Monday, December 16, 2013

The Underclasses

The Department of Housing (Wagga Wagga Office), requested that I attend their office today to pick up the keys for my Daughters flat and remove the contents of the said flat.
I attended the D.O.H Office at approximately 9.45am and collected the keys. D.O.H Client Service Officer instructed me to attend the said location and remove the belongings, once the contractor had removed the security board from the doorway.
Myself and another Daughter attended the said location at approximately 11am, from the onset we were set upon by Mr J. P, who continually walked past yelling out and intimidating us. On several occasions Mr P walked up to the door of the flat looking in (in contravention of a current enforceable AVO for that location and DOH regulations relating to him and the said location). We ignored Mr P's behaviours and continued to pack up the flat as quickly as we could, so we could leave the location. As we were leaving the location at approximately 12.30pm Mr P started yelling threats at us, Mr P said "I'll smash your head in" and "why don't you go and have a whack with my Mum, she's in there" (pointed to a flat ). Mr P then said "I'm going to shoot P.W and your whole family, P.W's a dog crying to Police because my Mum scratched his face". At this point I became concerned for our safety and said to my Daughter "let's go, I'll call the Police". I called 000 at 12.36pm to report the situation and requested Police attend. I also called DOH to notify them of the situation at their premises. An hour later Police still had not attended, I called Wagga Police Station and spoke to a Cst Burmeister and he said "a job was on the system but Police are busy". At 3.01 pm I called Wagga Police again, as Police had still not attended and Sheree answered and said she knew nothing of the matter. At 3.20pm DOH called me to see what the situation was, I told them and they said you need to call the Police, I said I had but they were too busy to assist me. At 5.19pm I called Wagga Police again (as they still had not attended) and Cst Burmeister informed me Police were still busy, but should be there soon. I told Cst Burmeister, I had to attend the said flat again to pick up remaining items, as I was required to return the keys to DOH the following morning as the contractor would be boarding the doorway again, Cst Burmeister told me "now would be a good time to go back to the said flat as the Police had J P in custody on other matters and his Mother (K.P) was also in attendance at the Police Station as his support person.
At 5.40pm I returned to the flat with P.W and started removing the remaining items from the flat, at 5.45pm K. D B approached me at the said flat and told me she was going to bash my head in and also stated she was going to bash my Daughter, K.DB was screaming and yelling in a highly aggressive, threatening and frightening manner. K.DB's Mother K P then came to the door of the said flat (albeit Ms P has bail conditions not to approach me). Ms P said "fuck them, they'll call the police, the dogs". (truth is, K.P & co are a constant menace to society always calling Police telling lies about innocent people and threatening all and sundry with violence, they are notorious around Wagga yet nothing is ever done about these folks) K.DB and Ms P then left screaming and yelling. I called Police again 000 at 5.50pm, as at this point I was in fear of being assaulted. I also pointed out to the 000 operator I had first contacted Police regarding this matter at 12.36pm and Police had not attended. I ran to my car when I could not see K P and K. DB out the front and drove home in a terrified state. I again called Wagga Police Station and spoke to a Cst Whithers and asked him if Police were going to attend over this ongoing and frightening matter, Cst Whithers said "Police are just doing change over now, they should be there sometime soon". It is now 10.00pm and still no Police in sight.
I believe this is a politically motivated, deliberate failure of duty of care and absolute dereliction of duty on Police behalf, as I and my family have recently been victims of actual violence and attempted home invasion at the hands of these people. My daughter has been a victim of ongoing extreme violence at the hands of J P and my young son has been traumatised and suffering stress as a result of K P's recent unwanted, unprovoked and uninvited violence at my property.
Ironically the original arrangements were for DOH Client Service Officer to meet me at the said flat and provide me with the keys, these arrangements were changed as the Client Service Officer said she had to think of her personal safety around "those sort of people" and would need Police to attend with her, so it would be easier if I attended the DOH Office and collected the keys there. Nice, my personal safety is of no concern only their own ? Clearly by Police response or total absence of, my safety as a "regular" citizen is of no significance (obviously I'm not a part of the privileged or protected class around town). If the public are to be subjected to this real danger without protection by the law, when going about their everyday business, then the time has come for the public to have the means to protect themselves. As an older Woman I cannot accept this situation as any sort of notion of safety while out in public, where Police ignore attacks on vulnerable woman at the hands of notorious wild animals!
We wonder if the privileged class around town were subjected to this type of terrifying behaviour, would the Police ignore them ?
Further,it would have been common courtesy for Cst Burmeister to call me and notify me that K P was no longer at Wagga Police Station, had I known that I would have immediately left the said location and therefore been able to avoid the second incident of the day.

12.30am, Police finally arrive, Sgt Reardon, proceeds to tell me that she has spoken to K.P and she is telling her a "different" story, (what a surprise K.P a compulsive liar is telling her a different story). Sgt Reardon insinuates I am "making it up" regarding the first reported issue as J.P was in custody today at Wagga Police Station, I guarantee J.P was not in custody at Wagga Police Station between the hours of 11am and 12 noon today, as he was terrorising myself and my daughter at the said location. Sgt Reardon then reduces herself to a childlike tantrum, as it all seems too inconvenient for her to investigate the matter at hand, she refuses to speak with witnesses and then changes track completely and proceeds to tell me I am a bad Mother unlike her as she knows where her children are at all times, which is more than she can say for me, excuse me, what has Reardon's opinion of me as a Mother (which means nothing) got to do with the reported issue of the day that I have been trying to report for the last 12 hours? Sgt Reardon presumes much considering she knows nothing about me. Sgt Reardon unilaterally decides she is not going to bother doing anything about the reported crime of the day and leaves (and stops her partner taking any notes). Public relations with the Wagga Police have hit new lows, and one wonders what exactly some Police are doing in a Police uniform ? An absolute disgraceful display in Policing, this sort of attitude does nothing for the overall image of the NSW Police Force. As far as the perpetrators of today's crimes (well known vermin in the community), they continue their reign of terror aided and abetted by Sgt Reardon as citizens are denied their rights under law as determined by Sgt Reardon.
What a disgrace !

What a joke !


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