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Have our "News Releases" attracted such gripping interest from the "Good Ol Boys" of Wagga, that their enthralled anticipation of what's next to come, impels them to drive up and loiter at the front of my humble home (in  excited hope), drive off, but return again,  and again, and again and yet again ??    Indeed, in a car with Number Plates which belong to another car,  no less ??!!   Gentlemen, please !!!   We understand what an undignified embarrassment for you that it would be should your own 'Privilege-Class' vehicles be seen here in the realm of the "CATTLE CLASS" ;      but, really,  don't you think that  might be a rather 'extreme precaution'  to only avoid being "noticed" ??

And then there are 'others' who have taken to 'tail-gating' my daughter around the suburbs.   Perhaps they are just mis-guided 'admirers' too shy to ask for an autograph from the daughter of such an interesting person as myself.

Could it be that "The Good Ol Boys" are just 'discreetly' looking out for our personal safety and security ??   Nah  !!   They're too busy just being "important" !!

Of course,  there is always the drab possibility that we are witnessing nothing more than the hum-drum of some un-exciting, criminal stalking and surveillance.  So, no Fan Club, after all?


Wagga's trusting good citizens may be somewhat shocked to learn of the grasping 'extra-curricular' proclivities of certain senior figures in and associated with Wagga's "Fit For The Future Council".   We sincerely hope that they will take more serious steps to 'alleviate' the pain of these discoveries, than a session of un-therapeutic "Counselling".

Q. 1.
The General Manager, Mr Eldridge.   A significant component of his SECRET and outrageous "Remuneration Package", is that Council (i.e., the Rate-Payers/Wagga Residents) provide him with THREE CARS,  because, allegedly, Mr Eldridge has been, according to him, "victim"(?) of on-going "threats" to his personal and exalted  safety.   We ask:-

(a).  Mr Eldridge, being such a renowned "Standard-Bearer of Integrity and Propriety" in his  vocations prior to and since joining Wagga Council,  what dastardly intrigues have pursued him to laid-back and friendly Wagga ??    Surely he has not been previously engaged in certain "less than scrupulous" activities  -  indeed, activities which might cast a 'negative blot' upon his otherwise  "Sterling" character  and disqualify him from occupying his present position in Wagga Council ??

(b)   By what mysterious standards does Wagga Council "JUSTIFY" such SECRETIVE,  BREATH-TAKING  BENEFITS to Mr Eldridge   -   for ANY reason ??

(c)   Who decided that Wagga's Rate-Payers/Citizens may be SECRETLY  raped to pay for "protection" for the  'Eminent'  Mr Eldridge,  in respect of some suspect matter which he may have brought upon himself BEFORE he joined  Wagga Council ??     If  he has a "less than reputable" past that is now catching up with him,  it most certainly is not the obligation of Wagga Citizens to subsidise the costs of his "Personal Security" !!    Indeed,  it is the DUTY of Council to consider most seriously, their responsibility, to the Public, to engage persons of only the most impeccable standards to his position.  Given Mr Eldridge's recent Public performance, in light of the apparently suspicious background circumstances of his past,  Public confidence is most unlikely to be 'sustainable'.   And there is more to come  -  whether or not he remains there to 'face the music'.

(d).   Why does Mr Eldridge's Employment 'Package' include unlimited Free Travel, to ANYWHERE, whether or not legitimate Council Business is involved,  and when Council Business is NOT involved, does he continue to receive his full salary during his period of absence ??    Following his recent lavish Booze-up in Germany, all at Rate-Payers' expense,   nothing would surprise us,  but the truth will obviously shock Rate-Payers;     otherwise, why all the SECRECY surrounding the Package deal agreed by Council ??   Other Business Interests of Mr Eldridge raise serious concerns about 'Conflict of interest' which we will address in detail at a later time.    

Council-controlled Parking at Wagga Airport.    "Someone"(?) in Council  Proposed and Authorised the INCREASE in Council's Parking Fees to a DELIBERATELY PROHIBITIVE and UNCOMPETITIVE  sum of $12.00 .    WHO ??    Also,

(a).   In doing so,  IT WAS KNOWN that the opposition Parking provider at the Airport, was 'Valet Parking', owned by the son of our Local State Liberal M.P., Darrell Maguire,  WHO  was charging ONLY $7-50 .    WHY HAS COUNCIL  SQUANDERED  COUNCIL'S  OBLIGATIONS AND  OPPORTUNITIES OF REVENUE BY PREMEDITATED DESIGN TO DRIVE THE BUSINESS TO MR MAGUIRE'S ENTERPRISE AND THUS INCREASE HIS PROFITABILITY WHILST SIMULTANEOUSLY UNDERMINING COUNCIL'S REVENUE PROSPECTS ??    Not a bit of back-scratching among "The Good Ol Boys" ??     THIS IS ANOTHER FORM OF "PRICE-FIXING" AND CORRUPTION.

Behaviour by Wagga Council,  such as above-described (and we have more to follow), seriously erodes the Public Funds entrusted to Council.   As commonly realised, Council never has any qualms in raising Rates when it can get away with it.    And as we will show,  there are occasions when Council corruptly and incompetently "erode" the funds (and shroud it in "cover-up" secrecy) sufficiently to seriously diminish the works and services for which the Public has already paid,  meaning that the Public will be made to pay for such works and services a second time and,  of course, WAIT !!!

Abuse of authority within a government or Public body,  particularly via Financial "FAVOURS", and IN SECRET,  does not sit well with the Public, especially when such abuses have been at direct Public expense.    In this respect, Wagga Council has a dismal history which goes back a significant number of years.   Nor has this Council earned itself any "merits" from  instances of malice against certain Council Members or former Members, over the years, which matters we will be publicly reporting in some detail in the near future.     Macquarie Street moves in recent times, to emasculate the very Authorities created to properly and justly deal with corruption, may not, in the end, be sufficient protection against the "heat" which is about to be turned on the long history of misdeeds within Wagga Council.

The General Manager, Mr Eldridge.    His propensity for shameless VIOLENCE in Public places.   We refer to recent media reports of Mr Eldridge's screaming, abusive Stand-over behaviour at Wagga Airport.    When other 'lesser'(?) folk, in Local Courts every week get 'the book thrown at them' for 'offences' of much less import,  how is it that, in Mr Eldridge's case, a Police Officer is assigned to investigate his churlish, offensive and intimidating  behaviour at the Airport, and then summarily ordered to abandon the matter ??    Are there special 'laws' for over-paid, privileged Bully-boys in elevated positions of  "Service"  to the Public ??   And,

(a).   By what "privileged authority" does Mayor Conkey presume  to 'set aside' appropriate Police involvement (as would apply if other citizens had committed the same offence), and palm off the Public with nonsense platitudes and an insincere 'apology' by Eldridge to THE PUBLIC  -  but NOT TO THE VICTIM ??    Is Mayor Conkey setting a new  'Legal precedent'  -  will he, from now on, be relieving the Police and Courts of their work relating to all local criminal behaviour ??     NOT GOOD ENOUGH,  Mr Mayor !!!   But thank-you ever so much for revealing yet again the renowned proclivities of Wagga Council to SHAMELESSLY EXTEND FAVOUR TO AND TO COVER-UP FOR THE IMPROPRIETIES OF COUNCIL AND OR ITS 'PRIVILEGED' ONES .   You obviously can't help yourself to do other than follow the long established "PATTERN" of what has always more commonly been done IN SECRET  !!   

Why was Mr Crakanthorp sent home on full pay, for about a year, and without explanation ??   In this issue, a considerable amount of money AND a considerable amount of un-done work must be accounted for .

When will the Public be informed about the mystery surrounding Council's Planning Department ??

The abortive Douglas Aerospace adventure.   When will the outstanding $2.1 million be reimbursed to Council by those responsible for this needless loss ??

In respect of Mayor Conkey's improper and inappropriate interference in and mishandling of the Eldridge Airport Violence matter, we are not satisfied that this matter has received the  "All are equal before the Law"  attention,  and especially in respect of those holding prominent positions in service to the Public.  The long history of secrecy, waste, and 'improprieties' (to put it mildly),  of unexplained senior staff dismissals and resignations, together with matters presently  being addressed to Council (with  much more to come), and Council's arrogant belief that they can continue ignoring such matters of increasing Public concern,  will not go on forever.   The "status quo" will eventually meet its Waterloo .     If Mayor Conkey could just cease and desist from endlessly massaging his ego and strutting like Wagga's Chief Barnyard Rooster, he might just begin to understand the real crisis circumstances which he continues to nurture and incubate, and have the common sense to begin resolving the problems.   We expressed our concerns with the DPP  who recommends that the matter be referred to Council or the Local State MP, Darrell Maguire.   Amusing, huh ??   Considering only the contents of this article, obviously Council will not respond appropriately.    And concerning Mr Maguire,  we have other very serious matters to raise which will "interest"  him.  However, in "the fullness of time" we will have rather more expansive and exciting material published,  after which we suggest, certain parties may wish they'd "done the right thing".

Meanwhile,  supposedly,  the "surveillance"  and "stalking" as mentioned above, will probably continue and may even morph into something more exciting.   If they weren't so shy, we'd offer them a cup of tea.    Being in "CATTLE-CLASS" territory, they wouldn't want to expect anything fresher than last weeks tea-bags,  of course !!

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