Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rudd Treats Australians With Contempt

After being sworn in as Prime Minister last week Mr Rudd said he was "revolted" by the reports of corruption coming out of NSW Labor. "I am revolted by what I have seen unfold through the ICAC inquiry. I am revolted that this could've been seen to have been acceptable practice," he said on Friday.
The new rules will be aimed at heading off corrupt practices and make it harder for developers to influence the ALP by standing for election and being involved in candidate selection.
The new rules would also ensure any party member subject to investigation for improper conduct could be immediately suspended from the ALP if they bring the party into disrepute.
 Source, The Australian.
Rudd also said "I want a Labor Party which is free from the taint of some of the things we have seen emerge in ICAC in NSW", concerning O'Beid and friends.
Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party must think the Australian people have amnesia, as Kevin Rudd himself is still under on-going scrutiny regarding the Heiner Affair and the shredding of documents during his time in the QLD Goss government in relation to child sexual abuse.

Further to the stench that still surrounds Kevin Rudd and the Heiner Affair days, is the matter of the Fitzgibbon Affair, the very same Fitzgibbon a well known Rudd supporter that Mr Rudd has appointed to the front bench as Minister for Agriculture. The matter of Mr Joel Fitzgibbon and his 16 years of involvement with Chinese developers and matters of espionage.

Australia First Party call for Mr Rudd and Mr Fitzgibbon to be stood down under Kevin Rudd's new anti corruption laws, until the Heiner Affair and the Fitzgibbon Affair are resolved.

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