Thursday, August 31, 2017

True History Of Cootamundra

Dr. Jim Saleam
Dr. Troy Whitford of Charles Sturt University says both the Shooters Fishers And Farmers Party and I may split the “conservative vote” in the by-election for Cootamundra.
Dr. Whitford may be right, but he has not asked whether the Labor vote might also be ‘split’ by our Australia First appeal?
Let me remind readers that the electorate of Cootamundra is the heartland of the original labour movement. Grenfell is where nationalist exponent and ‘poet of the nation’, Henry Lawson, was born. Young is where, as Jack Lang put it, “free labour” came to New South Wales with the 1861 lambing Flat uprising against the Chinese coolie class.
Yes, of course, the modern Labor Party has zilch in common with the labour movement of yesteryear, yet it is equally true that a small percentage of their voters yearn for the ideal of the historical past. A couple of per cent of real ‘true believers’ is the commencement of the ‘split’ genuinely needed between the Labor globalist bosses in the party and the unions and the ordinary working folk who do their misplaced duty in voting or backing them.
As I have said, this campaign is not about votes but about substantial issues being floated into the community. I might also add it is about putting Australian tradition into the pot.…/cootamundra-by-electio…/

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