Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clive Palmer United Party Riverina Candidate

Clive Palmer’s Riverina Candidate Rotten To the Core:
Australia First Denounces Lex Stewart

The Clive Palmer show, the one-time-wonder ‘Palmer United Party’ has nominated a candidate for Riverina.

Whilst it may be the case that this time next year the Palmer United Party will be forgotten after the billionaire mining oligarch makes his peace with the Liberal-National parties, this year it’s a brand name that people will vote for in the vain hope of getting a ‘change’.

But Palmer shows his colours by parachuting into Riverina a candidate called Lex Stewart. Is Palmer trying to break the people’s opposition to the Chinese Trade Centre in Wagga Wagga? Is he hoping to take away protest votes generally and weaken Australia First’s considerable public outreach on this and other issues of Riverina survival? Does Palmer also seek to weaken the efforts of the Democratic Labor Party which has also criticised the Centre’s development? After all, according to billionaire Palmer those who criticise the pattern of trade with China are “racists”. Might those who oppose Chinese machinations in Australia rob him of a good profit?

If Clive Palmer has this agenda, then Lex Stewart is his true agent.

All election campaigns are an amalgam of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ elements. A positive programme may be put forward and negative criticism made of those who would assail it.

So we turn to Lex Stewart.

Stewart has been a decided wrecker of groups he may join, or groups he may otherwise target.

His history began when he was a 1980’s candidate in Sydney before he passed over to the ridiculous Citizens Electoral Council (CEC). He promoted their disruptive politics against other pro Australian for a period – and then moved on.

But his great moment was One Nation for whom he worked for a number of years from 1997 til 2001.

In 2003, Stewart attended the free speech Sydney Forum, asked for and received open forum time. Hanson had just been jailed as the product of the conspiracy of Tony Abbott and his Australians For Honest Politics spy and disruption group. Stewart announced that it was all fine because Hanson was really guilty and he should know. Stewart explained that he, Hanson, David Etteridge and David Oldfield had together set up the propriety limited company that was a the centre of One Nation and the bogus membership structure which lay at the core of the false court case. Stewart then explained that he was the fourth man in the whole affair and that no action should be mounted regarding Abbott’s operation. It was a barefaced act of psycho-politics meant to bemuse and confuse.

It got better. A rumour indicated that right at very moment the Sydney Forum was convening, Stewart had issues with another patriotic party known as The Great Australians, established by John Cummings, owner of McCafferty’s Coaches. Mr. Cummings subsequently revealed that Stewart had joined and become his chief business manager. Stewart organized the Great Australians with a propriety limited company as its core and hived the company away from the party proper, wrecking it. Cummings considered Stewart mentally disturbed and said it cost him a lot of money to rid himself of this man and his works. The Great Australians never really recovered. Same methods?

A couple of years later, Stewart appeared again, this time as an organizer for the Liberal Party in north western Sydney. Had he returned home? Indeed, Stewart was not the only man formerly active in One Nation to have been taken on by the Liberals. A group of One Nation officials all active in the northern beaches and Manly area of Sydney transferred to the Liberals. Allegations of substance have pointed to each as a trouble maker in the One Nation party – and to one as an agent of the former (corrupt) New South Wales Police Special Branch. Meantime in western Sydney, a certain husband and wife team joined the Liberals, after poisoning the Parramatta branch of One Nation and even trying to sponsor a neo-nazi Special Branch informer into that party. Stewart knew all the persons referred to. Is it just a coincidence that these persons acted as they did – and later joined the Liberals?

So what is Stewart’s game now with Palmer? Essentially, we identify Mr. Stewart as an ‘operator’ and that anything he may say in this campaign as a falsity.

Palmer’s own policy on refugees will now be ‘promoted’ by Stewart. It is a major brain pickler and this bloke would be the ideal sociopath to promote it.

''We believe in a similar policy [to] that they have in the United States and other countries, where people can board a plane, whether or not they have a visa, and then they're shuttled to the airports where there are people in facilities waiting to meet them. They are then interviewed, they are given a hearing and if they are found to not be legitimate refugees, they are put on the next plane back. You won't need detention centres … We don't believe in separating families and mothers and children and putting them in jail, when they have done nothing.''

Under this lunatic policy, Australia would need a dozen new airports, new courts, holding pens (sic) and a security apparatus that would rival Stalin’s. The world has some forty million refugees eligible to jump a jet. Is that Palmer harbours the dream of a mass labour force at slave rates?

It has long been a position of some Australian nationalists that the privatised spy-wrecker agency Australians For Honest Politics – and perhaps one or two similar shady groups – have collected individuals to run against organisations they disapprove of. Australian patriotic politics has been targetted by these Manchurian Candidates and psycho-pathological individuals.

We will make it rough running for this Lex Luthor in Riverina.

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