Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trade Centre A New Twist ?

Wagga Trade Centre:
A New Twist. Australia First Has Drawn Blood?
Readers saw our press release issued on Monday demanding action over the fake marriages of Helen Liu who was close to the Fitzgibbon clan in the Labor Party, and her former partner Humphrey Xu - who lurks behind the Chinese Trade Centre in the Riverina. These marriages let them stay in Australia to serve the interests of the Chinese superpower.
The story broke this morning. It seems that action will now be taken to investigate Liu and Xu. See:
The Australia First Party campaign of mass awareness about the Trade Centre and its sinister role in usurping the economy of the Riverina for Chinese imperialism, began in January this year. It has gone through many stages and was a crucial issue of our election campaign.
Australia First Party’s function is to defend the interests and the freedom of the Australian People. The drawing of blood in this affair is a success. We have struck back at the Centre and the gang of collaborators and sycophants in the Liberal Party and National Party who have pushed for it. Lorraine Sharp, our candidate has told us: “This is my purpose and it goes far beyond any election. The struggle is permanent and if we have cost the system money and injured the Chinese imperialist game – then Australia First has much to be proud of.”
Also: is something going on with the Waui Company and the Trade Centre conspiracy?
Australia First Party will now use its enhanced profile from the Federal election campaign to mobilise people against the Centre until we have sunk the project.

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