Sunday, January 8, 2017



The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions,
I formally request the DPP investigate the matter of Mr Alan Eldridge. This request is based on the DPP provision to provide "the people" of NSW with an independent, just and efficient prosecution service.

Wagga Police did not investigate or charge Mr Eldridge for his violence at Wagga Airport on Tuesday 15.11.16 at 6am. Mr Eldridge admitted guilt by way of an insincere apology via print and T.V media on 18.11.16. Rather than the customary and lawful procedure of investigation of criminal matters ie; Police investigation, Mayor Conkey appointed himself as lead investigator, Judge and Jury in the Eldridge fiasco. Over ruling local Police. The Victim Mr Julian McLaren contacted Wagga Police for action.
This situation poses very serious questions and casts alarming aspersions as so far as "the natural course of justice" goes.
1. The DPP are bound by the Victims Charter and therefore bound to investigate.
2. Justice needs to be done or seen to be done.
3. What message does Mr Eldridge's immunity from prosecution send to the rest of the Community ?
4. I was prosecuted, now an Appellant and the Crown version of the case is known to You. I dispute the entire case and maintain my innocence, yet I have been subject to being lectured, dressed down, abused and fined in a grossly unfair manner (as court transcripts will show).
So Mr Eldridge avoids all of this (?) tarnishing beyond repair the integrity of the Court and indeed the entire legal system in NSW. In fact it appears there are two different laws (by the way the Eldridge Affair was handled) one for "we the people" and one for the privileged class.
Clearly I am requesting a fair and proper investigation with the intention of all being equal before law.
Criminal rulings can be seen to be biased and farcical when people such as Mr Eldridge admit guilt to violence and intimidation (at an Airport) and escape unpunished.
Can any criminal record coming out of our court system have any integrity or validity when only certain people are subject to prosecution ?
I request this anomaly be explained to me I would like to understand this anomaly.
The DPP must act to restore any integrity left at all locally in Wagga with this farce going on.
People who are convicted (guilty or innocent) can not get jobs due to criminal record. How can any working with children's check have any integrity when violence is covered up for some and not others ?
This is a very serious situation, which I trust will be investigated without delay.
Yours Sincerly

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