Wednesday, September 17, 2014

To The NSW State Premier

Mr. Baird,  Sir,



It has long been common knowledge that Gambling Casinos are venues for "Laundering" Criminally-Acquired money.

Professional Investigators and observers who were interviewed in the Four Corners presentation,  state that much of the money presently gambled in Macau, can only have been criminally acquired.  They go further to say that encouragement for gamblers from China to travel to Australia's casinos, will increase the flow of Crime Money through Australia's casinos.

Also, during interviews in the Four Corners programme, it was revealed that Packer's Macau casino interests are heavily propped up by criminal Triad involvement via the so-called "Junkets" organisations.   Expert opinion, offered in the Four Corners Programme, states that Packer's Barangaroo venture will fail without the support of "Junkets" in Sydney.

Packer offers that worn-out politicians' lie for every gratuitous political imposition that harms Australia, that his Barangaroo venture will be "GOOD For Sydney".   Yeah, sure !!!  Nothing like an influx of Triads to "BENEFIT" Sydney-siders, eh,  Mr Premier !!!

Of course, Mr Premier, you realise that once these Triads get a foot-hold in Australia, that there'll be no stopping their "Expansion" into other activities, eg, Prostituton, Fraud, Embezzlement, White and other Slavery, Racketeering, ahem "Debt Collection", Drug Dealing, Murder, Hit-men, "Disappearing" people, Bribery, Major Robberies, Blackmail, "Fixing" Sporting Events   -  have we missed anything, Mr Premier ?   And all of this in order that Packer's Barangaroo venture may succeed   -  "Good for Sydney", he said.

Allowing that the experts are right in stating that Packer's Barangaroo venture cannot succeed without the heavy involvement of the "Junkets", ie, Triads, then such Revenue as is generated at Barangaroo for NSW State Coffers, will clearly be the PROCEEDS OF CRIME, and let us not also overlook the fact that it is widely known that Money Laundering of Criminally Acquired funds, will dramatically increase.

Thus NSW Government will be eagerly Depandant upon and taking the PROCEEDS OF CRIME.  With knowledge afore-thought,  the NSW. Government is Aiding and Abetting THE CRIME THAT GENERATES ITS (Government)  REVENUE FROM BARANGAROO and other Casinos in NSW.  Kindly explain, Mr Premier, how this is different from a Drug-Dealer living from the Proceeds of his crimes.

Mr Premier, after your appointment as Premier, you loudly stated your intentions to eradicate Corruption among politicians in NSW.  Truly a virtuous aspiration, and one which suggests that you are a person of great propriety and scruples.  How then do those lofty standards measure up to Government's grasping preparedness to accept the Proceeds of Crime,  to permit life to the criminal activity which generates those Proceeds of Crime,  and which introduces a very skilled Criminal Cancer (Triads) into Australia ??

Surely, Sir, you can see how this makes you and the NSW Government, a total laughing stock !!!   Unhappily, there is not a funny side to the collective effects of this ruinous action on the people of NSW.

Effectively, Sir, Barangaroo,  and NSW Government as a "Beneficiary",  is a gigantic form of Political Corruption.  In having Barangaroo at "arms length" from the Government,  it might facetiously be said that BARANGAROO IS "PRIVATISED POLITICAL CORRUPTION" !!!   And "Privatisation" is SUCH a popular "buzz-word" these days, isn't it Sir ?!   And as with all other "Privatising" in this country, even Major Organised Crime will now be "Foreign Owned"  -  by the Triads.

Sir, don't bother donning your Serious Look and "Indignant" pose, repeating the tiresome lie that there are "Stringent Controls" etc on these Casino operations.  NOBODY believes such hollow "re-assurances" from politicians anymore.  With the recent Premier's fall, due to a heavy bottle of red wine hanging around his neck,  and all of the politicians being brought before ICAC,  it's no surprise that the Public no longer have respect for and confidence in Party Politicians.


In closing, Sir, we draw your attention to the highly visible fact that ICAC will not investigate corruption matters involving Shire Councils engaged in "development" projects involving Chinese Investment.  Quite clearly, Sir, they have received "Hands Off" instructions from Macquarie Street.  Of course,  this quite makes a mockery of your  earlier stand against Corruption, doesn't it, Sir !!!   We will give energetic profile to these cases, to reveal the Corruption which it appears that your Government is trying so desperately  to conceal.  The zest and alacrity with  which Australia's politicians are selling off the Nation's assets to Chinese interests, strongly suggests that many of them are personal recipients of Chinese "Largesse".

You Sir, might be taken a little more seriously as a man of lofty principles, if you were to assiduously enquire into this issue of Chinese "Largesse",  and to free ICAC to investigate Corruption in Shire Councils engaged in projects involving Chinese "Investment".

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