Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doing Business With Communist China

These are the folk Kendall, Maquire and McCormack have invited into the Riverina !

Julio Faesler, a former director of the Institute of Foreign Trade in Mexico, told the BBC that China’s exports compete directly with Mexico’s own manufacturing industries, and on an unfair basis.
Faesler hopes that Mexico’s President Nieto will be “very firm in expressing general dissatisfaction with sales of Chinese products at prices below cost, which is severely damaging many Mexican industries.” Mexico has filed four complaints with the WTO accusing China of dumping.
An editorial published by the Archdiocese of Mexico complaining of the PRC’s human rights record received wide coverage in the Mexican press. The editorial spoke of international complicity in a lack of freedom of expression and religious freedom, as the PRC “uses its economic and military power to pressure other countries.”
An article in the newspaper La Raz√≥n pointed out that the issues of human rights and free trade are connected: “That the Chinese government, which continues to violate laws against its own people, is going to be really respectful of a legal framework, cannot be believed. Having free trade with tyrannical regimes is always risky.”

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