Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beware Of Katter Party

A Question for Mr Katter of the kat Party.

Mr Katter is it your plan to bring in 300,000 Chinese workers to grow produce that will be sent back to China to feed the Chinese people ?

Is it your plan to suck vast volumes of water out of the Gilbert River in north Queensland?

Is it a fact that former Labor party members and Politian’s are also involved in your grand plan?

Mr Katter what is in it for you and your former Labor party cronies?

How many Australians will be directly involved in your grand plan ?

Mr Katter is Keith Delacey ( Ex Government Minister ) involved in this little project ?

Mr Katter why can’t Australian Farmers grow this produce for export to China ?

Mr Katter will this area be declared an economic zone so the Chinese workers will not be paid on par with Australian workers ?

Mr Katter will the Chinese government own the land that this monster of a farming project will be located on ?

Mr Katter will the complete area be fully sustained in area , Water, Sewerage , Electricity , Drainage and not have to rely on any other of Australian tax payer services ?

Mr Katter who will be looking after the health and welfare of the 300,000 Chinese workers ?

Come on Mr Katter if you know the answers to these questions how about you enlighten the Australian public or are we going to have another situation where OUR country is invade by stealth ?

Peter Schuback

Senate Candidate for the Australia First Party

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