Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Chinese Laundry ?

              Australia First Party

Mr Fung Wing Cheung 17th August 2013 Yu Ming Investments 8/F Allied Kajima Building 138 Gloucester Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong                                                          OPEN LETTER

I write on behalf of members and concerned citizens, in relation to reports of your company’s intent for a gambling casino in this unsullied region of Australia.
It has also been reported that Messrs Michael Trout, and Russell Borbidge, members of the political caste in Australia has been acting to facilitate this outcome, albeit without any sanction of the Australian People.

The concern is that any such undertaking by foreign corporations is essentially economic and demographic imperialism, which undermines Australia’s integrity and independence, and therefore is not in the interests of our Peoples’ Commonwealth.

The associated low grade culturally deficient activity, inherent in casino gambling business, attractive as it may be to Chinese people, is increasingly seen by Australians as of demeaning value to society, participants, and to people needing to work in such establishments, notwithstanding our Australian views of honest labour. The scourge of money laundering, drug trafficking and sleaze from criminal elements hooked into casinos is a further unwanted blight.

In addition, the destruction of the ecological balance and ongoing environmental decline to both land and sea,  that would ensue from this 750 acre conglomeration, not only in construction, but in operation due to never ending, un- absorbable waste creation, can only add decimation to this near pristine area of Australia.

Our Australian Peoples Movement intends for this region to be perpetually retained subject to low human impact, now and for future generations of our peoples use and enjoyment, and the blatant obscenity you propose is totally unacceptable. We consider this a very serious matter indeed.
Your corporation may have been misled by the likes of Messrs Trout and Borbridge,  known promoters of money changers trash values, that foreigners’ imperialist exploitation in our Australian Society is welcome, however be under no illusions as this position emanates from  the like of whom our Australian Peoples Movement will ensure accountability for such treasonous actions.

It may also be that your corporation has been influenced by the current large scale transfer of your fellow country men to Australia, a virtual recolonisation process that has never been sanctioned by the Australian People as it undermines and degrades our European derived civilisation. This is a matter that can now only be addressed by either their voluntary departure, or directed repatriation back to your own country.

I therefore caution your corporation against ignoring this situation in continuing with this proposed imperialism, and bring to your notice that our Australian Peoples Movement, under the full authority of our People, will enforce without redress or compensation, the eradication of such projects, as a necessity for our National self respect and independence.

I urge your corporation to add to the process of mutual respect between the Australian and Chinese People by refraining from such imperialistic activity as has been reported.
To this end I request a public announcement from your corporation rescinding any such intent, which will effectively close this very important matter.
Your immediate attention will be appreciated.
Yours faithfully,

Thomas Mullins National Convenor

Melbourne Branch  P. O. Box 223 Croydon  3136    National Contact Line - 02 8587 0014

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