Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Friendship Gate Or Flood Gate ?

Council Completes Whirlwind Chinese Trip; Narrandera Argus 19.9.11

Members of the Narrandera Shire Council delegation to China were this week catching their breath after a whirlwind round of meetings and tours organised by their Urumqi and Taiyuan hosts.

The delegation, led by Mayor Graham Eipper, comprised Cr Eipper's wife Barbara Batholomew, Deputy Mayor Kevin Morris, Cr Wesley Hall and General Manager Mark Amirtharajah.

Cr Eipper said they were on the go from the time their aircraft landed at Beijing.

"We probably covered more territory than previous delegations," he said.

"It was pretty hectic. As soon as we got off the plane the first night we were whisked away for sit-down talks and a barbecue with members of Geoping City Council, a rural city near Beijing who were keen to explore agricultural"opportunities."

Cr Eipper said the Chinese were excellent hosts, providing accommodation in luxury hotels, some seven star, and laying on some very large lunches and dinners which was a little daunting for the Narrandera party.

Urumqi Offers Chinese friendship Gate; Narrandera Argus 23.7.13

The Council empowered General Manager Ray Pluis to determine the details of accepting the offer with the Urumqi Municipal Government.

The concept of a Chinese gate has been discussed for some time, with the idea being raised by the last two Council delegations to China.


The Council may be required to contribute funds towards accommodation.

Materials for the gate will be shipped from China and assembled on site in Narrandera, in a process that the Urumqi Government will subsidise.

The Executive Services Department said that further costs should be anticipated, but it was difficult to determine the final figure at this stage.Mr McConnell said the gate was similar in appearance to the gates in the Chinatown districts of Sydney and Melbourne.

Chinese Strengthen Ties; Narrandera Argus 20.11.12

The Australian Chinese Cultural Exhibition Hall committee - which features members from Beijing and Narrandera - signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Investment Forum Organisation.

"It basically means they've agreed to work together on international cultural exchange, as well as working on economic ties and establishing a cultural connection," Mr Brown explained.
In addition to Councillors and delegates, the Chinese traditional clothing exhibition opening on Tuesday welcomed Mr Clark of BioAg and two Regional Development Australia Riverina representatives.
"Council invited Regional Development Australia Riverina as it's important that they are aware of these economic opportunities," Mr Brown said.
"They are also able to provide strong support to the Council for possible future negotiations.
"They think on a much broader scale the whole Riverina rather than just Narrandera Shire.
"Movement in these industries can translate across the entire area."

Regional Development Australia - Riverina is looking at things on a much broader scale "The ENTIRE Riverina". Interestingly Regional Development Australia provides a 457 visa assistance, a section within their range of "community projects".





The Sister City Programme began in 1956 with little or no explicit reference to international trade and economic co-operation. Cities in China are now taking an active role in the Sister City Programme, due largely to the expectation of Chinas formal entry into the World Trade Organisation in December 2001.


In the Australian context, this will require increased "co-operation among the various participants in all forms of trading and investment activities between Australia and China.


Interesting to note the Narrandera Council General Manager has described this "Friendship Gate" gift as not only a symbol but in fact part of our heritage ? Mr Pluis proudly announced on Prime 7 News (13.8.13) "We still have Chinese families living in Narrandera today who have ancestory from the Gold rush days" ?? Yes we do have Chinese people whose families arrived in the Gold rush days and stayed on and these people have been good citizens, but that's not how it started out and we are talking about very small numbers of people in comparison to the MILLIONS set to come out of  Communist China today and these will not be "good citizens" (refer link below). If Mr Pluis wants to give us a history lesson he should tell the whole story including the Lambing Flat riots, at which time the Chinese who were in Australia were protected by Australia's then British rule, due to deals done between the British and the Chinese Emperor on the back of the Opium Wars. After many conflicts, those of the Chinese that stayed eventually settled down and were a part of the community. This is not the same "culture" we see today. Today we are speaking of a Chinese Communist Regime an entirely different situation to this wonderful history Mr Pluis speaks off. A Chinese Communist imperialist regime that seeks to re-colonise Australia. This so-called friendship gate is cynical Chinese symbolism which to them expresses "AN OPEN DOOR" to yet further exploits of "Conquest" in the Region. When those other "Conquests" are achieved, that Gate will stand as a sign of Chinese contempt and mockery of Narrandera and its citizens for "foolishly letting them in the door".
We draw parallels to the operations at Wagga Wagga City Council and the so-called Chinese Trade Centre. Again under a shroud of secrecy deals have been done and details have been kept secret from the public. Questions have been raised, but no answers provided. General Managers have been mandated unilateral powers to make decisions on behalf of ratepayers, all this power yet they were never elected by the people. No end of trips to China, all the while urgent local issues go wanting. Australia First warns the people of Narrandera to think very carefully about what is really being proposed here. Yes there is money to be made, but by whom ? It won't be by the people of Narrandera.



Nice of the Council to quietly organise and agree to accept this MONSTROSITY, and ONLY THEN decide to "CONSULT THE COMMUNITY" ......BUT.......ONLY ABOUT 'WHERE TO PUT IT' !!!!".

Perhaps the people of Narrandera would benefit from researching what the Chinese Communist regime already own in Australia and what their future intentions are around Australia to put this seemingly benign "Friendship Gate" into perspective. You could be in for quite a shock.

Mr Pluis should resign forthwith and this so-called Friendship Gate sent back from whence it came !! The people of Narrandera deserve representation by a Council that serves their local interests and not the interests of the Chinese Communist Superpower !

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