Saturday, September 3, 2016


It seems Lorraine is to be set up again ?
We were alerted to The Women for Wagga Council facebook page today in relation to a disgusting and defamatory post by one of their "Administrators" directed at Australia First Party and Lorraine Sharp.
Among all the talk of equality by the "gals" we couldn't help but notice "class superiority" statements such as "in my academic opinion"....
Now she's put us back in our plebeian places folks !
The matter of the false and malicious accusations has been forwarded to Australia First Party legal team.
The accussations are one of possession of "child pornography". The Women for Wagga allege Australia First Party "hacked" their facebook page and trolled one of their members personal facebook page to retrive pornographic images of children.
Australia First Party welcome any investigation into these disgusting and defamatory accussations.
If the Women for Wagga report this disgusting muck to Police it will be a waste of Police resources and lead to charges of - Make false report to Police and civil damages for defamation will follow.
Is this a plot to not only smear Lorraine to the lowest common denominator but to disrupt Lorraine in the week leading up to the election ie Police seize Lorraines computers and phones etc ?
Is this a rouse / conspiracy behind the scenes to get rid of Lorraine ?
This display of malice, hate and defamation raises the question- If these Women for Wagga are so mentally unbalanced that they set out to destroy other Women in their community by inventing repugnant and slanderous accussations against them, are they fit to make responsible decisions on behalf of the community, let alone be the voice for disenfranchised Women in Wagga ?

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