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 Heather was taken hostage some 5 years ago. A mental, emotional and physical
captive. Jesse introduced Heather to the drug ice, in part as a way to
control her through dependence. Heather relied on Jesse for ice supply.
Jesse, himself a sad story, turned depraved individual. Jesse is a victim of
a violent and psychopathic mother - Karen Prowse - and subsequently a victim
of the "help industry mincer". The reality is Jesse is now also a cunning and
extremely  dangerous individual and abuser.

Karen Prowse has also abused and assaulted Heather violently. Karen
manipulates Heather's mind using (in the beginning) Heather's infatuation
with her son Jesse as leverage. Sen Cst Polly Mason remarked one day "do you
know Karen is manipulating Heather"? The family responded with "yes, we have
appealed to all and sundry authorities and agencies and no one will stop her
and we have no legal power to stop Karen”. We feel betrayed and bemused by
all the domestic violence publicity, yet nothing is being done to save
Heather". Sen Cst Mason said no more.

Eventually a few well meaning people amongst the frauds tried to do what was
within their power to do (which was greatly appreciated, as those who rock
the local good ol boys boat around town usually pay a high price for their
honesty). Graeme Killalea, Juvenile Justice Wagga Office, enacted a non
association order preventing Karen from associating with Heather. Mr Killalea
could see what was happening to Heather. Of course the non association order
is a toothless tiger and without any real consequence if breeched. Karen
ignored it and picked Heather up in her car and facilitated Heather to her
son Jesse's unit and to generally use Heather for her own agenda. Thankfully
at last a local Magistrate (no longer at Wagga) also smelt a rat and placed
bail conditions upon Heather not to associate with Karen Prowse. All this was
ignored by Karen and she continued to sink her fangs into Heather. No action
was taken by any authorities.

Karen has used and abused Heather over the last 5 years ongoing. Karen has
violently assaulted Heather on many occasions, punching Heather in the head
and stomach and held knives to Heather's throat. Cst Gilbert Wagga Police
took a statement regarding two of the assaults. Karen manipulated Heather to
retract the statements by way of trickery and deceit, convincing Heather of a
nonsense “bad outcome” for someone not involved in the whole affair. Cst
Gilbert stated he knows Heather was assaulted by Karen, he viewed her
injuries and he stated he also knew Karen had manipulated Heather to withdraw
the statement. No action was taken. Karen and Jesse have taken Heather's mind
hostage by way of lies and manipulation ensuring Heather remains trapped in
their delusional world. Heather is an empty shell devoid of any self worth,
Heather has been destroyed in every way mentally physically and spiritually.
Heather displays Stockholm Syndrome.

An example of the lies and manipulation - Karen and Jesse lie to police to
frame up the narrative Heather is also an offender. Karen and Jesse routinely
threaten and carry out false reports to police ie Jesse will self inflict
wounds then ring police and say Heather did it, or they would drive Heather
out of her mind with relentless abuse until she loses her mind and then they
phone the police. Karen and Jesse will threaten Heather that something will
happen to her or her family. When Karen performed the home invasion at
Heather's mother's house, Karen was ranting about bashing Heather’s then 6
year old brother. Karen and Jesse will set the stage and mercilessly use
Heather as something to punish relentlessly (well the authorities have never
prevented any of this). Karen and Jesse have been manipulating the law to
destroy Heather and the law is compliant. Jesse takes all Heather's
social-security money. Heather is not allowed a phone. Heather is locked in
Jesse's unit and he holds the keys. Life Without Barriers have made it a
veritable jail installing crimsafe and plate glass windows all around for
Jesse's security? Jesse uses it as a jail for Heather. The violent home
invasion Karen Prowse perpetrated at Heather's mother's home went nowhere
Wagga Police "bungled" the case - Cst Mathews. Karen got away with it as
usual. Karen and her daughter Kiarna violently assaulted Heather's sister at
the check out at a local Woolworths store. Karen and Kiarna ran up when they
noticed Heather's sister and violently gouged her face and assaulted her. No
police action again.

Fast forward though relentless persecution and strife to present day.
Saturday 12.11.16, approximately lunchtime. Heather attended Wagga Wagga
Rural Referral Hospital with a black eye and a fractured eye socket. Heather
stated to a friend independently at the hospital that Jesse was responsible
for her alarming injuries. Heather was reportedly a beaten down empty shell.
Heather and Jesse were out front of the hospital and upon return Heather
reportedly had a blood nose. The cameras at the front of the hospital may
have captured this subsequent assault? No police charges again. No action.
Heather’s family contacted police to get some information on the situation.
They were accommodated the first time, but after a shift change Cst Todd
arbitrarily decided to remove the ‘concern for welfare check job’ the
previous officer had put on. So, the family know nothing of the welfare of
their loved one.

Heather's mother was recently accused of having a propensity to respond to
situations with violence in a court report for sentencing for the local Wagga
Court in relation to a minor matter. Police had no problem laying charges on
people where none should have been laid. Interestingly, when contemplating
the years of violence and injustice, Heather and her family have received but
Heather's mother has not once responded to these people with violence. No.
Heather's family have endured an ongoing unimaginable nightmare at the hands
of these social terrorists. The question to Mark Bolton is - why would you
write such a fraudulent and nefarious  court sentencing report? It is not
based in reality.

The reality is rather than respond with violence Heather’s mother has
contacted (largely a waste of time) many relevant Ministers of Government
about this abhorrent situation which local authorities allow to go on without
end. They too have a care-free attitude, unless its white ribbon day and the
contrived domestic violence talk is front and centre. In other words - theatre.

1. NSW  Attorney General Greg Smith - largely dismissive.

2. NSW Attorney General Brad Hazard correspondence via mail x 3 - unconcerned

3.NSW Minister for Police Stuart Ayres - After corresponding with Wagga
Police , Mr. Nihall on behalf of Ayres, wrote back and declared no one is in
danger. Really ?

4.Minister for Age Care and Disability John Ajaka. Correspondence x 3.
Couldn't care less.

5. Multiple representations in writing to FACS, in person and on phone. Refused to
assist in any way.

6. Representations to Premier Mike Baird - no reply. Wonder if Baird's
daughter was in this situation he would ignore it? The political class and
moneyed class are excluded from these problems. They are looked after.

7. Family Link. A worker was fired after Representations of serious criminal
behaviour. Via a complaint to the Ombudsman.

8. Life Without Barriers - completely derelict of duty of care and
unprofessional in their conduct. They are compliant in Heather's suffering.

9.Wagga Domestic Violence Advocates -  it is deemed too dangerous for them to
attend Jesse’s unit to help Heather.

10. Many other representations and nothing is being done. Zero action.

11. 2 weeks ago NSW shadow Attorney General ( Member for Liverpool, Labor)
was contacted with an urgent request to look in to this matter. A harrowing
tape of Heather describing years of abuse and how on that day Jesse had
bashed Heather around the head in the shower until she collapsed on the
shower floor and then Jesse urinated on Heather’s head. No police action that
day either.

Wagga Wagga Police use the standard line ‘if Heather wont speak to us we
can’t do anything’. Police know Heather is mentally destroyed from ongoing
serious abuse and suffering a type of Stockholm Syndrome as this has been
allowed to go on for 5 years while authorities watch on in silence. Heather
does tell the police on occasions and nothing is ever done. This is evidenced
in the recorded interview 2 weeks ago. Heather sees Karen and Jesse get away
with crime after crime etc. Its hardly reassurring to someone as fragile,
traumatised and destroyed in every way that the police can or will assist ?

No one knows what became of Heather on Saturday afternoon and seemingly no
one cares. So much for white ribbon day it’s soaked in blood !

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