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Bring On The NSW State Election

Australia First Party are bemused by the Daily Advertiser's attitude. On Saturday 19.4.14 a Journalist from the Daily Advertiser  Wagga Wagga spent 30 minutes taping an interview with Dr Jim Saleam, yet the resulting article was in the usual style we have come to expect, no surprise there. However it is curious that from 30 minutes of recorded interview, all the Daily Advertiser managed to print was a few sentences, the rest was the usual recycled old news copied and pasted again. The usual try hard attempt at smear and fear, something seemingly reserved for Australia First exclusively ?

To fill in the "gaps" from the interview:

Australia First are opposed to the privatisation of the health system, we cannot have a situation where we end up with a two tier, or two levels of health care.

Australia First see the urgent need for a youth drug rehabilitation unit in the Wagga area, perhaps the land slated for the Chinese trade Centre could be donated to the cause ? While were on the subject of the trade centre, whatever happened to the Wagga ratepayers $50,000 used to draw up contracts for the sale of the land for the would-be trade centre? After all the Chinese trade centre was touted as Daryl Maquire's "baby", why should ratepayers foot the bill for Mr Maquire's pet projects ? And further insult not be reimbursed ? There seems to be a theme around town of Liberal ventures paid for by donations from the Wagga community.

Australia First question who the "investors" at the Mt Adra gold mine in Adelong will be ? If it is Chinese investment, they will bring their own labour and all our youth will get is drugs and centerlink.

We question the Snowy Works (and perks) situation,  which oversees "ongoing works" and gives money to the Tumut Council supposedly for the Gocup Rd, yet the Gocup Rd is never fixed, only patched, this has become a real cash cow for the local oligarchy. We would like to see the money out of the hands of the dubious Tumut council and in the hands of the RMS.

To clarify the label of "convicted felon", Dr Saleam  wears that title with pride, as he has always protested his innocence and maintained the disbanded Special Branch set him up as a political, prisoner.

Whilst on the subject of "felonious behaviour", we re-publish some facts about the establishment parties below:

A secret Liberal Party slush fund being investigated for corruption received $183,342 from Australian Water Holdings, while Arthur Sinodinos was AWH's Chairman or deputy chairman.

"I do not recollect donations to political parties being discussed at the board level" he said. ICAC documents show that between April 2009 and May 2011, AWH paid $183,342 to the Liberal party- related slush fund known as EightByFive, operated by Tim Koelma, a staffer for former NSW state Energy Minister Chris Hartcher.
The payments were booked as public relations services from Mr Koelma.
Mr Hartcher quit the NSW ministry after his central coast offices were raided by ICAC in December last year.
The EightBy Five payments were in addition to the $76,000 AWH donated directly to the NSW Liberal Party.
ICAC has heard that AWH disguised political donations as "administration costs" which it charged back to the state government's Sydney Water.
The Liberal Party has announced it will repay the $76,000 to Sydney Water, but has made no comment about EightByFive funds. Interestingly at the time EightByFive was a deregistered company with a cancelled ABN number.

It appears the Liberal Party had more to gain than O'beid from Sydney Water ? Of course Daryl Maquire would insult us and tell us the Liberal Party are "victims" in this whole affair and have been wrongly tainted by the "cancer" of O'Beid. Barry O'Farrell has also been described as an honourable man of integrity, he just has a bad memory regarding gifts? Barry O'Farrell's son a property developer is currently in China selling NSW real estate, although not a crime, it shows what sort of a man he is. Perhaps he has forgotten about that too ?

The list of establishment party corruption, sex scandals, pedophila, crime etc goes on for miles, below a few out of hundreds of examples, yet Australia First continues to be the whipping boy of the mainstream press?

Footnote: It is time our local state member Mr Maquire went under the ICAC microscope regarding matters of China, East Sydney and many hundreds of questions that remain unanswered regarding Maquire's business dealings with known immigration fraudsters who were later involved in the Fitzgibbon Affair.

We also take this opportunity to remind the Daily Advertiser of it's own words "we publish without fear nor favour"! Really?

Readers Comments:

Re O'Feral's Real Estate Son selling Aust properties in China.   Profiteering from sale of Rural properties where our Aussie Farmers have been squeezed into Selling or even walkiing off their Farms,   by many years of Govt "Policy" purposely designed to achieve this outcome ??   Here in Wagga,  our Federal Member's wife, Mrs McCormack in her Real Estate business is also well placed to "enjoy" this "boom selling opportunity" as is State Liberal Member,  Mr Maguire,  via his Son's Wagga Real Estate Business.   What "FORTUITOUS" opportunities -  to have such "CONVENIENT CONNECTIONS" to the very Governments which have "created" the desperate need of Aussie Farmers to Sell,  and to be so well placed as "MIDDLE MEN" to "HELP" our Farmers to Sell  !!!

 Re Politician Corruption.   The CHINESE TRADE CENTRE.  Neither the Council's Appointed Public Relations Committee NOR Local State Liberal Member Maguiire,  nor Local Federal Nationals Member McCormack,  nor Wagga's Liberal Mayor Kendall  EVER answered the 100-Plus Questions publicly raised about the CTC;   NOR did ANY of them respond to concerns raised about "Representatives" of the proposed CTC being under suspicion for serious Federal Crimes;   ALL of them,  AND THE DAILY ADVERTISER OPENLY,  PUBLICLY  SUPPORTED the CTC Project and without reservation !!!   The O'Feral Government and Maguire have NEVER REVEALED HOW MUCH GOVERNMENT FUNDS WERE SPENT on this Project,  and,  of course,  the responsible persons for this debacle are not expected to pay back those funds to Government .   The CTC was a PET Project of O'FERAL AND MAGUIRE who had NUMEROUS trips to China whilst the CTC was "under negotiation".   Where's THE EVIDENCE that Maguire PERSONALLY PAID FOR ALL OF THOSE TRIPS ????

THE DAILY ADVERTISER.   This newspaper says that it "PUBLISHES WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR" !!!   Yet it is so adept in once again raising the LONG WORN OUT  comment about AFP,  but SIMULTANEOUSLY publishes NOTHING ABOUT THE SORDID BEHAVIOUR OF "MAINSTREAM" Politicians IN THEIR OWN FRONT YARD !!!    AND NO INVESTIGATIVE EFFORTS into any of the NUMEROUS suspicions and questions raised about the CTC.  Just their usual LOYAL support of the Establishment politicians.    Oh how PIOUS,   Righteous, and  UN-BIASSED they are in their application of "FREEDOM Of The PRESS" !!!   Truly the GUARDIANS OF "INTEGRITY & PROPRIETY" !!!!   Dutifully keeping the Community "appropriately"  DIS-INFORMED !!

Re "Liberal ventures paid for by DONATIONS FROM WAGGA COMMUNITY".    A GREAT IDEA to LIST these .......AND .......REMIND the Daily Advertiser that THEY have NEVER pursued their Liberal FRIENDS with demands to REIMBURSE the DECEIVED and ROBBED Wagga Community !!!!

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