Monday, May 27, 2013

Running Dogs

More Questions Surrounding The Chinese Trade Centre Proposed For Wagga Wagga !

Australia First Party continue to raise questions and concerns about the proposed Chinese State Trade Centre, but we are yet to receive any answers from the 'gang of four' running dogs of the Chinese State pushing the agenda, (O'Farrell, Maquire, Kendall and McCormack).

In light of the Four Corners 'hacked' investigations, we must raise further questions and now demand answers on behalf of the people of the Riverina.

In addition to our original yet unanswered questions ( refer to below link ). We have some further questions for the gang of four.

1. Are the above mentioned gang of four able to guarantee the people of the Riverina that the proposed Chinese Trade Centre poses no threat to the local Military Bases that it just so happens the trade centre will be situated right in the middle of ?

2. As the 'hacking' is not restricted to Military but also includes businesses and trade, are the gang of four able to guarantee the security of any potential businesses attached to the trade centre and beyond ?

3.Information we have received from our sources, suggests a prominent local identity has been unable to avoid being 'captured' on film by Chinese covert photographers at a location in East Sydney in a less than glamorous situation, which indicates real concerns about a more sophisticated style of espionage being well beyond the capabilities of the local gaggle of traitors (Maquire, Kendall, McCormack) and therefore places the Riverina in real jeopardy. Do the gang of four concede espionage is a problem ?

4. Can Maquire, Kendall or McCormack confirm or deny the recent delegation to Wagga by the Wuai Group in February, included a person who came under notice in the Fitzgibbon Affair ?


Hacking: Chinese Spies Steal ASIO Blueprints

Miles Godfrey
AAP 27.5.13


ASIO's new headquarters is planned for the shores of Lake Burley-Griffin Source: News Limited



THE government has been warned budget cuts to our intelligence agencies put the nation's counter-terrorism capability at risk.
SECRET and highly sensitive blueprints outlining the layout of Australia's top spy agency's new headquarters have been stolen by Chinese hackers, the ABC says.
The documents contained details of the ASIO building's floor plans, communication cabling layouts, server locations and security systems, potentially putting the entire organisation at risk, Monday night's Four Corners program alleges.
It is unclear precisely when the alleged theft took place, or if there have been diplomatic ramifications from the embarrassing breach.
But it comes amid deepening concern about widespread, aggressive state-sponsored hacking by China, with further allegations that its cyber spies have recently obtained sensitive Australian military secrets and foreign affairs documents.
Companies including BlueScope Steel and Adelaide-based Codan, which makes radios for military and intelligence agencies, are also said have been targeted by the Chinese, according to the ABC.
The allegation comes just weeks after Canberra softened its stance towards China, claiming in May's Defence White Paper that it no longer saw the rising superpower as a threat.
Aside from the diplomatic implications, the alleged ASIO theft may help explain why its new headquarters, overlooking Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin, is millions over budget and still not operational.
ASIO said in its October annual report that the building would cost taxpayers about $630 million - $41 million more than expected.
It was due to open in April, but staff are yet to move in.
The ABC did not cite the source of its claims, but said the blueprints had been taken from a contractor involved with the project.
"It reeked of an espionage operation. Someone had mounted a cyber hit on a contractor involved in the site," Four Corners reported.
"The plans were traced to a server in China."
Professor Des Ball, from the Australian National University's Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, suggested the theft meant China could bug the building.
"At this stage with construction nearly completed you have two options," he told the ABC.
"One is to accept it and practice utmost sensitivity even within your own headquarters.
"The other, which the Americans had to do with their new embassy in Washington ... was to rip the whole insides out and to start again."
Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus refused to confirm the theft.
Whistle blowers interviewed by Four Corners also allege the Australian defence department's classified email and restricted networks have been hacked.
"A factor of ten times the entire database, or the entire amount of information stored within the Defence Restricted Network, has been leached out over a number of years," one worker said.
Another whistle blower said a "highly sensitive document" belonging to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade had been stolen by China.
"It's a project that would give an adversary a significant advantage when dealing with Australia," the source told the ABC about the DFAT document

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