Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Mr Kendall apparently sees himself as a “Statesman-like hero and ‘Pillar’ of Wagga Wagga’s community”.   So much so, that, during the 2016 Council Election period, so ever-confident of his popularity by the “Adoring, Fawning”(?) Voters, he will not deign to be present in Wagga Wagga.
Instead, he will be absent, “On Duty”,  on a “BEER-SWILLING JUNKET” in Germany  -  serving the “Interests” of  Wagga’s community ... OF COURSE !!!   AND,  NATURALLY,  THE  “RAPED-Payers” of Wagga are expected to foot the Bill  -  at a MINIMUM of $12,500-00.
Of course,  this ‘fits’ with Mr Kendall’s “SUSTAINABLE ‘CONSISTENCY’ “ in wastefully PLUNDERING the ‘Public Purse’ .   For example :-
a).  The waste of $50,000-00 (at least !) on the aborted Chinese Trade Centre project.
b).  The LOSS OF $2.4 MILLION in Council funds, on the Douglas Aerospace FIASCO .
c).   A number of massively costly (6 figures at times) “professional”  ‘Studies and Reports’ which were of nil or little benefit to Council and the RAPED-Payers .
d).   And now the $12,500-00(PLUS) Beer-Swilling Junket in Germany.  (“Well,  it’s a Job and someone has to do it”,  says Mr Kendall, wearing his “SERIOUS” LOOK !!)
Does Mr Kendall imagine that the alcohol in German beer will carry him to a special “Altered state of Consciousness” which reveals a plan to re-imburse Wagga Council (for all of its wasteful losses on his ‘Watch’) without him having to dip into his own pocket ??   We know that German Beer is good,  but ...THAT good ???
Imagine what FURTHER  PAST WASTE AND MISCHIEF will come to light with the election of HONEST Councillors  in 2016!!??
But there’s more :-  
1).   Mr Kendall has publicly asked the Community to offer a solution to the rampant Drugs and Crime problem in Wagga.   He has no suggestions and even less interest .   No profit here for Wagga’s “Good Ole Boys” -  the “Familia” !!   Does he view the insufferable Drugs and Crime situation as part of the Community’s  ENTITLED “WHITE PRIVILEGE” in which he dare not interfere ??
2).   Mr Kendall euphorically supports the establishment of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities FOR THE ‘RICH AND FAMOUS’, located within the Wagga Community which  Community ANGRILY RESENTS AND OPPOSES the idea .   Is Mr Kendall in a state of rapture at having upset the Community, .... OR is there some “Special Appeal” in helping out other “Good Ole Boys” from Big Cities and overseas ??
3).   The ‘Kendall Group’ on the Ballot Papers includes one Mr Tim Koschel who publicly stated that the Wagga Council has virtually gone nowhere for 10 years .  For much of that period, Mr Kendall was Mayor .   What “Sterling Support” you’ve mustered to your ‘Group’, Mr Kendall,  and one wonders why a person with that opinion would ‘team up’ with “A LOSER” ??
4).   Mr Kendall and his GENERAL Manager will be visiting Tips in Germany, and hoping to learn something of Germany’s Re-cycling methods.   The Re-cyclers only re-cycle worthwhile materials.   There is an analogy in this for politicians.
5).   Mr Kendall has said publicly that in this, his final term (Yeah !!  IF he’s lucky !!), he intends to MENTOR other Councillors .   So, the record and shining example of his  years of ‘Leadership’ qualifies him for this function ??   ‘Leading by example’  -  instructing Councillors on best methods to frivolously waste $Millions, on best methods to ignore Community concerns,  on best methods to ‘remove’ a ‘troublesome’ HONEST Councillor,  on best methods and opportunities to serve up shallow, meaningless,  Politically-Correct Propaganda to the Public ??
6).   We note that Mr Kendall has made no public statement about the serious waste of Council Funds under his ‘Watch’,  nor about restitution to the Council .   One seriously wonders what ‘back-scratching’ took place to have Wagga Council,  above other smaller and more efficient Councils, adjudged to be “FIT FOR THE FUTURE” ??   Is the waste of $Millions a prerequisite to qualify ??
7).   Is it true that, as a “FIT FOR THE FUTURE” Council which has frivolously wasted around $3,000,000-00 of RAPED-Payers’ funds,  the Mayor is entitled
to indulge in an overseas BEER-SWILLING BINGE at Raped-Payers’ expense,  all of which is highly unlikely to solve the Drugs and Crime problems and any other problems in home-town Wagga ??
Mr Kendall’s erratic statements and behaviour leave a trail of questions to which we are unlikely to get answers, in the same way as he never answered any of the more than 100 questions validly raised about the abortive ‘Chinese Trade Centre’ project  -  one of his proudest ‘accomplishments’ as Mayor.  
Mr Kendall is so proud also, of his ‘Refugee Welcome Zone’.   Upon arriving in Germany, soon,  he will not need to seek an opportunity to learn and observe at first hand, the success of the world’s most “advanced” state of Multiculturism.   The uplifting behaviour of uncivilised, barbarian newcomers, “WELCOMED” in by Angela Merkel, is a sight to behold, as they rampage, terrorise, plunder, murder, rape their undefended hosts, and sponge welfare from the State.   (Mr Kendall should find himself in “Friendly, WELCOMING” company among the barbarians.)   Such “ENRICHING CONTRIBUTIONS” to German society !!!   Will an enthusiastic Mr Kendall, upon his return to Wagga, attempt to replicate the “ENRICHING” circumstances of Germany here in Wagga ??
Simultaneous with all of these gratuitous ‘blessings’ from the newcomers,  the Politically-Correct German government blames its German citizens for the criminal barbarity of the newcomers.  Very ‘logical’, of course !!   No doubt  Mayor Kendall will be highly enthused by all of this.  Perhaps he may, whilst there, enrol in an Advanced Course of Political-Correctness,  in order to better regale the Public with Communist Propaganda when he returns  -  AND to also better “MENTOR” Councillors !!   It should distract Public attention away from his WASTE for a few moments.
Then again, he may seek Political Asylum in Germany,  to be among his new migrant friends, and to escape the Oppression of Political truth and  the ‘backwardness’ of little old Wagga .  But, alas !!  Reluctantly, he’ll return and fulfil his ‘Mentoring’ commitment,  and an ever grateful Wagga will shower him with rose petals in welcoming him home, whilst clamouring, “GIVE US MORE WASTE !!”   He may need a defibrillator and a good supply of old fashioned “Magnesia” if he returns.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

United Nationalists Australia


The UNA Nationalist writers’ bench has noticed some interest from our readers in our political concept of White Australia; its context and implications.
In providing a quick sketch here we must impress upon our readers that this question will forever be up for debate, however, there are limits to that debate, if you’re White you get a say, if you’re not, you don’t.
Nationalists are not obliged to explain anything to our enemies, we won’t be going down the path of splitting hairs with anti-Whites or humouring any of their ideas on “Whiteness”.
We will here outline a position which is so at odds with the anti-White position on race that it can never be mistaken for anything other than a radical and revolutionary stance.
So, for the purpose of this exercise who is a White Australian?
Basically, it boils down to a commitment to an affirmative answer to a question we ask ourselves, am I White?
Let us be serious, anti-White sophistry aside there is no doubt about who is White, everyone knows which ethnic group we mean when we say the words White Australia.
Acceptance of one’s place in the ethnic mosaic of 21st century Australia is a first step to what is sometimes called “the secession of the mind”, the sloughing off of hyphenated labels, euphemisms and all the artifacts of the globalist monoculture.
Interestingly Meriki Onus of the indigenous nationalist group
Warriors Of Aboriginal Resistance espouses a very similar concept, she calls it decolonisation.
“Decolonization. We want to inform our people and inspire them, particularly our youth, to take action in the anti-colonial struggle because that's the only way. Decolonization encompasses all aspects of life. It's the food you eat, it's the things you buy. Food and health are high on our agenda, but we're also helping our own communities to learn their languages, their dances, the traditions. We want people to study and be informed of their true history.”
Are we not also engaged in an anti-colonial struggle against the agents of globalism and the big money power?
We’d agree with Meriki Onus that the present status quo demands radical ethnocentrism as a response to globalism and entrenched power structures, however, we cannot accept their definition of White Australia as THE power structure.
Here too is the justification for our insistence that a person who cannot look in the mirror and say “I am White” and mean it has no right to express an opinion on White Australia; our secession of the mind, our declaration that we are White renders us outcasts, dissidents and barbarians in the eyes of the authentic brokers of power in this land.
When we say we are White and mean it we are consciously rejecting social standing in the globalist order in exactly the same way that dissident Aborigines do when de-colonising their minds.
W.A.R should know exactly what we mean as they are currently extracting themselves from the clutches of broader leftist milieu, just as we are kicking back the clawed hands of conservatism and civic patriotism.
It’s one thing to secede intellectually, consciously rejecting the globalist monoculture is the easy part because it’s a spook, as the Individualists would say. Fighting the undertow of the elites’ many minions who superficially resemble radicals, Socialist Alternative for W.A.R, or in our case Party For Freedom, is a very real struggle, against a very real adversary.
Identifying the power structure on this continent as a system of White power and racial privilege is no longer a viable position, it’s abundantly clear to all that the crony capitalists aspire to an international, multi-racial order where power is granted as a concession to the highest bidder or the biggest earner.
The outward manifestation of globalist power in the 21st century is anti-racism, ethnic mixing and one overriding culture often described as Californication, thus crass Leftist identity politics and anti-racism actually only reinforces this old power structure.
Ethnocentrism, being consciously White in our case, is a revolutionary act under present circumstances, it’s a gauntlet slapped in the face of the money power as we declare “We are not you! And you are not us!”.
So why be White?
Do you want things to change? Do you want a life of political struggle with open eyes, an insatiable hunger for the truth and a fire in your belly?
Ethnocentric awakening is a bell which once rung cannot be unrung when people read the words of Nationalists or hear them spoken, the effect is permanent.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Iconic Australian Town To Be Re-Colonised?

Coincidently, Gundagai is set to become one of the new Dormitory Towns on the proposed new Sydney - Melbourne Fast Train line (that by - passes Wagga Wagga ). The Macquarie St "Fit for the future" Council amalgamation con to roll out impositions on targeted locales. Gundagai is currently battling amalgamation. Interesting set of circumstances.


The famed town of Gundagai is part of Australian legend. It is here the most famous dog in Australian history guards his master's tuckerbox.
Strong evidence now exists that so-called 'refugees' will be moved in larger numbers into the Shire, demanding the creation of new services. The old Gundagai hospital may become a refugee support centre.
The ruralization of the refugee immigration program was a plan advanced by a so-called 'Rural Australians For Refugees', founded by system insider Helen McCue.
Of course, these 'rural Australians' are largely made up of some civil servants, teachers, clergy, 'alternate sexuality' advocates, rather than ordinary farmers, workers, small business people.
The refugee program has long been in place in the nearby regional city of Wagga Wagga where it has been staunchly supported by Mayor Rod Kendall who is soon to visit Germany - perhaps to confer with Angela Merkel's representatives to learn how the program can be imposed on an unwilling populace. Socially, the program in Wagga Wagga has been a disaster. If it is soon to be copied in Gundagai Shire, the people need to be informed.
Reports to Australia First suggest - as we would expect - that the moves in Gundagai to establish a 'refugee community' have been kept under wraps.

To Be Effective Locally We Must Understand The Politics


Kerry Bolton

Megabucks for BLM: Another Left-wing Cause with Capitalist Sponsors

Oligarchs have a long history of promoting racial and cultural turmoil since Jacob Schiff came up with the idea for the NAACP in 1909. BLM is markedly more extreme than the Uncle Toms of the NAACP and Martin Luther King and suggests the same dialectal strategy as that used by the oligarchs who funded the New Left of the 1960s, to shift the political centre leftward in the guise of “moderation.”
In Baltimore a leading Black Lives Matteri activist DeRay Mckesson, raised $222,000 for his mayoralty campaign,ii which included $6,0000 each donated by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Twitter Executive Chairman Omid Kordestani. Another corporate donor was Stewart Butterfield, founder of Slack.iii
BLM has been compared with the “Arab Spring” and other movements of the “color revolutions” with the pivotal use made of social media for mobilization. David Z Morris writing for Fortune commented on this:
“Technology has played a major role in McKesson’s career as an activist. He first rose to prominence in 2014, when he began live-tweeting events in Furgeson, Missouri following the police shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown. He now has more than 323,000 followers on Twitter.”iv
Morris also points out what is apparent when one looks at the sponsoring of sundry “social justice” and “human rights” movements by the likes of Walmart whose own treatment of non-White workers leaves a lot to be desired. The sponsorship can be seen as a PR gimmick, or as a means of expanding their own markets via the promotion of “ethnic diversity”:
“Aside from execs’ personal politics, tech company support for Mckesson makes sense for two reasons. First, he’s a sterling example of the influence of platforms like Twitter, which benefits from serving as the home of any important national conversations. And second, Silicon Valley has a widely-discussed and continuing diversity problem. Support for minority influencers like Mckesson could help shore up those shortcomings, at least from a PR perspective.”v

George Soros and the Democracy Alliance

Of significance is the omnipresent hand of George Soros, via the Democracy Alliance, a “club” of plutocrats, aligned with the Democratic Party, who fund leftist causes. In November 2015 BLM leaders met with the billionaire leftists at the DA annual conference. The DA states that it was formed in 2005 to
“play a leading role in fostering the infrastructure necessary to advance a progressive agenda for America. We invest in every aspect of progressive power-building – from policymaking to organizing grassroots communities to winning state and national issue and electoral campaigns. We address the most pressing challenges of our day through investments in three connected areas: a just democracy, a fair economy and an environmentally sustainable future. … In our collaborative giving strategy, an informed and engaged body of donors comes together to aggregate resources for focused investment, for which we have marshaled as much as $60 million per year.”vi
$60,000,000 per year granted to colored, feminist and immigrant groups constitutes a formidable movement of change towards what DA and its oligarchs call “progressive”. Something of the elitist and secretive character of the DA was seen at its annual conference in 2014 when several journalists got roughed up by the humanitarians:
“Security was tight at the Democracy Alliance conference last week at the chic Ritz Carlton in Chicago. Politico reporter Ken Vogel was manhandled by security when he tried to interview an attendee. Other conference-goers ripped off their nametags when a Washington Free Beacon reporter approached.”vii
While the involvement of labor unions with a left-wing cause is hardly surprising, only those unfamiliar with the alliance that has often existed between oligarchs and the Left would also be surprised by the association between unions and big money at DA. Oswald Spengler pointed that phenomenon out nearly a century ago:
“There is no proletarian, not even a communist, movement that has not operated in the interest of money, in the directions indicated by money, and for the time permitted by money – and that without the idealists amongst its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.”viii
The Washington Post among others reported that George Soros was among those who initiated DA, and it would be surprising if he hadn’t. Others include insurance magnate Peter Lewis, San Francisco hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and software entrepreneur Tim Gill.ix
What was discussed between BLM leaders and their oligarchic friends at the DA 2015 conference does not seem to have been reported. However, George Soros had already given a staggering $33,000,000 to Black radical groups in Ferguson, Missouri, during 2014, coalescing into the BLM movement. The Washington Times reported:
Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times. In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his non-profit Open Society Foundations. The financial tether from Mr. Soros to the activist groups gave rise to a combustible protest movement that transformed a one-day criminal event in Missouri into a 24-hour-a-day national cause celebre.”x
The WT report stated also: “Soros-sponsored organizations helped mobilize protests in Ferguson, building grass-roots coalitions on the ground backed by a nationwide online and social media campaign.”xi This is the same scenario and the same strategy that was used to instigate “color revolutions” or “regime change” by Soros, USAID, National Endowment for Democracy, and a myriad of other NGOs, across the former Soviet bloc and North Africa, prompting Putin to give them their marching orders out of Russia. One might conclude that Soros, et al also want “regime change” for the USA. The scenario is explained in further detail, similar to the tactics used in the “color revolutions”:
“Buses of activists from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference in Chicago; from the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York and Equal Justice USA from New York; from Sojourners, the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change in Washington; and networks from the Gamaliel Foundation — all funded in part by Mr. Soros — descended on Ferguson starting in August and later organized protests and gatherings in the city until late last month.”xii

Groundwork from Soros funded lobbies

Among the throng was Kassandra Frederique, policy manager at the Drug Policy Alliance. DPA is yet another organization initiated by Soros. What this has to do with BLM might be explained by Soros’ drug reform movement being part of an international movement to reshape the world in Soros’ image. Frederique provided the rationalization:
“We recognized this movement is similar to the work we’re doing at DPA. The war on drugs has always been to operationalize, institutionalize and criminalize people of color. Protecting personal sovereignty is a cornerstone of the work we do and what this movement is all about.”xiii
The DPA is a lobby for marijuana legalization. Why is Soros interested in this, along with other plutocrats? As Frederique explained it is part of a broader front, and each aspect happens to be directed at undermining the foundations of cultural, national and ethnic cohesion, ultimately in the interests of economic globalization, behind the façade of “human rights.” We’ve seen this process leading to “privatization” of hitherto state owned or directed economies in Serbia (Kosovo) and a list of ex-Soviet and North African states (and post-apartheid South Africa), in the name of “color revolution.” Hence, DPA lauds the BLM rampage, headlining at its “blogsite” in an article by Asha Bandele, “I am stunned. And grieving. And enrage at the recent police killings of Black men.” Bandele is the senior director of Grants, Partnerships and Special Projects of DPA.xiv The Board includes Soros, former secretary of state George P Shultz, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, Richard Branson, and the late Václav Havel, who was elevated to the presidency of the Czech Republic thanks to the “velvet revolution.” In 2014 Forbes described Soros as the biggest drug reformer in the USA, giving $200,000,000 for drug reform lobbying since 1994, of which the DPA has been the largest recipient.xv
BLM was co-founded by Opal Tometi,xvi executive director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), a group to which Soros’ Open Society Foundation gave $100,000 in 2011.xvii Feted by Cosmopolitan and The Los Angeles Times, invited to the White House, Dr Tometi is an example of what life is like for a Left-wing radical in a plutocratic state, where capitalism and Leftism converge. Another patron of BAJI is Unbound Philanthropy, established by William Reeves.xviii Reeves is director and founder of BlueCrest Capital Management (London). Previously Reeves had been with J P Morgan in London and New York, and Salomon Brothers Asset Management.xix
Alicia Garza, another of three BLM co-founders, is director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, also funded by Unbound Philanthropy.xx NDWA has also been funded by the Open Society Foundation.xxi
A scholarly basis for BLM was provide by the Open Society Foundation, which sponsored via the Center for Policing Equity a conference of “the nation’s top law enforcement executives, researchers, civil rights advocates, and community groups to discuss accountability, transparency, data collection,” at the US Department of Justice. Two reports with Soros funding were prepared by the National Justice Database, a branch of the Center for Policing Equity, and the Urban Institute.xxii The Center for Policing Equity works with law enforcement agencies to emasculate the police in the face of non-white violence, or in their words “we use data to create levers for social, cultural and policy change.”xxiii The founder of the Center, Dr Philip Atiba Goff, Associate Professor of Social Psychology at UCLA, was sponsored in this initiative by the Open Society Institutes, and the Ford Foundation, among others.xxiv
The Urban Institute was founded in 1968 at the initiative of President Lyndon Johnson. This Establishment think tank includes a board of trustees drawn from those who have served with the World Bank, J P Morgan, Charlotte investment bank, National Security Council, CityView investments, Hudson Institute, J P Morgan Chase Institute, Bank of America, Promontory Financial Group LLC, Federal Reserve, et al. The Brookings Institution is particularly evident.xxv As one would expect for a Left-wing think tank the funding is provided by the Ford Foundation, J P Morgan Chase, Rockefeller Foundation, Bank of America, Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors, Open Society Foundations, World Bank, Packard Foundation, PepsiCo., Heinz Endowments, along with many others and sundry US state agencies.xxvi These Establishment revolutionists at the UI, have jumped on the BLM bandwagon, headlining with “What can we do to prevent the next killing?”xxvii
Another justification for BLM is provided by The Sentencing Project. This is funded by the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, David Rockefeller Fund, et al.xxviii However, rampaging, screaming Blacks and Reds notwithstanding, a paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, “which examined thousands of incidents at 10 large police departments in California, Florida and Texas, concluded that police were no more likely to shoot non-whites than whites after factoring in extenuating circumstances.” “On the most extreme use of force — officer-involved shootings — we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account,” according to Harvard economics professor Roland G Fryer Jr.xxix Presumably a liberal, Prof. Fryer was surprised with the findings. There was a disproportionate interaction physically between police and Blacks and Latinos, but the study suggests this could be the result of the attitudes among Blacks and Latinos, rather than police.
Stephen E Broden, a Black pastor who had worked among poor Blacks in Dallas for thirty years, comments:
“Whatever legitimacy the ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) movement may have is lost in its funding from one George Soros. Mr. Soros is the major financial source responsible for funding the leftist movement in America. … These left-wing groups supported by Soros have one thing in common: to transform America.”xxx
However, as is well known the outreach of Soros, Rockefeller and other such oligarchs is not merely concerned with the transforming of the USA. Their outreach is global: they want to establish a global order, which is why the funds expended by Soros et al, and augmented by State-connected agencies such as USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy, are poured across the world to instigate “regime change” and “color revolutions,” and none more so than in the former Soviet bloc and the Islamic states. In the post-Soviet East European states and Russia and the Islamic states the focus is on feminism and secularising disaffected youth.xxxi They substitute for Blacks and Latinos. Whether it is BLM, feminism, “woman health” (abortion) issues, the common factor is to target whatever element in a society that can be utilised for the destruction or repression of tradition and order. Soros, after Karl Popper, had adopted the banner slogan of the “open society,” to fund a world revolution that undermines the traditional religious, moral and cultural values of peoples whether Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Islamic. Behind the façade of “human rights” the aim is for the free flow of capital, labor and technology. The real “open society” is one where there are no constraints that are maintained by tradition, custom, heritage, race, ethnos, language. The aim is integration in the creation of mass produce-and consume markets, which harry Oppenheimer was quite candid about in stating the reasons for opposing apartheid.xxxii
Soros et al are using the same tactic that was used during the 1960s with the backing of the New Left. What would normally be unacceptable by the majority was considered “moderate” when compared with the demands of the rampaging SDS, Black Panthers and Weather Underground.xxxiii The centre of political gravity was radically shifted while seeming to be only moderately so, which is why for example one will here basically conservative people laud Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela as “great leaders” who thwarted violence with “reason,” and how President Obama can present himself in the same mode. Given the escalation of BLM rioting and the presidential campaigns, one might wonder in this respect whether the billionaires behind the Democracy Alliance also see BLM as a convenient dialectic in presenting Hilary Clinton as a moderating influence who can diffuse Black anger?

Role of Social Media

Social media kick-started BLM, just as it has played a prominent role in instigating and co-coordinating the “color revolutions” across the former Soviet bloc and North Africa. Alicia Garza, one of the co-founders of BLM, commented, “Twitter can be a vehicle that connects us and helps bring us together to strategize around how we’re going to build the kind of power that we need to transform the world that we live in.”xxxiv
It is via Twitter that BLM started.xxxv As stated at the beginning, Twitter Chairman Kordestani donated to BLM mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson’ fringe campaign. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, claiming personal friendship with Mckeeson shared a question-and-answer platform. While both agreed very broadmindedly that all views should get a hearing, this contradicts Twitter’s avid censorship of anything regarded as illiberal and conservative.xxxvi
A BLM sign was painted on Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, and also at the Facebook headquarters. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called employees who had replaced BLM with a sign reading “all lives matter,” “unacceptable” and “malicious.”xxxvii Google Twittered “Black lives matter”xxxviii in revolutionary solidarity. This is more than rhetorical: Facebook and Google were among the founders of an international movement promoting “color revolutions” by mobilizing youth through social media. The Alliance of Youth Movements, also called Movements.org was founded by Howcast CEO Jason Liebman and Google director Jared Cohen. Movements.org played a vital role in the “Arab Spring” across North Africa. Liebman said of social media and Movements.org:
“We tell people, you can use Tweet-to-Speak, which Google rolled out during the Egypt uprising, to dial in from a landline and tweet. We’re trying to provide the resources for activists to do what they’ve been doing for a while, but more effectively and faster.”xxxix
But Liebman when he conceived the idea was with the US State Department, so the character of the revolutions he and his comrades are advocating should be in no doubt. Among the “partners” of the corporate revolutionaries is “Free Russia,” which aims to bring down the hated Putin; and the US Government-funded Establishment neo-Bolsheviks of the National Endowment for Democracy, and Huffington Post.xl Sponsors in addition to Google and Facebook include MTV, CBS News, Pepsi, Youtube, the US State Department, and others.xli The same and similar interests, with US Government backing, are pushing a multicultural agenda with a particular zeal for promoting corporate manufactured ghetto culture such as Rap and Hip Hop among migrant youth and disaffected, unassimilated minorities throughout the world, with a particular focus on “xenophobic” nations such as France. Oligarchs have a long history of promoting racial and cultural turmoil since Jacob Schiff came up with the idea for the NAACP in 1909.xlii BLM is markedly more extreme than the Uncle Toms of the NAACP and Martin Luther King and suggests the same dialectal strategy as that used by the oligarchs who funded the New Left of the 1960s, to shift the political centre leftward in the guise of “moderation.”

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Politics Behind The Refugee Welcome Zone

Dr. Jim Saleam
I had the pleasure of hearing Tim Anderson speak about his new book some months ago at a forum in the Blue Mountains.
As the war in Syria has gone on and on and more truth has emerged, Dr. Anderson's book becomes even more so, a necessary read.
Few wars in modern times have been so riven with lying propaganda as the so-called democratic crusade to overthrow that 'dictator' and 'murderer', President Assad.
The book is vital too in ripping the mask off all those so-called 'anti Islamic' leaders who misuse their followers in Australia today. Whether it's Rise Up Australia, or Party For Freedom, or Reclaim Australia, or even Pauline Hanson, there's always a lot of chatter about the negatives of Islam and about Islamist violence - but not a word about where Islamism and its terror machine has come from and who has sustained it, and needless to say, not  a word about the one government in the Middle East which has fought it tooth and nail, the one government which warns us about taking all those who claim to be 'refugees' from the war and which wants its nationals to come home.
Tim Anderson is fearless in his scholarship and his research. One would expect nothing more of a person who endured two frame up operations from Australia's ASIO and the New South Wales Police Special Branch. I understand that too, enduring (hopefully not forever) as I do a false conviction for political violence organized against me from those same sources. I suppose when people see lies on a smaller scale they are alerted to lies writ large And that brings us back to the dirty war on Syria!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Local Public Housing For The Disadvantaged

The multinational giant, SERCO, may get control of a slice of Public Housing in New South Wales and then perhaps - in  other States.
The idea that a group involved in international security operations and which has worked with the CIA could have such an involvement is a frightening development.
Public housing should remain exactly that. However,like everything else public in Australia today, the pressure is on to sell it off.
Ultimately, SERCO may become the security force in the Northern Zone of Australia, the thugs for the great mining corporations and for the plantation economy based upon refugee and contract labour.
Affordable housing for our disadvantaged ?
Local Councils must resist this sort of development in their Shires and Cities. This is another example of orders coming from Maquarie St. This shocking excuse for affordable housing for our disadvantaged people is beyond frightening. We doubt this type of development aka affordable housing controlled by global militant corporations will do much to improve local communities.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Dr. Jim Saleam

The Australia First Party lead candidate for Wagga Wagga City Council, Lorraine Sharp, has been on the receiving end of political harassment. It has been of a continual nature.

We shall start with the first instalment.

In 2013, during the height of the people's campaign to sink the Chinese Trade Centre, a notorious fruit, Lex Stewart, appeared in Wagga Wagga as the Candidate of the Palmer United Party. Stewart demanded that Lorraine, as the candidate for Australia First Party give preferences to him. She declined. A report of Stewart appeared in our party press. Stewart threatened a defamation suit for $600,000 which he said he would withdraw if she gave the preferences. His entreaties were declined.

Stewart upped the ante to open harassment and assault.

Stewart appeared at Lorraine's home at various hours, acted in an intimidating manner and drafted various legal letters and made innumerable phone calls at all hours.

The Stewart campaign culminated in an incident witnessed by several people, including Catherine, the wife of Michael McCormack, the Federal MP. Stewart appeared at the pre-poll centre in Wagga, brandishing a phone in Lorraine's face. He verbally reproached her and one of her daughter's who was assisting in handing out how to vote cards. At one point he grabbed Lorraine's arm and pushed her. He intimidated and chased her daughter in the manner of a wild animal. Stewart then decamped at speed to the Wagga Wagga Police Station and made a statement claiming that Lorraine has assaulted him and tried to steal his phone. Nothing came of Stewart's complaint - nor of her counter - complaint. The Wagga Wagga Police said it was a Federal matter and not a State matter (it was in fact a common assault).

After the election Stewart vanished from Wagga Wagga.

However, this was not the end of him. Stewart later took up with a speaking group run largely by "Climate Sceptics" which meet at Fivedock RSL in Sydney. This group, which is a classic satellite structure of the Liberal Party, has recently featured speakers such as Malcolm Roberts and Brian Burston, now One Nation Senators and various dross noted for their negative functions inside former One Nation.

Let us return to 2013. Lorraine raised the whole matter with the then Registered Officer of Australia First Party. It is understood that he was informed by Howard Crawford (who had infiltrated our party to undermine it and who is now exposed as an operative of the Liberal Party's dirty tricks department) that she had exaggerated the events and past a general protest to the Electoral Commission about the safety of polling workers - that nought should be done.

We note too, that Stewart had also had membership in the Liberal Party after he was expelled for wrecking inside One Nation and that he had wrecked a patriotic party called "The Great Australians" in 2002-3.

In our business, political harassment is just the nature of the game. The question for us now is - who continues to stalk Lorraine Sharp?