Thursday, July 11, 2013

Australia First Preference Ticket Federal Election 2013

Australia First Party preferences for the 2013 Federal Election, as follows:
Vote 1 Australia First Party.
( putting Australians first )
2. DLP
( Although the DLP has serious issues with their open the doors immigration policy and their connections to the Roman Catholic Church, they must be rewarded for their opposition to the Chinese Trade Centre in Wagga ).
3. Bullet Train Party
( A single issue Party with limited thrust but not anti-Australian, the rest of the Candidates do not deserve third position).
4. Labor.
( Undeserving of fourth spot due to their manic and destructive policies and general incompetence , unfortunately as we go down the list we have no alternative but to place Labor in fourth position).
5. National Party.
( Mr McCormack receives the Thespian award for his efforts in the Riverina and his general dishonesty ).
6. Greens
(  Socialist Internationalist mayhem, pro refugee extremists and other anti-Australian policies, but at least they admit it ).
7. RUAP.
( The leader of this Party is criminally insane, although he does claim to raise people from the dead, so who knows what miracles he will perform )
8. Palmer United Party.
( Lex Stewart, has been involved in and wrecked more parties than he's had hot dinners. This candidate is a political shonk, he has no policies, he changes parties so often he will spruik Palmer today and perhaps return back to  CEC, One Nation, Australians For Honest Politics, Great Australians, or Liberal tomorrow. He has no place in Australian politics ).
Unless Australia First are merciless attacked in some way by the above Parties, or other Candidates enter the fray, this will remain our line up.

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