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Tumut And Adelong Thug Life

Contribution To Tumut And Adelong Times  (16.7.13)

Cr Trina Thomson said the funding disappointment should encourage residents to be in favour of the upcoming referendum on local government, which would allow the federal government to directly fund Gocup Road. "It shows why voting yes is important," she said.

Surely Cr Thomson is aware the Gocup Rd is not the only route from the Hume Hwy into Tumut ?

Cr Thomson might like to take the time to look at a local map of Tumut, to locate the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric power station and an alternate road in and out of Tumut to the Hume Hwy.

Why is Cr Thomson misleading the people of Tumut and using the Gocup rd issue as a red herring in a bid to persuade people to vote yes on the referendum?

Clearly Cr Thomson is in favour of direct funding and localised power, but will it be used for the Gocup Road, considering the two alternate routes (Snowy Mountains Hwy and Adelong) ?

It would be more cost effective to re-locate the six people from the Adelong Progress Society who oppose the lifting of the curfew, (citing sleep depravation), to a more remote and peaceful location, as they are the only people in the Shire in opposition to the curfew being lifted through Adelong.

Australia First Party reject the yes vote in the referendum and support the "vote no". We are starting to see a pattern forming regarding the people who are oh so desperate for the yes vote emerging and it's a very concerning picture of innuendo and deceit.

So much for transparency.

Lorraine Sharp
Australia First Party Candidate Riverina.

On the 16.7.13 our Candidate Lorraine Sharp received a call from an undisclosed number from a man who identified himself as Mr Hayes, Chair of Adelong Progress Association, Vice Chairman of the Adelong branch Bendigo Bank ,Deputy Mayor of Tumut Shire and member of Visy consultant group. Mr James Hayes stated "any votes you may have got in this area, you won't get now". Mr Hayes went on and aggressively attacked the content of the letter, demanding a written apology to be published in the Tumut and Adelong Times and to rescind all comments made in the contribution to the paper on 16.7.13
On the 17.7.13, our Candidate Lorraine Sharp received two more hostile phone calls, one at 8.39am from a Mr Issac ( incoming phone number logged 69462231. Mr Issac stated "you won't receive any votes in this area" and stridently went on the attack. Our Candidate then received the next call at 9.02am from a Ms Patricia Roache (incoming phone number logged 69462603) Ms Roache also had a hostile attitude about the letter. Both these people are also members of the Adelong Progress Society.
On the 18.7.13 Our Candidate received a further hostile call from a Stephanie Smyth at 3.12pm (incoming call phone number logged 69462923). Ms Smyth also a member of the Adelong Progress Society, Ms Smyth was also upset by the article (although not quite as hostile as the previous 3 phone callers). Our Candidate offered Ms Smyth to put her complaint in writing to the Party, but she declined.
Our Candidate was subsequently advised from people in the Adelong area that Mr Hayes and Mr Issac and others from the Adelong Progress Society participate in Elections in the Adelong/Tumut area, as scrutineers/vote counters, which raises serious concerns about the integrity of the vote counting in the Riverina, not just in this election but in any previous elections they may have been involved in.
If we are to believe we are in a democracy, we cannot have a situation where people involved in the vote count are contacting Candidates and telling them they will not be receiving any votes in the area that they are counting the votes in. This type of activity casts a very dark cloud over our democratic process.
The Australian electoral Commission were informed of this situation, but their response was less than convincing, they stand by the "integrity" of their system (of -course).
The Wagga Wagga Police were also informed and suggested keeping a diarised log of events and if this type of bullying continues further action can be taken.
ABC Riverina radio contacted our Candidate who spoke on the 6.30am news programme in relation to the bullying, it was an excellent interview.
Mr Hayes and associated thugs might be used to getting away with this type of intimidation and bullying of local people, but that type of activity will not be tolerated by Australia First Party, nor should this type of stand over tactic be acceptable to any individual or group in our community. In fact this type of activity is a criminal offence.
Australia First Party call for a new meeting regarding the curfew in Adelong, a transparent and impartial meeting, unlike the past meeting where Mr Hayes organised "rent a crowds", of people to vote on the curfew issue, many of whom did not live in the Adelong area.
We have a situation where Heavy Vehicle Drivers lives are at risk under the current conditions, this situation is not acceptable, we also have a situation where the town of Adelong, like many small towns are dying out, shops closing down and businesses and people moving away, the curfew is adding to these problems too, the trucking industry is critical to the economies of these small towns, drivers stop and spend money. We note many towns that have been bypassed by new Highways are now struggling, as truckies no longer stop and spend.
Mr Hayes has further problems as a result of his behaviour and that is the Code Of Conduct for School Teachers in NSW. Mr Hayes being a current teacher at Tumut High School should have been mindful of his bullying behaviour before he acted, this behaviour is a clear breech of the Code Of Conduct.
There is a stench around the Riverina of elected leaders bullying the people they are supposed to represent and it is time this practice was stopped. There are many people doing good works in the community, but there are also many leaders who should not hold the positions they do. It's time we "cleaned house".

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