Monday, August 8, 2016

More Non Service For Local People.

With Wagga in the grip of an ice plague we see Wagga Council again approve this non service to local people. Why ?

The Lorraine Sharp Australia First Party Candidate for Wagga Council elections will oppose this hacienda for the "darlings" of the drug world proposed for Gurwood St Wagga. This Forbes listed corporation is not for the benefit of local people - so what's the point of building it in Wagga ? Confidential" written by Alix Johnson, December 2006
"The program is so shrouded in secrecy that a roster of up to 40 super-deluxe houses are rented (often at the last minute) to cater to the schedules of the high-flying clientele. On the surface, these burnt-out execs, aristocrats and A-list celebrities, ranging in age from 14 to 70, could be mistaken for any other upmarket tourist choosing to holiday in this alluring seaside town. But of course, they’re not."
  • harpers_bazar.pdf 2mb"Most Luxurious Places To Dry Out" written by Christina Valhouli
    "More and more treatment facilities resemble upscale resorts, complete with beach-side settings, fitness centers, tennis courts, fine dining (sans wine list, of course) and a list of fitness activities which could rival a luxury spa. At some centers, such as the newly-opened Sanctuary in Australia, patients are also provided with personal chefs, physical trainers, and dailyyoga and Pilates classes, along with Shiatsu and acupuncture treatments."

Will cashed up foreigners require visas for this Forbes listed "rehabilitation" facility, or are we running a new drug addict exchange programme whereby we send our drug addicted around the globe to be rehabilitated and the foreigners come here ?

Will Wagga Council be offering local people a similar opportunity?

It will all be sold as jobs and growth and you beaut public services like the new Wagga Hospital and other white elephants around town that were announced as great achievements for local people ??

There is another reason behind all off this - the local "Good Ole Boys and now Gals" know there are plans for Wagga, hence why the major parties are stacking the Council with "their" people to ensure the real ( but yet unknown to the public) agendas proceed with out obstruction. What other big surprises has this installed establishment got for us local folks in Wagga ?

Wagga Wagga great place for the outcasts of the world - now we have the fat cat outcasts of the world who think they can dump their unwanted on us too. Meanwhile our own people go without.

COUNCILLORS have recommended a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre should be allowed to operate in a residential Wagga street despite fierce opposition from neighbours.
More than 90 protesters, including children holding placards that read “who will keep us safe?”, flooded council chambers on Monday night to hear two hours of debate about the proposed 12-bed Riverina Recovery House at 199 Gurwood Street.
Adjoining neighbour Andrea Francis told councillors the proposed facility had cruelled hopes of selling her house and upgrading to a home with space to raise children.
“The proposal became public mid-way through the auction process and five prospective buyers withdrew interest, citing the recovery house as their sole reason,” Mrs Francis said.
Mrs Francis claimed she did not feel comfortable having a family next to recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.
“Would you feel safe knowing your children or grandchildren were playing next to 12 drug and alcohol addicts with only seven days of detox?”
Another objector, Sally Longmore, asked councillors if the 20 children living within a block of the Gurwood Street site were less worthy of protection than primary school children whose safety was at the heart of community backlash that sunk plans to build the facility in Lake Albert.
Medical anthropologist Amos Hee from the treatment centre intent on establishing a Wagga presence, The Sanctuary Byron Bay, said the facility would not attract “the bogey-man addict people are scared about”.
“These people aren’t caught up in crime, they have careers, savings, pay taxes, contribute to society and have families who love them,” Mr Hee said.
“We have treated the likes of doctors, nurses, two retired school principals, people who’ve retired and started drinking, and older people who’ve developed a dependence on prescription drugs.
“In the last two years we’ve had three people relapse; two went for a schooner of beer at the pub and the other took an unauthorised sleeping tablet.”
Mr Hee argued the treatment cost of $12,000 for 28 days was more than derelict and dangerous addicts could afford.
Councillors will make a binding decision on the fate of the facility at another meeting in two weeks.

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