Saturday, October 15, 2016


As amusing a pastime as trolling the Greens supporters can be, there are some serious issues which we feel the need to bring to the attention of our readers.
Let us not beat around the bush here, the Greens and all they stand for are a movement of White people projecting and signalling White virtues to a White supporter base.
A perusal of the Greens policies and their appraisal through Nationalist eyes reveals much common ground, though we, of course, would take many of those ideas to their logical end, nationalization of key sectors of the economy obviously being part of Nationalism.
It’s obvious to our educated readership that the Greens platform would be much easier to implement in a closed society, with big government at the top providing the basic infrastructure and necessities for progress and prosperity, and a de-centralised, localised, “people’s democracy” model.
It’s a fact that many White Greens supporters are as captivated by the globalist monoculture and the trappings of capitalism as any other demographic, the struggle to separate them from the mainstream and bring about what we call the “secession of the mind” is real, we know that game well.
The Greens have a reputation among the fanatical, hard left types as mere “Tories on bikes”; an amusing slur, no doubt, but a perception based in reality.
Hence we understand the need for the Greens to include capitalist pop trivia, such as same-sex marriage and anthropogenic global warming in their agenda, though meeting people half way between the globalist monoculture and true emancipation has proven fruitless for other tendencies.
We wonder, the typical Greens supporter is probably all over gay marriage and the cult of global warming, they might have solar panels on their house, a rainbow flag sticker on their letterbox and ride a bike everywhere; but put if we put them on the spot would they be au fait with their party’s banking or labour reform agendas?
This liberalism and accommodation of aspects of the globalist, a capitalist program under the Di Natale leadership group appears to have totally alienated the more politically savvy, working class Greens supporters and, predictably, opened the door to bourgeois opportunists, rudderless nutcases and the self-obsessed scions of the “me generation”.
In the end, though, the Greens struggle, if we want to call it that, is one of White supremacy, albeit in a form which does not speak its name for fear of triggering a total break from the mainstream, capitalist networks.
Turning again to the Greens policies they are, for the most part, parochial, even Anglo-centric purely from the point of view that ideals of social justice, fairness, and equality of that character are uniquely White inventions.
The Greens are living a lie if they think that mass non-White immigration and anti-racism are in their long-term interests, to date they have made few inroads into migrant-heavy areas. Their bastions in the inner cities are actually reliant on newcomers NOT voting en masse, as immigrants overwhelmingly drawn to the major parties and form ethnocentric-blocs to stack branches with ghost members and dummy candidates.
It’s a fact, too, that the immigration program is currently rigged to favour an influx of wealthy, yet socially conservative Asians who will ruthlessly exploit the next, lower tier of the newcomer, the short term visa workers, and overseas students.
It is this subversive character of the Asian and Indian peoples which will be the undoing of the so-called “social justice” movements exemplified by the Greens. Non-Whites simply don’t give a damn about the Anglo-Saxon ideals of fairness and tolerance, their goal is the dollar and the prestige of climbing to the top in the globalist monoculture.
The Greens will either have to get real, get their hands dirty and start to behave like the gutter trash of the Liberal and Labor grass roots or become authentic dissidents and, at a minimum, an implicitly White movement.
We, Nationalists, are happy to meet the challenge of the Greens in a notional battle for the hearts and minds of White Australia.
To be sure we only see room for one party and one democratic people’s movement, namely ours; but the Greens already have one foot in the mainstream and one in the margins, we intend to apply all the pressure we can to make them jump one way or the other.
The Greens can be mainstreamers or dissidents, never both, if they choose the latter and make good their commitment to Anglo-Saxon values then they will only have recourse to their White supporter base.
For all their fine talk and importuning of minorities, they really have nothing to offer the migrants and non-White groups which can compete with the globalist, capitalist monoculture.
The Greens program, like the Nationalists', would require significant short-term pain and delay of gratification in the sense that the real goal is securing the posterity of our people, this is the very antithesis of the mindset prevalent among immigrants.

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