Saturday, October 8, 2016


As the great flattening of Australian society under globalism continues apace, the White working class is emerging from the shellshocked state into which they were thrown as their once comfortable, stable homeland passed some unseen tipping point into rapid decline.
As bewilderment turns to anger, our brothers and sisters naturally want an answer to the big question: “Why?”
Why on earth would the people supposedly in charge of managing the economy and nurturing the social life of the nation deliberately and methodically destroy a society which, for the most part, worked well and was progressive in the very real sense of the word?
The basic answer to that question would of course be “for profit”, they sold out the prosperity of the many for the gain of the few.
The explanations given by the would be oligarchs, the old money blue-bloods and their bourgeois allies in the Leftist milieu range from “because” to “you deserve it”.
By degrees the upper caste attitudes toward the White working class and the marginalised families beyond seem to range from “let them eat cake”, to clever, often subtle, variants of “kill the poor!”
The striking thing about the mindset of the toffs, globalist predators and various categories of bourgeois sell-outs, shills and crawlers is that they have nothing but fiction and wishful thinking with which to back themselves up.
Greg Johnson, an American New Right commentator recently claimed in an online discussion that at one point he had set himself the task of going back and researching the underpinnings of this Multikult mania; he was surprised to discover that there’s not a shred of scientific, or even philosophical work to back up the dogma of multiculturalism’s advocates.
They have nothing tangible to back their claim that “diversity is our greatest strength”, or their numerous other talking points; what they’re relying on, in fact, is mere fiction for the most part.
Malcolm Turnbull would have us take to heart his talking point about Australia being the most successful multicultural society, Corinne Grant thinks that refugees are more likely to be entrepreneurs than native born Australians, others perpetuate the notion that Whites must forget about their posterity , atone for the sins of their forefathers, or failing that “get in the sea”.
Can we even honestly describe them as liars when, far from trying to distort the truth, they refuse to even engage in the search for real knowledge or the intellectual satisfaction of grounding one’s ideals in reality? A liar knows the truth but attempt to alter reality to serve his own needs, the bourgeois Leftist ignores reality altogether in the belief that he’ll appear selfless.
Nor could our self-appointed betters be fairly seen as brainwashed, nothing has been removed from their psyche, they’re still the same old bourgeois opportunists, only nowadays their worldview is built upon novels, TV drama and humanitarian themed advertising slogans, as opposed to the bible and classical liberalism.
The angry White worker is typically primed to explode in rage after attempting to debate or discuss anything with one of the “educated” people, there’s no dialectic, no common ground argue over and the streams of gibberish which come out of the mouths of these upper class twits serve only to further infuriate their opponents.
Nationalists who have cause to enter the homes of the do-gooder middle class families we here describe would be advised, for the sake of interest, to take a peek at their book collections.
Note the preponderance of novels? You’ll see volumes of fiction penned by all manner of Leftist scribes, all of it following the broad themes of social justice and human rights; allegories and fables of the “oppressed” folk of the world, their trials and their triumphs.
It is therefore something of a pointless exercise arguing with these know-it-alls, facts don’t matter to them; even if the White worker does arm himself with statistics, produces eloquent and detailed replies to their nonsense it’s likely all in vain, all he’ll hear in reply is more nonsense, more smug platitudes and condescending patter.
This brings up another important point; in Australia there are no facts available to anyone concerning multiculturalism, the three tiers of government have taken the position that no inquiry into mass immigration and globalism will be permitted.
Here we see their Achilles heel, their whole world view is based on an absence of knowledge, a determined and ostentatious ignorance within a paradigm built on highly compelling and convincing works of fiction.
Readers may be familiar with a recent video by Canadian journalist Lauren Southern in which she sets out to change her official identity documents to reflect gender fluidity, in effect she legally “transitions” between female and male over the course of several hours, it’s that easy in her country.
In her closing remarks Lauren wonders aloud about the future of a society whose legal and official structure is increasingly based entirely on fictions such as gender fluidity, she raises justifiable concerns about the severe penalties proposed by the Trudeau camp for people who’d question even her own faked, farcical “transition”.
Comrades, you are probably tired of hearing that the emperor has no clothes, it is however the only truth before us when we look into the cult of diversity.
If we peek behind the stage curtain and look into the heart of the dildocracy, as our allies on the Alt-Right would say, there’s nothing there but a howling void taped off with rainbow bunting.

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