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Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Drug testing welfare recipients is welcomed if the policy includes solutions to the drug problem, it cannot simply be for the benefit of the budget bottom line.

What is causing the demand for illicit drugs in Australia at such high levels ? Harm minimisation is another failed policy, we cannot harm minimise the effects of the drug ice, in fact NSW Police Commissioner Scipione stated last week "ice is a threat to families, communities and the nation."

We've got to put families back together, currently Parents have no rights to deal with drug addicted children, the government has intervened in families and government policies have added to the destruction of families in relation to drug use. Parents must have their rights restored and be legally empowered to deal with drug addicted children (provided the Parents are drug free).

If and when a person is drug tested and a positive result is returned, not only should the authorities be privy to these results, it must be incumbent on the government to inform Parents.

We cannot have a situation where we penalise people for being drug addicted and that's the end of the story, we must follow up these measures with compulsory detox and rehab, training and real employment opportunities. Gainful employment must be a part of the rehabilitation phase.

Are we looking for a solution to the drug scourge in this nation or just cutting spending ? We could utilise the now empty accommodation around the nation that was used to house asylum seekers, rather than bulldoze the centres or sell them off to foreigners we could use them as detox and rehabs for our drug addicted people. The directors of these facilities must be Parents, recovered addicts and not government officials. There are many beds already available for people, they are called family homes, where addicted people could wear home detention bracelets and receive treatment in their homes, drug services and Doctors could visit the homes to treat people and the expense of the person's accommodation and care is the Parent's saving the government millions of dollars.

We would also point out, what is the point of rehab if there is no opportunity for a job at the end of it ? Currently we bring in upwards of 200,000 people into Australia each year and they are taking many of the jobs rehabilitated drug addicted people need.

We have to accept some people have a pre-disposition to addiction and we must help these people. people must be forced off drugs by compulsory detox and rehab, simply cutting welfare payments will only lead to increased crime and prostitution and if that's all we can offer these people, that is not good enough.

Foreigners who test positive for drugs or who are convicted of selling drugs must be repatriated. We need to fix the drug problem in Australia for Australians.

Australia First Party support the solutions of A.D.D.I.C.T Association:

"When addiction to mind altering substances begins, free will begins to end."

A.D.D.I.C.T Association supports the principle that drug use remain illegal but that addiction be treated as a notifiable disease, when not a mental health problem. With the view that addicts be removed from illicit drugs and then not be placed on legal mind altering drugs. Generally speaking addicts need no drugs, not a substitute ongoing legal addiction.

Over the past 40 years, despite punitive fines and jail sentences, all governments have failed to stamp out illicit drug use. They have sought to legislate every aspect of our lives and by the selective adoption of United Nations statutes, charters and treaties (under the guise of human rights and children's rights) the governments have destroyed parental right and authority. The government and the media have vigorously aided and abetted the natural rebellion of youth against parental right, authority and morality, thereby massively compounding  the tragic drug epidemic. Now under the guise that prohibition has failed, comes the simplistic fallacious argument that we should minimise harm by decriminalising drug use and even provide heroin shooting gallaries. Once again a simplistic "either or" solution presented by the mainly ignorant and compliant media, politicians with failed policies or the sinister criminal element that stand to profit.

The truth is that prohibition has never really been enforced. Did you know that since prohibition; pro rata more people now die of alcohol related diseases than during prohibition. There is a 3rd way, complex but possible, a multi pronged attack on the illicit drug trade and the illicit use of conventional medicines, that must be adopted by national and state governments and more importantly by concerned parents and citizens. For this to happen, we have created an organisation to network the 3rd way plan to the millions of concerned parents, citizens and groups nationwide who can adopt any or all of the multi pronged attack on the targeted illicit drug traffickers and corrupt officials. By sheer weight of numbers this will bring the government and their courts, to deliver the changes needed to combat this deadly scourge.

Court fines do not cure an addict, nor do jail terms generally cure them. Fines go to the government , who tax the population to provide jails. Did you know it costs $70,000 plus per prisoner per annum in jail and significantly more for juvenile prisoners ? Did you know it costs $20,000 minus per person per year in home undertaking home drug detox, including the necessary support ?

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will stand by the principle that parents have a God given, inherent and common law right and duty to protect their progeny and a duty to protect them from criminal activities. We believe that free will no longer exists when a person is in the grip of an addictive mind altering drug. To this end we support the introduction of compulsory detox and rehabilitation to help cure the addicted people and hurt the criminal organisations supplying these drugs. We propose the inception of these policies be targeted principally at the age group of 30 years and under, as there is evidence that addiction during adolescence can retard the emotional maturation process of young adults.

By the adoption of these strategies right now parents could try to save their children from drug addiction and possibly death or disability. If the government won't act or cannot find the answers, then we must act on our own - exercising our inherent, God given and common law rights and duties. To care for and protect our children.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association Incorporated will promote these objectives to the people of Australia for governments to adopt into law and practice.

The restoration of parental right and authority. That parents shall have returned the right of care, protection and responsibility and the right to intervene to prevent their progeny committing harm to themselves and to others, and to prevent crime. That parents shall have the right to know when their progeny attempt suicide, overdose, commit indictable offences, contract dangerous infectious and notifiable diseases or are committed to, or removed from psychiatric care. That it be legally incumbent  upon government to inform parents in these situations.

That immediate compulsory detoxification and rehabilitation be initiated on detection of drug abuse. The use of mind altering illicit drugs remain illegal but that no criminal sanction is taken or conviction is recorded unless other crimes have been committed.

The adoption of a national action plan, binding upon all Australian states and territories with the establishment of a national anti-drug taskforce, with over riding powers, so as to be able to win this drug war. This task force to represent at cabinet level in Federal and state parliaments, by the creation of a new ministry. Suitably trained drug testers to be trained and to be available for call out by a free dial telephone system, to enable parents and carers to establish and identify that drug abuse has occurred, so as to initiate treatment.

Establish a national register of Declared Drug Dependent (D.D.D) persons using Medicare Card numbers not names, so as to preserve privacy. That it shall be incumbent upon pawnbrokers, secondhand shops and financial institutions to check this register when allocating loans or dealing in merchandise. That they not be allowed to deal with D.D.D but may well deal with their parents or appointed guardians. Medical Practioners be required to refer  to the D.D.D register to prevent doctor shopping and over prescription of legal but addictive drugs.

That when drug abuse is detected, willing parents of sound character shall have the right to conduct medically approved drug detox and rehabilitation at home, in order to remove their addicted off spring from their life of substance abuse, crime and ultimate degradation. that they be given all necessary help and support from the medical and police authorities. That detox and rehabilitation programmes be monitored via the taskforce administration to be established, so that when proven clean of drugs and suitably rehabilitated they be removed from the D.D.D register, with parents or carers able to ensure that this has been done.

That state governments temporarily close down plus minus 20% of prisons to refurbish and redesignate and re open as detox and rehabilitation centres. That planned new correctional centres be so redesigned and redesignated. that addiction be compulsoraily treated as a notifiable disease and not a crime. That government detox and rehabilitation centres will treat addicts not fortunate enough to have home detox available.

That concerned citizens (evidence of concern required) be appointed as monitors to correctional, detox and rehabilitation centres to prevent corrupt practice. These positions to part of the national anti drug taskforce to be rotated at random between institutions.

That all property and monies to be forfeited to the crown, all of these to be used on the war on drugs. Convicted drug traffickers and financiers to be removed from the electoral rolls and prevented from holding public office. The Act of Parliament declares all debts owing to convicted drug traffickers and financiers null and void. Foreign origin drug traffickers to be repatriated after completion of Australian penal term - even to countries that execute traffickers.

Curtail travel rights to protect Australian drug addicts from risk of jail, execution and disease overseas. That all and any people instrumental in deciding drug policy and drug strategy be available for drug testing at appropriate times.

Persons testing positive to prohibited drugs to be disbarred from the Parliamentary, Judicial, Legal, Medical and educational professions for a minimum two-year period so as to achieve detox and rehabilitation.

Some campaign strategies to be employed by A.D.D.I.C.T Association:

Here is a 3rd alternative a revolutionary new multi pronged attack, that when adopted will sharply reduce drug abuse and the death, disease and disabilities that ensue, whilst damaging the illicit drug trade. we must have massive intervention by parents and carers. We seek to network this multi pronged attack to the public at large and to the many small groups nationwide in particular. We urge you to join us or associate with us by applying for group association or associate membership and to adopt any or all of the multi pronged attack on the illicit drug trade and accompanying injustice and corruption.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will help crack down on drug abuse and corruption by compiling all data and information collected, to target drug traffickers and corrupt officials. A.D.D.I.C.T Association will raise funds to promote the associations policies and to aid detox activities and organisations, where the aim is to remove the addicted victim from all addictive substances.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will raise especially designated monies to be used to pay bounties for information supplied to the association resulting in a conviction of major drug traffickers and financiers, one in each state of Australia plus a bounty to be paid on conviction of the most notable Australian personage as a drug trafficker - financier each year. Judging the result and payments of bounties to be the discretion of A.D.D.I.C.T Association executive.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will list by postcode volunteers who will help parents with home detox and rehabilitation or help, parents to remove their drug addicted off spring from the control of criminal organisations.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will oppose any political parties or independents that are in opposition to our drug strategy and will actively support candidates who are prepared to support our strategies and principals.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will support random drug testing for the Medical, Judicial, Political, Police and Teaching professions initially targeting those people advocating decriminalisation of drug abuse and the opening of heroin shooting gallaries whilst not in support of compulsory detox and rehabilitation.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will compile on a website the name of prominent persons and organisations whose reported public statements have indicated their support of decriminalisation of drug abuse whilst opposing compulsory treatment and those supporters of free choice illicit drug use and heroin shooting galleries.

A.D.D.I.C.T Association will promote and support the prosecution and impeachment of officials either involved in or promoting the expansion of drug use and if no Australian initiative is taken will mount an appeal for United Nations intervention and action.

Drug addict not selling drugs = victim
Drug addict selling drugs to supply own habit = victim
Drug trafficker - financier = targeted criminal

A = Attack
D= Dangerous
D= Drugs
I= Injustice
C= Corruption
T= Taskforce


(Drugs Despair Deliverance Operation Osterley)

P. Jewell 1998.

To contact A.D.D.I.C.T phone: 0401 163 987

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