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Foreign Funding For Local Traitors

It has become clear to many residents that certain local traitors around town, seek to maintain some sort of legitimacy coupled with the real fear of exposure, have attracted further attention and  further questions.

1. Is it true 'donations' are on the table for certain identities and or their political ambitions courtesy of their ever benevolent friends at Wuai and have any monies changed hands ?
2. Is it also true that Mr Maquire is set to retire (due to falling popularity on many fronts) before the next State election ?
3. Who in the local Liberal 'clique' will replace Mr Maquire ? Perhaps Mr McLaren ?
4. Can the link between the players in the Fitzgibbon Affair and the traitors involved in the trade centre be denied ?
We are bemused by the claims of Maquire, Kendall and McCormack about how 'good' for Wagga this Chinese Trade Centre is going to be, so much so that we are slipping into a fantasy land full time.
How can we know this Trade Centre is going to be wonderful, how could anyone know if we can't know any of the details pending the Development Application ?
How can we conclusively say jobs for locals and spruik of other grand benefits, if we can't know ? How do we quantify something we don't know ? 
Awaiting the Development Application is just another con, a convenient rouse to avoid public questions, discussions and forums. Amongst the speculation and suspicion, all of which has come to the attention of those who remember past projects and policies and were also told how grand it was all going to be, but it was all a lie, that was then and this is now, nothing has changed.
With all these rampant rumours and innuendo, the local traitors should consider these things before their reputations are completely sullied ! As matters stand the people of the Riverina have no option but to conclude this proposed Chinese Trade Centre is a total farce and far more sinister than past failed policies and projects.
Australia First Riverina are now receiving many enquiries of concern regarding the proposed Chinese Trade Centre from local residents. A common theme in these enquiries is the issue of the un-answered questions Australia First has put forward to those who are busy behind the scenes laying down the welcome mat for the Chinese State. The growing alarm and disquiet of locals needs to be addressed, surely Mr Maquire, McCormack, Kendall and others can reassure the public by honestly answering the questions raised by Australia First ?

A recent contribution below from a concerned resident:

In writing this brief article,  I deal with and express realities and raise realistic questions,  and I relegate to the cess-pit,  the moronic idiocy of "Political Correctness",  Multiculturism,  the "We are ALL Immigrants" crap,  "INTEGRITY" of Politicians,  and the Political Lies about our "alleged" NEED FOR FOREIGN INVESTMENT.

We are told that this project will greatly benefit Wagga,  local people and business,  and on-going Trade Interests of large Australian businesses.   Already there are more than clear economic, business and social indicators which contradict such grand claims.

It is not part of the Chinese culture to make expensive, generous and "magnanimous" gestures -  WITHOUT A PRICE.   Even present-day history of their behaviour in African countries (showered with Chinese "BENIFICENCE") readily demonstrates this.

Those who have dealt with the Chinese, sooner or later learn that a "Happy" deal for them (the Chinese) is one whereby they very much get the better of the other party,  and the other party eventually will realise that they have very much got the rough end of the stick.

Additionally,  in dealing with a COMMUNIST Government,  the years of the so-called "Cold War" should have well and truly taught us that ANY "Agreement" made with Communists is ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY SUBJECT TO FURTHER DEMANDS FROM THEM.   It never stops.

Practical-minded persons whose life-experiences have directly revealed the fore-going to themselves,  will now appreciate that, even without other information,  there is something decidedly suspicious about this Chinese Trade Centre.   However,  there IS other information - and more to come !!

Whilst passing and scattered media reports have, in recent times, revealed SOME of  the "Acquisitions" by Chinese in Australia,  the Australian population at present has only a vague appreciation of the immense inroads permitted to the Chinese in their Australian "INVESTMENTS" (or should that be "INVASION" ???) Programme !!

In fact,  the actual collective financial and geographic "Acquisitions" have already surpassed the status of ALARMING,  and current energetic scurrying by our politicians to hand massive further Australian Territory over to the Chinese,  is almost mind-numbing.

I draw to readers' attention the fact that it has become "customary" for our illustrious and "Patriotic"(?) Leaders, to always find "good reason" to FAVOUR FOREIGN INTERESTS And MINERS' INTERESTS OVER THE INTERESTS OF AUSTRALIANS -  ie, the humble Aussie folk who ELECT these "Patriotic" Leaders !!    It would now seem that Foreigners and Miners (Foreign/Transnational/Australian) have more rights and considerations than Aussie Voters - Aussie TAXPAYERS & RATEPAYERS.    Funny how that works, huh ???!!!    A bit like the Alien Immigrants and alleged "Refugees" who get more consideration than Aussies, and more Government money lavished on them (NON-TAXPAYERS) than Aussie Battlers !!!

The PRIVILEGED Chinese are going to create an elaborate pretext of a "Trade Centre" which in fact will serve various other NON-AUSTRALIAN purposes which they and our "Patriotic" Leaders dare not admit to the Public.   Indeed,  they do not even attempt to elaborately detail their farcical  "Trade Centre" operational plans and to equally foreshadow the economic and social flow-on effect all of which is supposed to Oh so generously benefit Australia !!!     The SHAM continues, but there is VERY BUSY ACTIVITY BEHIND THE SCREEN OF BULLSHIT which has been thrown at the Australian Public.

It is a matter of common and concerned conversation among the Public,  that the Chinese have a very "strong interest" in prospective nearby Mining ventures.  It only remains for Governments and Banks to do what they've done so well all across  Australia over many years -  Squeeze the Farmers off their land.   One would think that the renowned Bob Katter, the "FARMERS' FRIEND", would be down there bellowing his head off.  But no !!    DEAD SILENCE FROM KATTER.   Ah, well,  we can't expect too much of Bob since he accepted at least $150,000 for Party Funds from James Packer the great promoter of Chinese "Investment" in Australia !!!

So,  what of this pretentious Chinese "Trade Centre" ???

Given its near location to Canberra,  to its "Taj Mahal" Embassy AND its LACKEYS in the "Australian"(?) Government,  AND its nearness to the prospectively massive Mining Wealth, AND its nearness to Australia's RAAF Training Base and our Army's Training Base at Kapooka,  less and less "Generosity and Innocence" attaches to this "Magnanimous" gesture of a BENEFICIAL Commercial "Trade Centre" which will take 4,200 Chinese families to operate it !!    No break-down of the numbers of SPIES, SUBVERSIVES, MILITARY PERSONNEL,  and RACKETEERS among the 4,200 families has been offerred either.

But what an ideal location and set-up for a "Chinese COMMAND CENTRE" for its ON-GOING SPYING AND EXPANSIONIST SCHEMES IN AUSTRALIA. -  even possibly MONEY-LAUNDERING - whilst distracting the dopey Aussies with the glitzy farce of a "Trade Centre" !!!

Since Aussies have a history of being so easily deceived,  conned and fooled by their own "Mainstream" Politicians (they keep Electing them !!),  then the Chinese should very easily get away with their  Subterfuge and Deception.

Our treacherous politicians and others in league with them,  and indeed the Chinese have little to fear from an awakening Aussie population.

When the Chinese own everything that matters,  when they out-number us in most places,  when we have Chinese Communist Laws and Courts,  when we have Chinese Communist Police on the streets,  when there is a heavy presence of Chinese Military on the streets,  when there are sophisticated Chinese Military Bases spread across Australia,  when they actually become the Political Masters of this country, and when every single Right and Freedom we've had is gone,  THEN the Dopey Aussie will wonder "what happenned" ???!!!!    "We thought it was just a simple "Trade Centre" that they wanted and a few farms and mines !!   Duh,  they didn't tell us about all of this on the telly !!"
Ethel Heftklammern

Wagga Wagga

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