company.
Mr Cuthbert was unaware Mr Khoo had later settled in Australia, but unsurprised by his ACPPRC activity. "He had a real ability to get on and very good skills in mixing with people," he said.
"Khoo would have no particular problem dealing with the conservative side of politics if the politicians could be helpful in a cause."
Name change in Australia
Khoo Ee Liam arrived in Sydney in 2000 using the name William Chiu. Hong Kong court records show Khoo Ee Liam had spent the previous three years trying to raise cash through a backdoor listing and asset swap on the Australian Stock Exchange for Golden Glory. It struck problems when Deloittes valued his cable car business at $28 million, half of what Mr Khoo had hoped for. The ASX refused to let the new entity trade because it didn't have enough Australian-based shareholders.
Despite Golden Glory's cash problems, Mr Chiu created international headlines in 2002 when he paid $1 million to host a World Congress on the Peaceful Reunification of China at Darling Harbour. He reportedly paid former US president Bill Clinton $300,000 to speak alongside Beijing cadres. Mr Clinton was accused of "selling out" by Taiwan media. There were violent clashes.
In 2008, the ACPPRC organised the large-scale bussing of Chinese students to Canberra for the 2008 Olympic torch relay. The display of Chinese nationalism, and violent clashes with Tibetan protesters, again made headlines. It was reminiscent of Mr Khoo's student activist days.
In Beijing, where he was a member of the National People's Consultative Congress, Mr Chiu was lauded for his idea to raise $140 million from overseas Chinese globally to fund construction of the Olympic Water Cube swimming venue as a display of loyalty.
Meredith Burgmann, the former NSW Labor MLC, received $4000 from Mr Chiu. She said she worked out he was Mr Khoo and told him she had once marched in the streets for his freedom. "He was proud of his dissident activity, and talked openly about it," she said. "The Liberals didn't ask questions."
Mr Chiu accompanied Mr O'Farrell to Beijing when he made his first visit as premier in 2011, US intelligence cables released on Wikileaks noted.
A spokeswoman for Mr Baird said the ACPPRC was a non-government non-profit community organisation.
"The attendance of the Premier at such events recognises the contribution of our multicultural communities to the NSW fabric: it does not constitute a position on foreign policy, which is entirely a matter for the Commonwealth," she said.
She said the use of Parliament facilities was a matter for the presiding officers "but the Parliament has always been used for engagement between MPs and community organisations".
Mr Smith said: "There was never any suggestion you had to do anything for any small amount [Mr Chiu] had donated to my SEC. I like singing and he liked my singing. I see that as a legitimate way of fundraising."
Ms Berejiklian said 30 per cent of her electorate of Willoughby were Chinese-Australians. "As the local member, I am often asked to attend community events representing the Chinese-Australian community," she said.
Mr Coure said he understood that statements on the peaceful reunification of China were controversial, but foreign policy was "a federal issue".
"As a member of state Parliament I want to work with all Chinese groups ... I am not out to offend anyone," he said.
Mr Maguire, who launched the ACPPRC Tibetan events at NSW Parliament in front of Chinese cameras, said Mr Chiu was "a genuine person, he never asked me for one thing ... probably the opposite of the current chairman [Mr Huang]".

Saturday, September 3, 2016


It seems Lorraine is to be set up again ?
We were alerted to The Women for Wagga Council facebook page today in relation to a disgusting and defamatory post by one of their "Administrators" directed at Australia First Party and Lorraine Sharp.
Among all the talk of equality by the "gals" we couldn't help but notice "class superiority" statements such as "in my academic opinion"....
Now she's put us back in our plebeian places folks !
The matter of the false and malicious accusations has been forwarded to Australia First Party legal team.
The accussations are one of possession of "child pornography". The Women for Wagga allege Australia First Party "hacked" their facebook page and trolled one of their members personal facebook page to retrive pornographic images of children.
Australia First Party welcome any investigation into these disgusting and defamatory accussations.
If the Women for Wagga report this disgusting muck to Police it will be a waste of Police resources and lead to charges of - Make false report to Police and civil damages for defamation will follow.
Is this a plot to not only smear Lorraine to the lowest common denominator but to disrupt Lorraine in the week leading up to the election ie Police seize Lorraines computers and phones etc ?
Is this a rouse / conspiracy behind the scenes to get rid of Lorraine ?
This display of malice, hate and defamation raises the question- If these Women for Wagga are so mentally unbalanced that they set out to destroy other Women in their community by inventing repugnant and slanderous accussations against them, are they fit to make responsible decisions on behalf of the community, let alone be the voice for disenfranchised Women in Wagga ?

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Australia First Party candidate for Councillor in Wagga Wagga, Lorraine Sharp, says she has received information from “an anonymous source” that seems to question the propriety of the Mayor of Wagga Wagga, Rod Kendall.
This comes at a time (as we shall report soon) that the Mayor plans to challenge her election to Council, if indeed, she joins Council onSeptember 10.
Lorraine has outlined the following questions for Mayor Kendall:
1. Is it true that you are a partner in a company which owns aircraft hangers?
2. Is it true that you have not declared this interest in your statement of financial interests on the Council register, as required by law?
3. Is it true that you voted in open Council the $2.4 million of Council funds to facilitate the entry of Douglass Aerospace into the Riverina economy, knowing that this would alter the value of your shares in the aircraft hanger business? And knowing that you should have declared this interest and declined to vote on it, as required by law?
4. Is it true that you recently, without a proper reference to Council, gave the owners of the aircraft hangers a 50% reduction in rates or rents due to Council in order to facilitate their relationship with the (now failed) Douglass Aerospace development in Wagga Wagga?
5. Did you understand that you would benefit from this arrangement?
Lorraine Sharp said today that in 2013 many anonymous persons came through with accurate information to sink the poisonous and anti-Australia China Trade Centre so supported by Mr. Kendall and others on Council. She informed us that people had approached her over recent weeks with all sorts of data about the affairs of Council and other persons in Wagga Wagga.
Lorraine said in Sydney this morning:
“I am very concerned that this information is accurate - in the same way that when I was on pre-poll on Monday being intimidated by Mr. Kendall, that his claim to be travelling overseas to Germany on ‘cattle class fares’ was obviated by his secret upgrade of the ticket, yes perhaps indeed at his expense, but to business class, a sleight of hand that may suggest bad faith with the ratepayers and voters of our city. Bad faith in one thing often means bad faith in another. The issue is now up to Mr. Kendall to answer.”
The answers to these questions would be published by Australia First Party.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


In the run-up to Wagga’s 2016 Council Elections,  Mayor Kendall announced that he will be absent from Wagga before and during the Elections, because he and Council’s General Manager will be busy attending “something” in Wagga’s ‘Sister-City’ in Germany.  
Mr Kendall let it be publicly known that his air-fares, funded by Rate-Payers, would be for only “CATTLE”-CLASS (ECONOMY ?) travel.   Since that time, Mr Kendal has vocally and unduly loudly used that term repeatedly,   particularly before the Public at the Pre-Poll voting centre in Wagga on Monday 29 August 2016.   By-standers could not fail to observe  the scathing,  SNEERING CONTEMPT in his tone and manner each time he mentioned “Cattle”-Class .   It became apparent to some,  that there was an INTENDED ‘subtlety’ -  more than the audible ‘superficial’ meaning of the words  -  being conveyed by Mr Kendal’s tone and manner of ‘delivery’,  when one notes the near endless, repetitive, EMPHATIC and  infantile performance one was witnessing.   Most certainly, there were concerning signs of scarcely suppressed rage, and DERANGEMENT, in his self-initiated performance,  leading one to wonder about his mental fitness to serve on Council.
Following the fine example of the illustrious Mr McCormack,  in the lead-up to the recent Federal Elections, it was easily noticeable that Mr Kendal also has the same cocky self-assurance  that his ‘adoring and faithful’ supporters will dutifully vote  him back into office on Election day irrespective of his absence .    We would have quite reasonably thought that such evidence of a self-indulgent Superiority Complex, on its own, would be burden enough for either of these  dedicated community leaders to bear.
However,  Mr Kendal’s emphatic belabouring of the term “Cattle”-Class, with sneering emphasis on the word “Cattle”, has disturbing connotations far beyond any amusing  ‘rough-as-bags’ Aussie/”Ocker”/Colloquial interpretation that might be presumed by a generous Aussie audience.
It is clear that Mr Kendall thinks of himself as one of that “class” which decrees that it alone is ‘fit and entitled to rule’  -  ‘they’ presume themselves to be a higher ‘order’ of beings,  and that,  to them alone falls the RIGHT,  (indeed the “obligation”?) and ability to rule over, abuse, misuse, manipulate for ‘their’ Profit,  the ‘incapable, mentally deficient mob’,  i.e.,  the ‘beasts of the field’  -   in other words, THE “CATTLE”. 
Furthermore,  we note how Mr Kendall,  ever so NONCHALANTLY, frivolously and dismissively,  “overlooks” the “Hallmarks” of his grand career as “Lord” Mayor :-
We are left to presume, from Mr Kendall’s “care-free” attitude, that he thinks it BENEATH him to have to be ACCOUNTABLE TO THE “CATTLE”,  and that HE CAN ALWAYS PLUNDER THE “CATTLE” SOME MORE,  WHEN THE “CATTLE” RE-ELECT HIM !!
When Mr Kendall’s publicly declared intention to “MENTOR” new Councillors,  is considered in context with all of the foregoing,  one may well ask,  WITH SOME ALARM, the question, “Are we poised to witness AN UNFIT AND  DELUSIONAL SOCIOPATH BEING ELECTED TO MANAGE A ‘FIT FOR THE FUTURE’ COUNCIL INTO  ABJECT  PAUPERY READY FOR WHOLLY ‘PRIVATISED’ FOREIGN OWNERSHIP” ??
Auf Wiedersehn,
Herman von Weissenflamme.