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Muslim Beheading Squad – Multiculti Is Dead

The arrest of a terror cell in Sydney last week, men who were conspiring terrorist acts up to and including a public beheading, should suggest to all that multiculti - as a doctrine - is dead.
It is dead. But the Australian establishment will continue to defend it.
Muslim immigration will not be ended. Muslim ‘refugees’ will continue to arrive. Muslims will not be encouraged to return ‘home’. Rather they will be told that Australia is ‘home’ and be urged to attend Aussie sausage sizzles with national flags fashioned into hijabs and to hold ‘interfaith days’ and Mosque open-days. But then too, our New World Order regime will continue to invade Muslim countries and will avoid any push for a settlement in Palestine in order to serve Israel, thereby providing Muslim fanatics with the only ‘justifications’ they have – and the recruits they desperately need.
It is madness. It is a muddled mess where the true interests of Australians are not on the agenda.
If the Australian government can spend a fortune on sucking up to ‘moderate Muslims’ (sic) here and can afford to send the Australian army to Iraq to defeat an army of jihadi fanatics whom the New World Order financed and armed in the first place, then the financial means are on hand to save the lives of thousands of Australians from the drug scourge and from the army of Chinese triads now descending upon our society to market drugs and launder money on a massive scale. The army could close the borders from the refugee threat. Yet, our government prefers to go for foreign adventures instead and waste the resources of us all and risk the lives of our soldiers.
We are tired of all of it. We demand fundamental solutions.
We demand a policy of radical neutrality on the Middle East. We demand an exit strategy that gets us out of the whole mess favouring neither the Arab nor Muslim causes and certainly not the cause of Israel which violates the rights of the Palestinians. We demand a dismantling of multiculti and a policy of re-settlement of aliens who cannot fit here. For these things we may as well cast coins into a wishing well, because our New World Order politicians will never grant our desires; we must think of fighting in our own national cause and removing them. Our identity and our safety depends on that!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Doing Business With China

And so it was in 1997.....
In 2014 we see the drug "ice" as the preferred and more destructive weapon of choice, with the majority of the precursor chemicals to manufacture this evil coming into Australia from China... A politically sanctioned genocide ?

China Invasionby William Norman Grigg
While the Clinton Administration is working diligently to knit together the economic, military, and law enforcement systems of the U.S. and Red China, the Beijing government is putting the finishing touches on what crime reporter Frederic Dannen refers to as "a cooperation pact between the triad societies and the Communist Party ... a dreadful alliance between the world's largest criminal underground and the world's last great totalitarian power...." The triads, according to W.P. Morgan's authoritative work Triad Societies in Hong Kong, "might be defined as Chinese secret societies whose members, bound by oaths of blood brotherhood, are pledged to assist one another and further the particular aims of their societies irrespective of the moral and civil laws of the country wherein they operate." The Hong Kong-based crime fraternities have affiliates in nearly every sizeable ethnic Chinese community throughout North America. According to the FBI, ethnic Chinese gangs are active in at least 16 states.
Business Partners
Dannen writes that creating an alliance with the Chinese underworld "was part of Deng Xiaoping's reunification plan for Hong Kong from the very beginning, and dates from the early 1980s, when China and Britain were negotiating the return of Hong Kong to the mainland." In fact, sub rosa collaboration with the Chinese underworld has been a strategic tool of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since the 1920s. "Chinese organized crime groups have always been an integral part of the Red Chinese strategic apparatus," observes national security affairs consultant Joseph Douglass. Dr. Douglass explained to THE NEW AMERICAN that "before the revolution, the CCP used organized crime to subvert Chinese society through drug trafficking and violence, and it has continued to use the underground -- particularly the triads -- to carry out similar activities on a global scale, including within the U.S. These activities will escalate as a result of the reversion of Hong Kong."
In May of this year, Wong Man-fong, the former deputy secretary-general of Red China's Xinhua news agency, admitted that in the early 1980s he had "befriended" Hong Kong's triad bosses at Beijing's behest. "Beijing explained to the triad bosses that they would be left alone by Chinese authorities if they ceased their activities during the handover," former Hong Kong legislator James To told THE NEW AMERICAN. "So the triad leaders called a temporary truce in order to 'give face' to Beijing while the world was watching."
But the cooperation between Hong Kong's crime bosses and Beijing's autocrats is hardly limited to matters of political housekeeping. Mr. To, who was the chairman of the legislature's internal security committee before being removed by Beijing in July, explained that "China's Public Security Bureau and the other mainland law enforcement agencies are more like business partners than enemies of the triads. There are security and intelligence personnel involved in all of the triad's illegal activities, including drug smuggling, alien smuggling, and vice. Some of this simply reflects the personal corruption on the part of some isolated officials, but a lot of it takes place with the connivance of high-ranking people in the Party."
Triad Societies
"Like their Italian counterparts, Chinese gangsters are the progeny of a criminal conspiracy that is centuries old and whose traditions include an inviolate oath of secrecy that has changed little over hundreds of years," writes New York Daily News crime reporter William Kleinknecht in his book The New Ethnic Mobs. "[The] triad tradition gives Chinese crime groups in this country a strong international connection that not only helps them smuggle heroin across the globe, but gives them a ready source of new recruits, especially since Asians continue to immigrate to this country in large numbers.... Indeed, none of the other emerging crime groups has the national scope of the Chinese."
Triad-based gangs are "deeply wired into the civic life of American Chinatowns," continues Kleinknecht. "Their sponsors are often the most powerful business interests in the Chinese community, an alliance that gives them a patina of respectability...." No other ethnic crime syndicate can boast such a diversified portfolio of illicit operations: Chinese gangs have been implicated in murder, extortion, prostitution, and alien smuggling, in addition to heroin trafficking.
Although the primary victims of Chinese mobsters are law-abiding Chinese immigrants, triad-linked youth gangs in California and the Pacific Northwest occasionally undertake "home invasion robberies" -- paramilitary assaults on suburban homes.
Since 1949, the triads have been headquartered in Hong Kong, and have coalesced into three dominant groups: The 14K, Sun Ye On, and Wo Group (which includes the Wo Shing Wo and Wo Hop To societies). The largest of the triad societies is the Sun Ye On, whose members, according to Dannen, are now required to swear an oath of allegiance to the People's Republic of China. In 1993, Tao Siju, China's minister of public security, welcomed a delegation from the Sun Ye On triad, which controls most of Hong Kong's narcotics industry. "The members of triads are not always gangsters," explained China's chief law enforcement officer. "As long as they are patriots ... we should respect them." Minister Tao reiterated his praise of the Sun Ye On in April 1996 and publicly admitted that the Party employed gangsters to provide security for Chinese officials.
In the Maoist Manner
Shortly after Minister Tao met with Hong Kong's chief drug lords, he inaugurated "Operation Strike Hard," an unprecedented campaign against crime that resulted in 3,500 criminal executions. According to the May 28th San Francisco Chronicle, the crackdown included a surrender ultimatum to drug dealers in Guangdong province, who had been given a green light by middle- and lower-echelon Party officials to expand the cultivation of opium and its refinement into heroin. The crackdown, which cleared out the "private" drug dealers and left their assets in the hands of the state, followed a time-honored Maoist formula.
"In 1928 Mao Tse-tung, the Chinese communist leader, instructed one of his trusted subordinates, Tan Chen-lin, to begin cultivating opium on a grand scale," writes Dr. Joseph Douglass in Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America. "Mao had two objectives: obtaining exchange for needed supplies and 'drugging the white [anti-communist] region'.... Mao's strategy was simple: use drugs to soften a target area. Then, after a captured region was secured, outlaw the use of all narcotics and impose strict controls to ensure that the poppies remained exclusively an instrument of the state for use against its enemies.... As soon as Mao had totally secured mainland China in 1949, opium production was nationalized and trafficking of narcotics, targeted against non-communist states, became a formal activity of the new communist state, the People's Republic of China."
The Chinese underworld played a critical role in Beijing's global smuggling network. More than two decades ago, intelligence analyst A.H. Stanton Candlin documented that Mao Tse-tung's "psycho-chemical offensive" against the West relied on "the Chinese underworld, both on the mainland and among the overseas Chinese," to provide the "deadly nexus connecting Chinese communism with organized crime in Europe and the Americas...." A more recent tour of that "deadly nexus" was provided in the August 1992 Senate testimony of a 14K defector who identified himself only as "Mr. Ma." An initiate at 14, Ma joined the Hong Kong police force, where he began building a network of protection rackets. After leaving the police he established himself in prostitution and loan-sharking. With the connivance of Nicaraguan diplomats, Ma eventually assembled a narcotics smuggling ring that brought heroin into the U.S. concealed in shipping containers bound for New York.
Even as Beijing continues to pump heroin through its global network, the regime is supporting global drug-control efforts. Zhu Entao, the Chinese Interpol chief, declared on June 24th that China "has joined the global fight against drug crime" and supports international cooperation "in battling international and regional drug trafficking." Last November China hosted a forum sponsored by the UN Drug Control Program, which is preparing for a global "drug control" conference in 1998; this illustrates that Beijing is applying both prongs of Mao's narco-subversion strategy on a global scale.
The Beijing-aligned Chinese underworld carries out other varieties of subversion as well. In his book The New War (which couples a useful analysis of international organized crime with a fatally flawed prescription for the problem), Senator John Kerry (D-MA) observes that officials in the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) "are selling immense stores of Chinese- and Soviet-manufactured weapons -- Kalashnikovs, AK-47s, grenades, rocket launchers, etc. -- to the triads, tongs, and Asian entrepreneurs who distribute them to criminals and terrorists worldwide."
This is exactly the variety of illicit commerce engaged in by the business associates of White House coffee guest Wang Jun. The China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), Wang's employer of record, is a Beijing-controlled company ideally suited to the needs of gunrunners and heroin smugglers, and it was a COSCO ship -- the Empress Phoenix -- that was intercepted with a cargo of AK-47s bound for California street gangs. Recall that the Clinton Administration actively intervened to arrange for COSCO to lease California's Long Beach Naval Yards which features the nation's largest container port (although the lease agreement was later suspended by a local judge); it also extended a $138 million, taxpayer-guaranteed loan to COSCO to construct three new container ships.
Drug and Alien Smuggling
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which the Clinton Administration lists among its proudest achievements, has been a tremendous boon to drug smugglers and criminals of all varieties -- including the Beijing-aligned Chinese mob. The May 5th edition of ABC's Nightline reported that since NAFTA was signed in December 1993, "some 12,000 trucks a day have freely come into this country from Mexico, largely uninspected for safety, many carrying, along with televisions, computers and fresh produce, massive amounts of cocaine and heroin." This was not an unanticipated development. A Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) intelligence report completed before the NAFTA vote indicated that the accord would be, in the words of former DEA agent Phil Jordan, "a deal made in narco heaven," and drug cartels began buying up business fronts along the border to take advantage of the dramatic upsurge in uninspected commerce. However, according to Jordan, DEA officials were told by the Administration that the impact of NAFTA on drug enforcement "was a subject we could not discuss" prior to ratification of the agreement.
Nor is the Chinese-backed heroin trade the only illicit commerce that has benefited from NAFTA; the breakdown of the border inspection system has been beneficial to alien smugglers as well. Rutgers professor Ko-Lin Chin, a recognized authority on Chinese organized crime, pointed out to THE NEW AMERICAN, "The Mexico route is the most reliable one for alien smugglers. Although most smugglers still prefer to use the air route, the detection rate is the highest using that method. The 'snakeheads' [alien smugglers] like to say that Mexico is by far the most reliable route."
Chin, who recently published a major academic study of alien smuggling, explained that the so-called "big snakeheads" establish a base in the U.S. and then "go back to China to work with the Public Security Bureau (PSB). They will line up smuggling routes, arrange for transportation, coordinate with people at the transit points, and recruit the immigrants. If the Mexico route is selected, the immigrants are shipped to Baja, California, where the snakeheads put them in touch with coyotes [Mexican alien smugglers] to guide them across the border." Since 1980, at least 200,000 Chinese immigrants -- most of them from Fuijan province -- have passed through this underground, at a price of at least $30,000 per person.
Coming to America
For Chinese officials, this human commerce serves many useful functions, according to Chin: "It helps alleviate unemployment, it helps them jettison their 'surplus' population, and it provides them with funds to use in building up their own infrastructure, since the Chinese who are sent to the U.S. are required to send money back to China. The officials also get a percentage of the fee each immigrant pays to the snakeheads." Furthermore, observed Chin, "The authorities don't regard the gangsters who get involved in any of this as criminals, because they're working on behalf of the government. I've interviewed many PSB officials who have been involved in these networks, and they freely admitted that they had helped the 'big snakeheads' to move tens of thousands of aliens into the U.S."
Nor do the desperate immigrants find themselves free of the Chinese authorities once they take up residence in the U.S. "The really horrible thing about these networks is the ma jai, the 'little soldiers' who act as enforcers and debt collectors in the various Chinatowns over here," explained Chin. "They're the young gangsters who collect the fees and maintain 'order' in Chinatown."
The ma jai are also used by Beijing as secret police, according to Justin Yu of the Chinese-language World Daily. "In the U.S. the Red Chinese government and their security forces use triad groups to infiltrate and intimidate the Chinese community," Yu told THE NEW AMERICAN. "This has been going on since at least the mid-1980s, and it resulted in a real crime wave in New York. It's still going on in San Francisco and in other places where there is a high concentration of ethnic Chinese. The gangsters intimidate ethnic Chinese who are critical of the regime. They attack them on the streets, vandalize their property, and use other tactics to punish and silence them."
Chin believes that the violent tactics employed by the ma jai help explain why the latest wave of immigrants from China "are publicly supportive of the communist government, whatever their private opinions might be." The June 30th celebration of "Hong Kong Restoration Day" in New York's Chinatown displayed the clout of Beijing's political machine. According to the New York Daily News, "roughly 5,000 Chinese patriots and supporters of communism" gathered to chant pro-Beijing slogans and applaud as Huasun Qin, Red China's representative to the UN, gave a speech predicting that Taiwan would soon be "reunified" with the mainland regime.
Chinese authorities have found other ways to capitalize on immigrant smuggling. For instance, Yu explained, "The Chinese consulate in New York has been selling counterfeit passports for more than 15 years." According to Yu, the bogus passports are obtained from Chinese gangsters and sold by consulate officials for about $2,000 apiece. "[Consul General] Qui Sheng-Yun is making millions of dollars off of counterfeit passports produced by Asian crime groups and sold to illegal immigrants," Yu declared. "This kind of thing is going on at other Chinese consulates as well, and it raises all kinds of money for the PRC. The communists can practically run their operations here on the money they make from activities like the false document trade. Some of that money is used by the communists to contribute to political campaigns of candidates at all levels, from dog catcher all the way to the gubernatorial level."
Power of the Princelings
For all the corruption and violence which result from the labors of the triad gangs, Yu maintained, "the real gangsters behind all of this are the 'princelings' who are running China's political and economic system. They're completely without morals; all they care about is making money and advancing the Party's interest. They're the ones who control the People's Liberation Army and the PSB, just as they control the triads in Hong Kong and many of the street gangs over here. And they're the ones who are using the money they make through crime and slave labor to influence the American political system, including the last presidential campaign."
Like "post-Soviet" Russia, Yu explained to THE NEW AMERICAN, "China is essentially a gangster state" -- and, as with Russia, the Clinton Administration has allied itself with the gang leaders in order to combat "global crime." During an April 10th Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, James Milford Jr., acting Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency, boasted, "Currently, there is joint law enforcement training being conducted with the Chinese in sophisticated law enforcement techniques which will assist them in becoming better equipped to build cases on controlling the heroin trade...."
Yu is not optimistic about joint Sino-U.S. law enforcement initiatives. "The Chinese authorities are more than willing to cooperate in fighting organized crime, since it gives them legitimacy," he pointed out. "The PSB and the other law enforcement organs want to be recognized as partners with American law enforcement bodies, particularly for purposes of domestic propaganda. But cooperation of this sort will just enhance the ability of the intelligence organs and improve their ability to subvert our own security. The government and the underworld are part of the same gang, and we shouldn't forget that Beijing still regards the U.S. as its 'principal adversary.'"
Globo-Cop on the Take
Just as menacing as the threat of Asian organized crime -- or international crime in general -- is the solution being advanced by enthusiasts of "world order." "The last five years has seen the creation of an international criminal elite that is unprecedented in history," notes Dr. Joseph Douglass. "The activities of that elite have worked to subvert international law and the sovereignty of independent states. We have also seen a concomitant movement toward a global law enforcement regime that also subverts the independence of nations."
Although many "experts" contend that only globalized law enforcement can deal effectively with international organized crime, Dr. Douglass disagrees: "As national boundaries come down, the barriers that once impeded the growth of international organized crime are removed, and the result is an open door for the most ruthless criminal element. We've certainly seen that in Europe as it moves toward political and economic union, and we're seeing that here with NAFTA as well."
While Dr. Douglass allows that "case-by-case cooperation with foreign law enforcement agencies may be necessary," he warns that "consolidation of law enforcement bodies actually simplifies the task of corrupting them -- the criminals have just one target to infiltrate, rather than several. When a 'beat cop' goes bad you can find ways of dealing with him, but where can we go if 'globo-cop' goes on the take?"

It's a growing trend: Chinese "businessmen" rescuing economically strapped American communities. One of the best-known examples of this Beijing largesse is the recent sweetheart arrangement between the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) and Long Beach, California. COSCO, which is actually a corporate arm of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), would really come out the winner in this Clinton-brokered deal. Under the current bargain (which, at the moment, is on hold), it would take control of the strategic Long Beach Naval Yards -- and get paid millions of dollars to do so.
Now the Chinese are moving inland. Out in the Mojave Desert, about 100 miles northeast of Long Beach, another grand new Sino-American venture is underway. At Adelanto, a former Air Force town of 40,000, the ambitious Da Zhong Hua Wholesale Town is under construction. As many as 1,000 Chinese firms may set up shop here, selling Chinese-made electronics, shoes, clothes, furniture, jewelry, and other products. As in Long Beach, many local residents and officials are enthused at the jobs and prosperity that are expected to come with this major development. After all, when George Air Force Base was shut down in 1992, the region lost 5,000 jobs and $15 million in annual sales revenues. "For us it means jobs, and jobs mean more homes and being able to service our existing residents better," Adelanto City Manager Mike Sakamoto told Associated Press reporter Scott Lindlaw.
But is all of the economic optimism justified? Will Da Zhong Hua Wholesale Town provide jobs for local residents, or will the Chinese government-backed effort bring its own workers? And if not for its access to dirt-cheap slave labor, special concessions, and subsidized loans from the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the World Bank, would the Chinese be in any better position to provide jobs than American companies?
But far more important than the economics of the Adelanto project are the national security concerns -- which appear to be of no concern to the Clinton Administration. The new Chinese undertaking is only 20 miles across the desert from Edwards Air Force Base, our nation's premiere military flight-test installation and a key target of Beijing's intelligence services. Lam Fong Ng, general manager of Da Zhong Hua, laughs at such suspicions. "We are pure businessmen," he says. "We are talking about business, not politics. We have never heard any opposition to this project. I see only smiling faces."
However, as sinologist Nicholas Eftimiades clearly shows in his thorough 1994 study, Chinese Intelligence Operations, accepting Chinese "business" at face value is dangerously naïve. All companies in the People's Republic of China are subservient adjuncts of the Communist Party and the Ministry of State Security (MSS), the Chinese equivalent of the KGB. In fact, U.S. intelligence analysts have warned for years that Chinese infiltration and espionage activities in the U.S. have been far more pervasive than those of the Soviets.


The Genocide Of Our People Politically Sanctioned



Joseph Douglass wrote a book in 1990, “Red Cocaine:  The Drugging of America and the West”.  It is available, free and complete, online at:

The title page says, “An expose of long-term Russian and Chinese intelligence operations aimed at achieving the demoralisation and ultimate control of the West through drugs, as a dimension of the continuing Leninist World Revolution.”.

The page in front of the title page says, “The standard, uninformed, view of the contemporary drugs scourge, which is ravaging the minds and bodies of Western youth and thus degrading the gene pool, is that it 'just happened'.  The financial rewards, according to that argument, are so enormous that there will always be evil forces willing to distribute narcotics for money.  This complacent view is exploded by Red Cocaine:  The Drugging of America and the West, which shows conclusively that the continuing Russian and Chinese Leninists have been using narcotics for several decades as a decisive weapon in the ongoing low-level warfare they are waging against Western civilisation.  Their use of drugs as an offensive 'soften-ing-up' instrument presupposes the lack of any discontinuity of Leninist intent and practice since 1917, and (crucially) since the orchestrated 'changes' of 1989-91, which were devised to mesmerise and mislead the world into believing that the World Revolution had collapsed.  The narco-war is based upon a satanic strategy envisaged by Lenin and developed under Stalin by his odious police chief, Lavrentii Beria.  After the Communist Chinese, having deployed narcotics against their own people prior to seizing power in 1949, had extended their drug operations internationally, the Soviets embarked in earnest, on Khrushchev's orders, upon their own drugs offensive – reinforcing a revolutionary campaign to demoralise the West by degrading society's morals and institutions, a strategy elaborated by the founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci.  Dr Joseph D. Douglass, the world's leading expert on the political use of narcotics, explains how a Czech defector, the late General Jan Sejna, alerted the West to this diabolical offensive – and how corrupt and irresolute Western officials and banks have chosen to ignore the ugly reality, for reasons of expediency and 'political correctness'.”.
This is a 58 minute video from 2000.  Joseph Douglass discusses the enormous magnitude of the problem.  How it can only exist because of massive corruption in the police, in politics, in the financial structure, in the legal structure, and in the court system.  How in the 1950s and 1960s, China and Russia began a long-term strategic attack on the United States using drugs, first heroin, and then cocaine.  How drug trafficking is politically protected.  How there is a conspiracy of silence on the subject in academia, in politics, in tax-exempt foundations, in news media, and in centers of policy.


Rodney Stich has thoroughly documented the CIA as a huge drug pusher.

Joseph Douglass has thoroughly documented the Russians and the Chinese as huge drug pushers.

There is no contradiction here.

The U.S. government is pushing drugs.  The Russians and the Chinese are pushing drugs.  These two facts combine to demonstrate yet again the great alliance between the Communists and the Great Conspiracy of the Super Rich.

Those poor dumb Americans!

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To The NSW State Premier

Mr. Baird,  Sir,



It has long been common knowledge that Gambling Casinos are venues for "Laundering" Criminally-Acquired money.

Professional Investigators and observers who were interviewed in the Four Corners presentation,  state that much of the money presently gambled in Macau, can only have been criminally acquired.  They go further to say that encouragement for gamblers from China to travel to Australia's casinos, will increase the flow of Crime Money through Australia's casinos.

Also, during interviews in the Four Corners programme, it was revealed that Packer's Macau casino interests are heavily propped up by criminal Triad involvement via the so-called "Junkets" organisations.   Expert opinion, offered in the Four Corners Programme, states that Packer's Barangaroo venture will fail without the support of "Junkets" in Sydney.

Packer offers that worn-out politicians' lie for every gratuitous political imposition that harms Australia, that his Barangaroo venture will be "GOOD For Sydney".   Yeah, sure !!!  Nothing like an influx of Triads to "BENEFIT" Sydney-siders, eh,  Mr Premier !!!

Of course, Mr Premier, you realise that once these Triads get a foot-hold in Australia, that there'll be no stopping their "Expansion" into other activities, eg, Prostituton, Fraud, Embezzlement, White and other Slavery, Racketeering, ahem "Debt Collection", Drug Dealing, Murder, Hit-men, "Disappearing" people, Bribery, Major Robberies, Blackmail, "Fixing" Sporting Events   -  have we missed anything, Mr Premier ?   And all of this in order that Packer's Barangaroo venture may succeed   -  "Good for Sydney", he said.

Allowing that the experts are right in stating that Packer's Barangaroo venture cannot succeed without the heavy involvement of the "Junkets", ie, Triads, then such Revenue as is generated at Barangaroo for NSW State Coffers, will clearly be the PROCEEDS OF CRIME, and let us not also overlook the fact that it is widely known that Money Laundering of Criminally Acquired funds, will dramatically increase.

Thus NSW Government will be eagerly Depandant upon and taking the PROCEEDS OF CRIME.  With knowledge afore-thought,  the NSW. Government is Aiding and Abetting THE CRIME THAT GENERATES ITS (Government)  REVENUE FROM BARANGAROO and other Casinos in NSW.  Kindly explain, Mr Premier, how this is different from a Drug-Dealer living from the Proceeds of his crimes.

Mr Premier, after your appointment as Premier, you loudly stated your intentions to eradicate Corruption among politicians in NSW.  Truly a virtuous aspiration, and one which suggests that you are a person of great propriety and scruples.  How then do those lofty standards measure up to Government's grasping preparedness to accept the Proceeds of Crime,  to permit life to the criminal activity which generates those Proceeds of Crime,  and which introduces a very skilled Criminal Cancer (Triads) into Australia ??

Surely, Sir, you can see how this makes you and the NSW Government, a total laughing stock !!!   Unhappily, there is not a funny side to the collective effects of this ruinous action on the people of NSW.

Effectively, Sir, Barangaroo,  and NSW Government as a "Beneficiary",  is a gigantic form of Political Corruption.  In having Barangaroo at "arms length" from the Government,  it might facetiously be said that BARANGAROO IS "PRIVATISED POLITICAL CORRUPTION" !!!   And "Privatisation" is SUCH a popular "buzz-word" these days, isn't it Sir ?!   And as with all other "Privatising" in this country, even Major Organised Crime will now be "Foreign Owned"  -  by the Triads.

Sir, don't bother donning your Serious Look and "Indignant" pose, repeating the tiresome lie that there are "Stringent Controls" etc on these Casino operations.  NOBODY believes such hollow "re-assurances" from politicians anymore.  With the recent Premier's fall, due to a heavy bottle of red wine hanging around his neck,  and all of the politicians being brought before ICAC,  it's no surprise that the Public no longer have respect for and confidence in Party Politicians.


In closing, Sir, we draw your attention to the highly visible fact that ICAC will not investigate corruption matters involving Shire Councils engaged in "development" projects involving Chinese Investment.  Quite clearly, Sir, they have received "Hands Off" instructions from Macquarie Street.  Of course,  this quite makes a mockery of your  earlier stand against Corruption, doesn't it, Sir !!!   We will give energetic profile to these cases, to reveal the Corruption which it appears that your Government is trying so desperately  to conceal.  The zest and alacrity with  which Australia's politicians are selling off the Nation's assets to Chinese interests, strongly suggests that many of them are personal recipients of Chinese "Largesse".

You Sir, might be taken a little more seriously as a man of lofty principles, if you were to assiduously enquire into this issue of Chinese "Largesse",  and to free ICAC to investigate Corruption in Shire Councils engaged in projects involving Chinese "Investment".

Monday, September 15, 2014

High Rolling ......

Foreign Investigators make it clear James Packer's Barangaroo can't succeed with out the Junkets.

Some foreign investigators and other observers reveal there are high level Triad figures running these Junkets.

Four Corners report, professionals in the Casino business state various Casinos in Australia have become attractive for these "high - rollers". Therefore more junkets, therefore more Triad involvement.

Various governments are falling over themselves to introduce and enforce laws of "association" (consorting ?) ie; VLAD laws in Queensland. Therefore these laws should be applied to Mr Packer for consorting with Triad figures on whom the success of his business (Barangaroo in particular) DEPENDS !!

Mr Packer says "this will be good for Sydney", how so ? The high - rollers will stay at or fraternise at internationally owned hotels and businesses.

Dear Sir (Mr Packer), kindly reveal to we humble folk how any benefit will flow through to Sydney - siders from the activities of your Casinos and these "high - rollers" ?

Mr Abbott and numerous others have been on a "Junket" tour around the planet in company with Mr Packer. Well then, should not the Prime Minister be arrested for "consorting" with Mr Packer, who is consorting with Triad figures ?


Mayor Eaton; these are the kind of people you are attracting to Wyong with your grandiose schemes of which you did not have prior consultation with ratepayers. These people will just slide in to this "new' community, that is your population replacement programme. Have you advised the ratepayers of the hordes of immigrant Triads you are inviting in to Wyong to occupy your proposed developments, which will house hordes of Chinese under your population replacement programme ?

Aside from all this Mr Eaton, should you not present yourself for arrest on account of your association with corrupt politicians ?

Does it get better than this ?


Member for Wagga Wagga Mr Daryl Maquire may be able to explain, as he too had grand plans for a Chinese Trade Centre that ultimately flopped when improprieties were revealed. Mr Maquire is Secretary to the NSW Premier Mr Baird, who was a longstanding loyal employee of HSBC, who have leased several floors in Packer's yet to be built Barangaroo towers.

 Mr Maquire ?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Parvo PUP - Australia First Party

No substance (unfortunately) in Clive Palmer’s ‘rant’ about China – it’s time for a real anti China political struggle
Clive Palmer’s angry talk aimed at China a couple of days back may not have been a “rant” as the media reported it, but it can hardly have been a heart felt statement of opinion either.
Yes, the Chinese state shoots its citizens and their legal system is just an extension of the Communist Party’s dictatorship and they do seek to control our ports and resources. These “mongrels” have an agenda of control.
Clive Palmer stated the truth.
However, he shouldn’t have told us all this and then go on say that it was aimed at a single Chinese company with which he has bad relations.
Clive Palmer’s past gave us a different opinion of China to the content of his “rant”’.
On September 29, 2009, railing against foreign investment rules that had restricted Chinese investment in Australia, he said:
“It’s one of the worst things that can happen to Australia to extend our racist policies into Asia. Capital is in China, it’s not in the US.”
He went on to say:
“Suddenly, there’s a great cry in Australia about reds under the bed. We’ve got the opportunity to grab if our politicians could only be fair and treat the Chinese ¬people and the Chinese government with the dignity they deserve.”
In Australian Mining, May 31, 2011, he said:
“The Australian government has racially discriminated against (China) and stopped them from investing in Australia.”
Palmer named a mine in Queensland ‘China First’ and he supported the introduction of contract labour in larger volumes. Perhaps his open door refugee policy was part of that idea since it could raise a mass foreign labour army that would undercut Australian labour conditions?
In the past, Clive Palmer has been in bed with Chinese imperialism for profit. He denounced other Australians as paranoid and “racist” for opposing China’s economic grab at Australia.
Does a leopard really change its spots?
Even so, this outburst had a value – a big one. No sooner did Palmer blather and froth, than the Australian traitor class, from the People’s Daily of Australian capitalism (The Australian) through to politicians and business leaders turn vicious and bay for his blood. They also demanded that whomsoever criticises their great friend and ally and trading partner – do the kowtow to the new emperors in Beijing.
The Chinese Embassy responded with the soothing words we would expect and Australian Foreign Minister welcomed that.
And Palmer back-peddled. He is no leader of any popular revolt, no articulator of the Australian People’s dissent.
A little sense from Jacqui Lambie – a kowtow from Barnaby Joyce and an implied threat from Tony Abbott
The Palmer United Party Senator from Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, did raise the ante and differentiated herself from Palmer.
She warned that the “price of liberty is eternal vigilance”.
“If anybody thinks that we should have a national security and defence policy, which ignores the threat of a Chinese Communist invasion — you’re delusional and got rocks in your head”.
“Both Labor and the Liberals / Nationals have failed to build an Australian military that is able to defend us — and stop our grandchildren from becoming slaves to an aggressive, anti-democratic, totalitarian foreign power.”
All true.
Yet, traitor class representative, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, criticized Senator Lambie.
“I think the Australian people and the people of Tasmania should contact Senator Lambie and say look you’ve really got to be careful what you say now Senator Lambie, you are a Senator of Tasmania.”
“You are one of 76 people who represent our nation and no longer can you just talk like you might at half past seven at the corner pub. This is not the corner pub, this is our nation.”
“These things sound amusing when they’re said after 15 beers but they’re very, very dangerous if you want to say them on national television.”
The Prime Minister Tony Abbott added that there are similarities between  Senator Lambie and Pauline Hanson; he said both were “populist outbreaks on the right of politics” and in the end “pretty counterproductive in our national life”.
Counterproductive to those who pay him? Given Abbott conspired to put Hanson behind bars, his words are a threat. Those who speak even a modicum of sense can expect the lash.
For an anti China, anti imperialist movement
Australia needs an anti China and anti imperialist movement that unites across the productive sectors of our country, across ideological and political lines to secure Australia from China.
Australia First Party will bloc with any social sector, community group and political force which for any reason takes up the anti China struggle.
The recent Palmer incident shows us all how sensitive the traitor class is to preserving its business arrangements and perhaps how fearful they are of the Chinese jackboot.
Chinese imperialist standover is no parlour game and ultimately we Australians will be forced to stand-up to a superpower aware that we have no end of traitors within.
The Chinese imperialists in their Global Times magazine have now pulled the bully and done it openly.
They say:
“China should consider imposing sanctions on Palmer and his companies, cutting off all business contacts with him and forbidding him and his senior executives into China. The sanctions could also be given to any Australian companies which have business dealings with Palmer's. China must let those prancing provocateurs know how much of a price they pay when they deliberately rile us.”
Rile us? Is this the language of imperialist gangsters.
They add:
“Palmer should be damned as the culprit. Because of him, China must teach Canberra a lesson for sabotaging a bilateral relationship. Australia has picked sides and embraced the US and Japan, but in the meantime, it keeps racking up economic profits from China. This situation is making it a radical "double-dealer" among all the nations which have relationships with China.”
In the rivalries between the New World Order group and Japan on the one hand and China on the other, Australia is now a ground for dispute and argument.
Australians should read the full article for themselves.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Is The ICAC Just A Theatre For Political - Economic Drama ?


The revelations at the Independent Commission Against Corruption surrounding Hunter MPs have prompted many to ask, 'will the system change?'


Mark Rolfe is a Lecturer at the School of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of New South Wales and said the ICAC's framework for operating limits its ability to put those it finds corrupt behind bars.

"[ICAC] is doing a lot of the investigation itself as opposed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) which is not an investigative arm," he said.

The ICAC makes recommendations to the DPP after its investigations and can find people corrupt based on a balance of probabilities. For someone to be found guilty of a crime, they must be convicted beyond reasonable doubt. Mr Rolfe said the extensive media coverage of the ICAC hearings creates a culture of 'naming and shaming', something that is powerful in its own right. "[Publicity of proceedings] is an important component, as much as it's been criticised," he said. "I think the public process and exposure of so many people is still necessary in the cleaning out of the system, as much as it may cause cynicism."

Mr Rolfe said while corruption has been prevalent in Australian politics for decades, the intense public interest in the ICAC inquiries in recent years has made politicians more accountable.
"They didn't have the media then that we have now. But also they didn't have the culture of transparency and exposure which we have these days," he said. "That may make voters more cynical about politicians, but on the other hand, voters were cynical 100 years ago, so we do have the benefit of naming and shaming."

With Operation Spicer set to continue hearing evidence about alleged corruption, Mr Rolfe said change in the system needs to happen. "I don't think it's only DPP [charges] that will restore public confidence; parliament needs to do something about [corruption]. There is the capacity for parliament to expel [malfeasant politicians]; although both major parties don't want to go there at the moment," he said.
"It'd be too hard to [water-down] the ICAC, given what has been exposed. Premier Baird would be in all sorts of problems if he was seen to attempt to [water-down] ICAC, but I don't think he's got that intention anyway.

"There needs to be things done with parties and donations, because now the ICAC is exposing a trail to the federal level, and there's going to be pressure on the federal Liberal... and federal Labor parties to do something about this."

Mark Rolfe spoke to 1233 ABC Newcastle's Paul Turton.

Is The ICAC Just A Theatre For Political- Economic Drama ?

Has the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) taken on a logic which has yielded to the "logic"of the Political-Economy ?

What is the relationship of political decisions to underlying economic forces ?

We may not always see a bag of money being passed from one actor to another; sometimes it is not that
clear.  Graft can be hidden through the market place.

The rise of China’s "interest" in Australia shows us that we are being recolonised
by a new money system: it’s now CHINESE Capitalism V's Wall Street Capitalism. We see this manifesting through the extent by which Chinese Imperialism is penetrating into Australia on every level of business and politics AND "Policy-making" !!

The ICAC must take into account this political-economic conflict when looking for corrupt conduct.

So why have the ICAC declined to investigate Chinese-connected political corruption in NSW ?

This apparent corruption can also be described as economic sabotage as well as brazen deception of the Public.

We provide examples: the Wagga Chinese Trade Centre fiasco, where actors in that game were identified
as Immigration fraudsters by Scott Morrison (when in Opposition) and were also involved in the Fitzgibbon
Affair. A Wagga local councillor (Andrew Negline) admitted to being offered "political support" from the
Chinese developers. And there’s more, MUCH more.

This project was ex Premier Mr O'Farrell’s and Mr Maquire's "baby". Perhaps Mr O'Farrell
is relieved that all that is (allegedly) hanging around his neck is a bottle of "red"?

More recently we have the situation of the China Theme Park on the Central Coast at Wyong and the
questions surrounding Mayor Doug Eaton, who has already been publicly identified as being embroiled in the Eightbyfive slush fund, and in various other improper matters.

Local Councils in NSW are becoming increasingly involved with Chinese developers.

It appears where big Chinese money and development is the order of the day, allegations of Political corruption do not get off the ground, in NSW. Correspondingly, it appears, certain major Chinese projects do NOT "get off the ground" UNLESS there are corrupt politicians involved.


We allege the ICAC is a vehicle to placate the masses with perceived anti-corruption efforts, based on
seemingly select issues.

Is it all an illusion based on Political-Economics ?

Are Federal Politicians EXEMPT from investigation when found to be connected to corrupt matters occurring in New South Wales ?

Is there some "special rule" which "IMMUNISES" Local Councils from corruption investigations into matters involving Chinese projects ? Is this an insane extension of the imaginery "LAWS" of Political Correctness ??

We agree with Mr Rolfe's assertions that "change in the system needs to happen". We would suggest
adopting the USA Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO law. See:

Under this type of Act many who have been found corrupt under ICAC rules and indeed those seemingly
immune from investigation, would by now already be behind bars.

We are bemused that Joel Fitzgibbon remains in Parliament after he was dumped as Defence Minister for his
involvement with Chinese "developers" and Chinese government spies. Under RICO he would be behind
bars, not enjoying his current position of Federal Member for Newcastle.

We are not suggesting the ICAC itself is at fault, but something is radically wrong somewhere

We note that politicians have a notorious record for creating, with great verve, ever more Rules, Restrictions, Penalties and Losses of Freedom for the General Public. Perhaps, when they review this issue, in order to be in "the right frame of mind" they might adopt the same CONTEMPT for themselves as clearly they hold for the General Public.