Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who's Killing Amy ?


Has anyone seen Amy ?

Amy is my 15 year old daughter, she is missing in Kings Cross, Sydney.

Amy was a fun loving girl, a top athlete, with a larger than life personality, everyone that met Amy was instantly drawn to her infectious personality and sense of humour. Amy was a well mannered polite girl.


Amy went to High School and her sense of adventure and (at that time) innocent mischief was influenced by the "do- gooders" who informed Amy of her "rights", without informing her of her responsibilities. A recipe for the disaster now under foot.

Amy was informed by the do-gooder faction of our society "your Parents can't tell you what to do, the Teachers can't tell you what to do, the Police have little to no power over you, DoCS can't do anything to you and the Court won't do anything", all in the name of the UN "Rights Of The Child".

And so the nightmare begins......

Amy embraced these wondrous rights all the way to Drug addiction and Kings Cross.

Currently Amy is still missing in Kings Cross and not one Authority or Agency will lift a finger to do anything about the danger Amy is in.

Amy has run away to Kings Cross on about 6 occasions, she has been returned twice, including myself and my eldest daughter driving to Kings Cross to pick Amy up. My eldest daughter was frightened by the scene of human tragedy when we arrived there. DoCS flew Amy back once. On two other occasions Amy was taken into custody for committing crime and returned by Juvenile Justice, only to be immediately released by the local Magistrate at Wagga Wagga (again). Amy has committed many serious crimes (over a period of time) but the NSW Attorney General doesn't see these issues as worthy of incarceration, nor does the local Magistrate at Wagga Wagga, so it's back to Kings Cross again and again.

Juvenile Justice Wagga Wagga Office inform me "we do not lock children up for their own protection, we are bound to follow the UN CROC". Amy cannot be forced into a drug rehabilitation centre, as it is "voluntary", Amy must agree to go, or it's no go. I as Amy's Parent have no power or rights under law to commit Amy to a drug rehabilitation centre. I as Amy's Parent have no rights to do anything to protect my child, in fact I was warned by Juvenile Justice, if I go to Kings Cross and try and bring my daughter home against her will, I will face serious criminal charges. In other words my 15 year old daughter Amy has the "human right" to destroy herself with drugs, associate with dangerous people and live in the streets of Kings Cross and not one NSW government agency will lift a finger to do anything about the dire situation.

After applying constant pressure to Juvenile Justice Wagga Wagga office, they finally issued a breech of Amy's probation bonds to Wagga Wagga Court. This action should have resulted in a Warrant for Amy, which would have given Police the power to pick Amy up, as matters stand without Amy (being caught) committing further crime, the Police have no power to pick Amy up off the streets of Kings Cross and return her to Wagga Wagga. Of course the usual disappointment prevails from Wagga Wagga court again and the Magistrate does not issue a Warrant for Amy, rather Amy is free to remain in extreme danger on the streets of Kings Cross.

Who is killing Amy ? ............

The Sydney police have called me to convey their serious concerns for Amy's life and the extremely dangerous environment Amy is in, I have taken their concerns to authorities in Wagga Wagga, but no action is forthcoming.

Amy's last stint in Kings Cross ended when she was to witness someone being shot in a drug house, none of these issues appear to concern the Magistrate at Wagga Court, or any of the other useless government departments around town.

So the current situation is, if I as Amy's Parent intervene I will be arrested and no government agency, not DoCS,  Police, Juvenile Justice, or the Magistrate will intervene. Seemingly we have an over abundance of civil servants who get paid a handsome salary to do nothing.

At the end of the day the very system that refuses to act to protect our children blames the victims, the child is blamed for making "poor choices" (how can a child with an underdeveloped mind that is brainwashed to do as it wants and heavily drug affected make a rational and informed decision ? ) Or the Parent is told they should take more responsibility (how can they do that in the absence of Parental rights and under the threat of being jailed if they intervene ?).

I demand the Attorney General of NSW reinstate immediately my parental rights and authority over my child and the introduction of compulsory drug rehabilitation for youth.

A group of distressed and despairing parents around the country are currently organising to change these laws, that currently allow the government to destroy our children, our families and our communities.

All enquiries for the Parents Action Group

To save our families and our children we must unite.

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