Friday, May 5, 2017


Do we assume Justice is a Sham and We the people are just here to be
plundered and pushed around?

Is it a case of Laws and Rules are obeyed or not obeyed, abused, or misused,
howsoever it suits the powers that be?

We have a situation in the Riverina where Law Enforcement has no resources to
investigate multi-million dollar fraud. It is an indictment on the State of
New South Wales that Law Enforcement has scant resources to facilitate the
law on behalf of the community - as it should be. That's what people are told
they pay tax for.

Further to this scenario is the fact local MP, Mr Daryl Maguire, has managed
to find funds for a Graffiti sting operation as a crime priority, with a
particular focus on people who paint penises on fences (as reported in the
Daily Advertiser),  In stark contrast, we have zero resources available for
local people who have been defrauded out of millions of dollars in assets.

This very situation was confirmed today. Other persons in similar
circumstances have been driven to an early grave or suicide. Is this a
situation of political protection for criminals against the  people?

In contrast to a cordial correspondence last week in relation towards the
application of  the Law, today we are informed it's all changed,. Will there
ever be an investigation concerning a multi- million dollar asset stripping
racket involving out of town pan handlers and local identities? "How dare
Citizens ring up and report crime", was the tone.

Rather a Graffiti sting operation about pretty penises painted on walls -
will be the priority.

How many local people are on board with the Good Ol Boys programme ?

Persons of elevated status in the community who publicly harass and
intimidate other persons with the most threatening of demeanours have their
sins overlooked of course, but if one raises one’s voice to protest a matter
at a local venue one is placed on numerous police charges which they have to
contend with for more than 18 months - until finally the matter is dismissed,
negating the whole issue anyway.

MP Daryl Maquire announced publicly he was providing a blank cheque to local
police to move the Aboriginal people and other poor people out of Tolland.
This matter is an area of Tenancy Law.

Recently, we had a situation where we had enough resources to prosecute a
homeless person arrested by an over zealous off duty police officer for
possession of a minute amount of cannabis and heaven forbid, a stolen,
pirated, Michael Buble CD recording. Maybe the sell off of NSW public assets
can fund some local crime fighting?

Where are the priorities ?

Our police are used by government to go after quick and easy revenue raising
crimes and the poor and the working class ordinary folks are easy targets.

It’s falling into place now: if you are amongst the ordinary class of folks,
there are more than ample police resources to persecute and harass you and
all you fine people at that end of the social spectrum including humble truck
drivers and the working class generally, can receive the injustice.

But when it comes time to find resources to deal with rabid fraudster loan
sharks dealing "improperly" with legal matters as a convenience for asset
stripping farmers and others millions of dollars, it appears police have no
interest or resources to chase these white collar criminals?

The case to which we refer involves multiple millions of dollars and one
struggles to understand why police belligerently refuse to take an interest;
but if it was a bank robbery involving multiple millions would police equally
deny their responsibility to react to armed theft? Perhaps the thieves are
only of interest to the police when they are armed with firearms and weapons,
but when they are armed with pens and computers to commit robbery and
fraudulently abuse Law, that does not require the police?

So, the law is as it is defined by any representative of the law. Is
something legal or illegal? Does the law depend on the attitude of the
individual police officer on authority at any given moment? Is real crime of
no interest to the police? Do otherwise targeted persons have to fight for
their own justice?

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