Tuesday, January 31, 2017

From The China-Gate Series


In all Maguire's years as Liberal State MP for Wagga, he's done nothing to combat the SOCIAL-TERRORISM of THE DRUG SCOURGE in the Wagga Community.   But now we are expected to believe that his farcical elevation to "PARLIAMENTARY-SECRETARY TO THE MINISTER FOR COUNTER-TERRORISM,  CORRECTIONS AND VETERANS' AFFAIRS", will wreak profound results against a,  so far,  relatively minor and infrequent "threat" which has hitherto been capably managed by Federal Police,  State Police,  and National Security Agencies.  At the very least, it is grossly insulting to suggest that this DO-NOTHING  UPSTART,  UN-QUALIFIED,  IN-EXPERIENCED, Political Babbler is going to now "........SHOW THOSE EXPERT AGENCIES HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS !!!"    Such Effrontery ;    such  GALL !!    However,  it is,  after all,  THE YEAR OF THE 'ROOSTER' .
Maguire will be  ".....involved in the strategic policy direction for Counter-Terrorism in New South Wales".    Well, we've all seen that ANY of his "Policy Direction" relevant to his own Electorate, has achieved NOTHING.   With  NIL "Strategic Policy Direction"  skills to his abysmal record,  FROM WHENCE COMETH .....SUDDENLY, such Skills and Knowledge of "Terrorism" and "Counter-Terrorism"  ??    We note too, FOLLOWING HIS 'TRADEMARK' FORM,  that he's already 'PASSING THE BUCK' to the Foreign Minister,  to rescue Wagga man,  Timothy Weeks, from the Taliban.   No-one dare argue that Maguire is less than "formidable" when repeatedly 're-establishing' his Historic 'Reputation' as the region's Champion Buck-Passer .
Maguire says,  "The Federal Government can't do it all, they need co-operation and support from the States".   Oh, really, Sir ?!    So Canberra will be lavishing extra funds,  for Counter-Terrorism,  upon the States for their VASTLY SUPERIOR EXPERTISE ??    Will Federal Government be next receiving,  gratuitously, the States'  "......co-operation and support" in managing the Army,  Navy and Air Force ??

Maguire and David Elliot,  Minister for Corrections,  for Veterans' Affairs,  and for Counter-Terrorism  (MINISTER FOR 'EVERYTHING'  ??),   "......already work hand-in-glove on Corrections and Veterans' Affairs".   Do tell  !!!    What 'relative connection' does NSW Government perceive to exist between/among Corrections,  Veterans' Affairs,  and Counter-Terrorism ??   Has NSW Government taken a leaf out of the Repressive Handbook of America's Obama Administration ??    Obama wanted to jail  (or worse !!),  as 'Terrorists', the US Veterans,  along with Patriots,  Constitutionalists,  Christians,  Militia Groups which are called-for under the US Constitution, Gun Rights Activists & Gun Owners,  Free Speech Activists,  Anti-Abortion Activists, Anti-Establishment Activists,  The 'Alternative Media', and where-ever possible, White Folk generally.    So,  this is where NSW and Australia is headed,  right  ??    Just thought we had better check.    So, Folks,  stand by for an Obama-style Dictatorship in NSW/Australia,  wheeled in by a French-Revolution-style "COMMITTEE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY" courtesy of Robespierre-Maguire under a 1984  "MINISTRY OF DESPOTIC 'LIBERTY' " !!!


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