Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Readers of this page and our blog will have noticed that we rarely mention by name, or link to any of the array of groups and individuals known generally as ”The Left”.
We don’t often engage with the latest articles by the likes of Jeff Sparrow or Vanessa Badham, unless of course we’ve some direct knowledge of the topic at hand, or their talking points somehow intersect with ours.
We don’t attempt to refute the arguments of Facebook social justice warriors by arguing with them online under the UNA profile, this may look like an edgy no platform position, but it isn’t.
The reason we don’t engage with these wowsers is because it’s pointless discussing anything with them, most of the time they simply re write your posts to make you sound stupid or attempt to trump a pro-White argument with history and statistics.
Understand, comrades, that history and statistics are their religion, most leftists spend at least three years studying the liberal arts at university and the entire body of work, from Manning Clark forward has been written to suit their tastes.
In truth, unless you’ve studied under one of these fishers of men, the arts professors, the average leftist demagogue sees you as vastly inferior to, and more disgusting than the stains on the carpet in the student union bar.
It doesn’t matter if your arguments are sound, your points are demonstrably true and your replies footnoted by their own material; if you’re not part of their congregation your words count for nothing.
If in fact you do possess a qualification from one of these modern day seminaries then failure to evangelise the works of the church fathers, or heaven forbid, heresy against them is punishable by excommunication, just ask Andrew Fraser.
Even if the established missionaries of the politically correct faith do condescend to “educate” you in a reply to your postings, you’re then quickly left at the mercy of the pitchfork and firebrand wielding peasants who populate anti-racist social media outlets and real world clubs.
So, brothers and sisters, you understand that there’s no profit for us in debating these fanatics and their drunken, hare brained lynch mobs; you can’t beat them at their own game and by sinking to their level you only diminish yourself.
In fact, we owe them nothing, no courtesy, no understanding and no explanations; the moment Malcolm Fraser made up his mind that Australia would no longer be White and democratic was the very point when the White workers were relieved of any obligation to the educated classes.
We’re going to be blunt here, they started a class war against us in the 1970’s then knowingly transformed it into the proxy race war we see today.
Strong words? Bloody oath they are.
There’s no objectivity in the way the left go about their business, no compassion, no insight or empathy; so why should any of us respond to them with reason or conciliation?
These anti-Whites don’t even fight their own battles, preferring the typical bourgeois tactics of recourse to the law and sub-contracting the wet work, so to speak, to violent immigrants and other hirelings.
Understand us White comrades, aside from the Nationalists you have no political representatives and no support for your ethnic group, if you take the mental steps to accept that you are White; that you are part of an ethnic group; and that your group has interests to protect, then you are stepping away from their world and into that of the hated minority.
Privilege and rank in their world is only attained by those who will deny their heritage, take on the articles of the one world faith and turn aggressor against their kinsmen; you MUST sell out to buy in.
Your worst enemy looks like you but has no loyalty to you; all of the other antagonistic ethnic groups, the anti-White gangs and polemicists are mere subordinates of this puritanical sect, or strata of our own kinship group.
We all recognise White guilt when we see it, true, it’s pathetic in most cases but instead of sneering about brainwashing and such like, why don’t we just accept that these people are guilty?
Think about it, they, or more likely their ancestors must have done some truly terrible things for this guilt to manifest itself across space and time.
We would lay good money on the bet that many of these middle class families would have some real skeletons in the closet from the colonial years, after all it was educated, liberal people who took it upon themselves to “civilise” the Aborigines.
This isn’t tongue in cheek, yes, we want you to hate them, yes we seek to sow division and fear in order to create a counter movement to their ideals and practices.
They are guilty, treat them as you would a criminal or a disloyal friend.
If they’re voluntarily wearing the hair shirt of the guilty party in the genocide and dispossession of the first nations then who are we to argue with their contrition?
Comrades remember though, that the enemy believe in the sins of the father and take his penance, but we know that past behaviour is a predictor of future behaviour, they did it to the Aborigines and now they’re doing it to us.
Now, don’t be fooled by the conservatives and civic patriots either, they exist only to betray the White working class, they study under the same demagogues as the Left and have the same goals, they just tend to put on airs and graces rather than the pretentious nihilism of the loony left.
So kinsman and kinswoman, defend your White privilege, such as it is and be grateful for what we have; because these guilt ridden husks of people we call “The Left” and their snobbish cousins the conservatives want to take it all away from you

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