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The Population Replacement Agenda Ramps Up !

We are told foreign investment is "Wonderful" and brings jobs to Australia, we just weren't told that the jobs were for foreigners and not unemployed Australians.

 Where are the Unions on this ?

Maurice Newman, Chairman of the Prime Ministers Business Advisory Council, calls it like it is.(Australian 27.5.14) "We have two million unemployed people in Australia, the bulk of whom are on welfare and stressed households that will not cope with the burden of a few hundred extra dollars a year to pay out", he said today in the Australian.

Why are we bringing in foreigners and refugees and setting up jobs exclusively for them at tax payers expense and discriminating against our own unemployed and young people ?

Maybe it's alright for people who smoke cigars or people winking at elderly sex workers ?

Let's hope Enoch Powell's prediction for the U.K isn't realised in Australia, "the streets will run red with rivers of blood", referring to this very situation.

AN IMMIGRATION lawyer has praised Wagga as an attractive destination for migrants because of the city's economic opportunities.
It is expected hundreds of newcomers will take advantage of an additional immigration assistance office -Australian Migration Options (AMO) - which provides legal advice to people from non-Australian backgrounds.
AMO manager Jessica Boatwright said the office was opened on the back of "increasing need" for migrant legal services as big employers seek to fill job vacancies.
"There's a lot of job opportunities in Wagga ... Tey's (the abattoir) for example can't fill the jobs that they have," she said.
"People come from overseas to fill these jobs."
Multicultural Council of Wagga manager Belinda Crain said humanitarian settled refugees are filling a large proportion of those jobs.
It is understood up to 70 per cent of Tey's workforce comes from a culturally diverse background, with up to 30 per cent of culturally diverse employees being refugees.
"We're a resettlement area," Ms Crain said.
"It's really interesting - the migrants want to stay."
Ms Boatwright said, as Wagga becomes more multicultural, demand for support services would rise as immigrants seek to navigate a "complex" web of immigration law.
"Immigration law is a very specialised area of law that is constantly being updated," she said.
"A lot of these people don't have a thorough grasp of the English language."
She said immigrants could be slugged hundreds of dollars to just to fill out one form.
"If you don't get it right, you've wasted your money," she said.
"That's why we've had specialised training so we know what we are reading ... so you can imagine what it's like for a person without a thorough grasp of English."


Firstly,  the Headline to the above article 'suggests' that long-standing Residents of Wagga enjoy "Full Employment", and that there remains a surfeit of jobs resulting in the "Need" to bring Migrants here to fill those jobs.

Regarding the new Immigration Support Agency, it is always re-assuring to know that we have Professionals with Specialised Training to enable them to effectively serve  the Tax-paying Public.

Ms Boatwright's expertise is in Immigration Law and she heads the new Immigration Support Agency, "Australian Migration Options", ie, as an "ADDITIONAL" Immigration Assistance Office.

How many of these Immigration Assistance Offices do we have HERE  -    and elsewhere across Australia ??

How much does Federal Government lavish upon these previously non-existent, but now  PERMANENT And EXPANDING  "Services" for newcomers whilst they  simultaneously and savagely  curtail Services for our Pensioners and our Dis-employed Youth???

With such tight Budget constraints,  how can Government afford all these "Support Agencies" ??

Miss Boatwright  commented  that "Wagga (is) an attractive destination for migrants because of the city's 'ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES'".  She, being an 'Expert' in ONLY 'Immigration Law',  and having arrived in town 'only five minutes ago',  would scarcely be capable of personally making an accurate assessment of Wagga's 'Economic Opportunities' .    But, anyway,  WHAT "ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES" ???   And FOR WHOM ???

You see, Ms Boatwright is speaking of "Economic Opportunities"/JOBS "EXCLUSIVELY".......  FOR MIGRANTS and REFUGEES !!!    She says her office was opened "on the back of INCREASING NEED for migrant legal services as big employers seek to fill job vacancies".

We ask,  "Have  ALL of these Job Vacancies  been advertised in Local and Regional newspapers, and at Regional Centrelink Offices  ???"

She goes on to state that "HUNDREDS  of newcomers" will be coming to fill job vacancies.  Again, we ask, "Will all of those jobs continue to be UN-ADVERTISED and UN-AVAILABLE TO AUSTRALIANS ???"

I suggest that Federal Government has not set up and funded these "Immigration Support Agencies" simply for "HUNDREDS" of Newcomers, but for untold "THOUSANDS", for a long term,  and all to the disadvantage of Resident Australian Citizen Job-seekers.  Indeed, Ms Boatwright herself implies  that as "Wagga becomes more multicultural" there will be even more immigrants in Wagga.

Now,  when all presently existing job vacancies are filled at all existing established businesses,  where will the ON-GOING "HUNDREDS" and THOUSANDS of newcomers be employed ???

Government's plans are NOT ONLY to "MULTICULTURE" Wagga's present "Demographic make-up" out of existence,  but to destroy the Riverina "Food Bowl" and UN-LEASH THE MINING PLUNDER !!!   THAT'S the reason behind setting up such Immigration Support Agencies as Ms Boatwright's !!!!   THAT'S where the "HUNDREDS" and THOUSANDS of continuing newcomers will be employed.

The above article quotes Ms Crain of the "Multicultural Council of Wagga"  as PROCLAIMING that, " WE'RE A RESETTLEMENT AREA" !!!   Is that so ??  WHO DECIDED THIS ??   WERE WAGGA CITIZENS CONSULTED ???

I have not noticed thousands of Wagga Residents, INCLUDING THE UN-EMPLOYED & DIS-EMPLOYED,  on the streets "EMOTIONALLY CLAMOURING" for Wagga to become "MORE MULTICULTURAL", and   a "RESETTLEMENT AREA",  and for newcomers to be ferried  in by Government, BACKED UP  WITH GOVERNMENT SUPPORT AGENCIES "ON THE GROUND",  to take jobs which have been DENIED TO EXISTING AUSTRALIAN  RESIDENTS !!!

Furthermore,  we can soon expect revelations of some decided "Hanky-Panky" by certain Local employers who "favour" the immigrant workers,  and it is indeed "Remarkable" that,  just "CO-INCIDENTALLY"(?),  these  LAVISH Government Immigration "SUPPORT" facilities are PROSPERING certain SHADY, "DISCRIMINATORY" Employers !!!

But, of course, there's NO  "CONNIVANCE, and NO "CONSPIRACY" here,  is there !!!???   It is truly just a remarkable "Blessing" that Government wheels in all the newcomers in OPPORTUNE time to fill the many UN-ADVERTISED JOBS.

Whenever there's SKULLDUGGERY afoot, the politicians will ALWAYS "GET IT 'RIGHT' ".

With Government providing the "INFRA-STRUCTURE" to MONOPOLISE AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS/CITIZENS  OUT OF EMPLOYMENT (and simultaneously STARVING MANY FOR 6 MONTHS),  are we in fact observing a not so subtle "POPULATION REPLACEMENT PROGRAMME" right before our eyes, but nicely 'glossed over' in the name of "Multiculturism", filling UN-ADVERTISED job vacancies, and providing  "Humanitarian" treatment of Refugees ???

Are we going to "Multiculture" all Wagga's long-standing Residents and Youth, right 'out of town' ???

We would not expect any helpful input from our State Liberal Member, Mr "China First" Maguire, who, I understand is once again visiting Communist China.  With his past history of interest in the mysterious Chinese Trade Centre, one could not expect any interest from him in Local Youth DIS-EMPLOYMENT.

Then there's our Federal Nationals MP, Mr "Riverina First" McCormack, Secretary to the Minister for Finance.

In this issue, we haven't noticed any "RIVERINA FIRST-ING" activity from Mr McCormack.  Possibly he's too busy helping his dear wife to prune their Roses.

Like Joe Hockey, he blames the Australian Community for the National Budget problems, and like Joe Hockey, he thinks that all of our Out-of-Work Youth are bludgers, and cares not that he has consigned many of them to Starvation and desperate measures.  But, thankfully,  Mr McCormack on his fat-cat salary and perks is "ALRIGHT JACK" !!!!

Anyone ever seen Mr McCormack dip his hand in his pocket or get out there to do something REAL for his struggling and desperate Constituents ???

And whilst our ever-so-compassionate Government continues showering "HUMANITARIANISM"  upon the NON-CITIZEN "REFUGEES" -  "NEWCOMERS"  -    we note from the Federal Budget that AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS  DO NOT QUALIFY FOR "HUMANITARIAN" Treatment !!!   No, sir !!  They only qualify to PAY TAXES !!!

So, Really, Mr McCormack,  your Self-appointed titular appendage, "Riverina First", should be replaced by "FOREIGNERS FIRST" !!!

YOU say that tough decisions had to be made.  Well, how about some corresponding "tough decisions" to significantly reduce GREEDY, SELF-INTERESTED politicians' Salaries, Perks, Pensions and Superannuation ??  Or is it that, once again,  these matters are sacrosanct  -  you people are "special and above the rest of us" ???  In this latter matter, you should adopt the title of,  "ME FIRST !!!".

And,  how about ADMITTING THE SCURRILOUS,  DIRTY LITTLE Scheme which is clearly afoot here ???   AND ALSO,  let's have the truth about your Government's SQUALID INTENTIONS to turn the Riverina into a Mining Waste-land FOR THE BENEFIT OF OTHER NATIONS !!!!

"RIVERINA FIRST"   -   INDEED,  Mr McCormack !!!

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