Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Great GATSby

In order to put a little perspective on the Nationals true position as to Australia's strategic agricultural assets we need to refer to The Daily Advertiser (20/07/13) There you will see the Nationals have taken out a full page advertisement promoting another of their talk fests. They have rolled out Warren Truss to protest the sale of Graincorp. Mr Truss is just another of a long list of heavyweights the Nationals use in the grand deceit to make it look as if they are actually doing something for the man on the land.

Of course this is nothing more than electioneering and will achieve absolutely nothing, in fact it is a complete ruse and the Nationals know all too well they have already sold the Australian people out. Surely Mr McCormack knows his political history and the vile act that the Nationals were party to when signing GATS with their Liberal masters. It was Warren Truss's predecessor, Mark Vaile who was one of the signatories of GATS and is a supporter of the free trade and globalist agenda that has put us in the situation where all of our strategic infrastructure was floated and sold off. Warren Truss in the meantime has been a supporter of free trade deals with the US and China, and more ominously Truss is a strident advocate for the "Asian food bowl" in the north, which will see the north of Australia ceded from Australia.

The GATS treaty obligates our country to privatise all public services including electricity, health, welfare, water and most definitely strategic agricultural assets. The major parties have agreed with the UN and the WTO (World Trade Organisation) that these areas should be opened up to foreign corporate ownership.

In his book, GATS, How the WTO's New `Service' Negotiations Threaten Democracy, Canadian researcher Scott Sinclair identifies the three priorities of the current round of negotiations. First, GATS officials will attempt to expand corporate access to domestic markets. Governments will be under great pressure to list more of their services and exempt fewer. The most potent weapon will be the push to have `National Treatment' applied horizontally. National Treatment is a fundamental tenet of free trade; it forbids governments from favouring their domestic sectors over foreign based companies. Already, National Treatment applies to certain services in the GATS; the goal is to apply it across the board.
Recent talks were aimed at developing new GATS rules and restrictions, intended to further restrict the use of government subsidies, such as those used in public works, municipal services and social programmes. A particularly threatening development is the demand for an expansion of the  `Commercial Presence' rules. Commercial Presence allows an `investor' in one GATS country to establish a presence in any other GATS country and compete not only for business against domestic suppliers but for public funds against domestic publicly funded institutions and services. Together, these proposals will hugely expand the authority of the WTO in the day to day business of governments. They will make the exercising of democratic control over the future of basic public services a virtual impossibility. Investment houses like Merrill Lynch predict that public education will be globally privatised over the next decade and say there is an untold amount of profit to be made when this happens. The GATS serves this corporate, profit driven vision of society. It's important for those attending Mr McCormack and Mr Truss's meeting on Wednesday to understand in no uncertain terms what is at stake and that Mr McCormack and Mr Truss are signed up to the very thing that is destroying them, regardless of what they may say.

If the Nationals were truly up in arms about the ADM takeover of Graincorp,  they would have split from the Liberals years ago and would have stood against the privatization and sell off of essential infrastructure. They could have also publicly rescinded their position on the GATS agreement (they haven't). They have refused to take a real stand and continue to scrape and bow to the major parties as we lose the last of what was Australian owned infrastructure and this included the single desk. Is the MDBP just a means to facilitate the sell off of our water infrastructure via GATS? 
Australia First can see why Mr McCormack was in rural Canada and Mongolia recently "learning" about the fly in, fly out situation, Mr McCormack already knows what the future holds for the Riverina, he's just not telling the people of the Riverina.

Australia First if ever in power would rescind all free trade deals, tear up the GATS treaty and buy back all Australian infrastructure. We support Australian owned and grown and not a country where our future will be decided in a foreign boardroom. What do you want for your children's future?

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