Thursday, August 31, 2017

True History Of Cootamundra

Dr. Jim Saleam
Dr. Troy Whitford of Charles Sturt University says both the Shooters Fishers And Farmers Party and I may split the “conservative vote” in the by-election for Cootamundra.
Dr. Whitford may be right, but he has not asked whether the Labor vote might also be ‘split’ by our Australia First appeal?
Let me remind readers that the electorate of Cootamundra is the heartland of the original labour movement. Grenfell is where nationalist exponent and ‘poet of the nation’, Henry Lawson, was born. Young is where, as Jack Lang put it, “free labour” came to New South Wales with the 1861 lambing Flat uprising against the Chinese coolie class.
Yes, of course, the modern Labor Party has zilch in common with the labour movement of yesteryear, yet it is equally true that a small percentage of their voters yearn for the ideal of the historical past. A couple of per cent of real ‘true believers’ is the commencement of the ‘split’ genuinely needed between the Labor globalist bosses in the party and the unions and the ordinary working folk who do their misplaced duty in voting or backing them.
As I have said, this campaign is not about votes but about substantial issues being floated into the community. I might also add it is about putting Australian tradition into the pot.…/cootamundra-by-electio…/

Friday, August 25, 2017

Dr Jim Saleam For Cootamundra - For An Ideological Revolution !


August 25 2017


Although Australia First Party is not registered to contest State elections in New South Wales, the party will support its National President - Dr. Jim Saleam - as candidate for the by-election for Cootamundra.

The campaign is now coming to life and will be directed by Australia First Party's Wagga Wagga council 2016 candidate, Lorraine Sharp.

Dr. Jim Saleam said today:

"I am concerned in this campaign to raise serious issues that affect the Riverina economy, our heritage and freedom. I am not here to play vote catcher but rather to ask people to cast the informed protest vote against the destruction of our way of life for our people."

The campaign will address:

(i) the interconnected nature of traitor class corruption with the economic intrusion of China into the Riverina;

(ii) the forced Council amalgamation of Gundagai and Cootamundra and linkage to the China cities proposal for Gundagai- Cootamundra and the very fast Melbourne - Sydney train line project:

(iii) the taking over the old train lines and regional airports being an attempt to subjugate the Riverina economy to China to the profit of local collaborators - one example the selling of all quality agricultural produce to China which leaves lesser quality produce here, but not lower prices;

(iv) the activities of Riverina politician Daryl Maquire who spends a great amount of time in China and his fitness to serve in a parliament.

(v) the asset stripping of farmers by mortgage companies using the case of Darren Ciavarella in Narrandera, as an example.

(vi) the re-writing of history in Young, another version of the tearing down of statues, such that the Lambing Flat 1861 uprising which created "free labour" in New South Wales ( Jack Lang) was some sort of China dragon-festival that can now serve Chinese imperialism.

(vii) the re-crafting of Junee as a private-gaol town on a failed US model of prison-towns.

(viii) the usage of the Riverina small-towns as refugee dumps, the cheap labour for the new plantation economy and the mining industries (like the gold-trails areas).

(ix) the clandestine acquisition of quarries to control sand and gravel in the Riverina that may serve the China driven economic system to the detriment of local cities and towns.

Dr. Jim Saleam concluded:

“I am not the candidate of a mainstream party, nor do I abide their rules. I
am minded of what the great Arthur Calwell said: ‘I don’t want to scare
native-born reactionaries by talking of revolution but what else is there to
talk about?’ I think it is time the voters here made a point – that they know
what is going on with this new colonisation, they don’t like it ,and they are
going to stand up - and say no. I want an ideological revolution in Riverina.
 The problems of this great zone of Australia come down to this and little
else. The behind the scenes operators, the takedown of our heritage, the
destruction of our towns, the big projects tells this truth. I look forward
to building our party in this area as your best representative.”

Contact:  02 9559 2070 ; 0407 732 868

Monday, August 21, 2017

"White Men Are The Biggest Bludgers", Claims The Daily Telegraph

Australia First Party;

The Daily Telegraph, which styles itself after the White working man, has today called all of us White Men “bludgers”.

The article, originally published as “White Men the Biggest Bludgers”, refers to a recent report by the Institute of Public Affairs. The report analyses the declining participation of males in the Australian workforce. It concludes that “welfare benefits” are keeping men out of work. 

Bear in mind, the Telegraph’s racially-skewed piece by Kylar Loussikian comes after manipulative Globalist Media reporting on events in Charlottesville USA. Following those disturbances, which were centred around the American Alt-Right’s attempt to rally against White Replacement in the USA, James Murdoch, son of Rupert, News Corp’s owner, issued a statement condemning President Donald Trump for not reproaching the White Nationalists. By doing so, he implicitly endorsed the violent actions of so-called Anti Racists, who police admit brought weapons and threw projectiles.

However, the actual IPA report does not identify “White men” at all but refers generally to Australian men. The only time the word “White” appears in the report is in reference to “White” and “Blue Collar” jobs.

What does that tell you about the Daily Telegraph and its owner, News Corps? It tells us that they are part of the Globalist war on White Men. They’ve just blatantly revealed so in choosing to portray this story in such a light. But what is the core agenda of the article? 

The IPA report was authored by Gideon Rozner, who is a fully blue-ribbon Liberal Party member. He was also one of two “Liberal students” arrested for public drunkenness at the National Union of Students meeting at Ballarat University in December 2008.

The IPA, for which News Corps journalist Janet Albrechtsen sits on the board of directors, is a typical neo-conservative free-market proponent think-tank. The report’s contents are designed to support Malcolm Turnbull’s attack on our welfare system.

The timing of the article is ironic too, given that the Sunshine Coast Daily, reported today on the harrowing story of 40-something unemployed White man Steve Anderson. Even with two degrees, untold certificates and licenses “from a range of industries” the former resident of WA has not found work after filing 2120 applications and receiving only seven interviews. The article highlights the prejudices faced by Australian men in their 40s; a vast contradiction to the line taken by anti-White News Corps.

As we Nationalists are fully aware, no one has done more to disadvantage the White Australian Working Man than the conservatives who masquerade as Patriots while busily selling us out to China. This is why those Civic Patriots following the line of phoneys like non-Australian born Malcolm Roberts of One Nation are intolerable to us, our movement, and our nation.

It also makes one understand the hypocrisy in condemning the Alt-Right at Charlottesville, given the inherent lie at the heart of our system which puts the “economy” before all else. The former Labor party of William Spence’s day argued that all work must have “social value” to have income. Today’s Labor supports the Globalist-Capitalist system in which banks dictate to government and the people aren’t worth a drop of spit.

The only ones who benefit from our “open market” economy are that tiny percentage of vampires reaping all the profits. Everyone else is at the whim of those who control the capital and shift it hither and fro to where it earns them and their shareholders the greatest revenues. How is such a fickle system, which floods our countries with non-Whites willing to undermine hard-fought conditions to generate greater profits for these oligarchs, a fairer system than nationalised control with protectionism as its goal?

The struggle we face today is reminiscent of the striking shearers who flew the Eureka Flag at Barcaldine in 1891 as they protested against low-cost Chinese labour.

The factors driving White Australian men out of the workforce are numerous and they all boil down to the traitorous policies espoused by all sides of government.

Australian men, forced onto welfare, do not receive the free training given to migrants, nor are there similar programs to grant them entrance to our workforce. There are no policies that favour them over migrants and “refugees”. Gerry Harvey has not offered Steve Anderson a job but he was quick to guarantee Harvey Norman would find places for all those Syrian refugees Tony Abbott imposed on us.

There is no report into why Coles seem to hire exclusively Sub-Continentals, Nepalese and Africans or why those non-Anglo business owners recognise no “diversity” directive and employ only their own kind.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Do we assume Justice is a Sham and We the people are just here to be
plundered and pushed around?

Is it a case of Laws and Rules are obeyed or not obeyed, abused, or misused,
howsoever it suits the powers that be?

We have a situation in the Riverina where Law Enforcement has no resources to
investigate multi-million dollar fraud. It is an indictment on the State of
New South Wales that Law Enforcement has scant resources to facilitate the
law on behalf of the community - as it should be. That's what people are told
they pay tax for.

Further to this scenario is the fact local MP, Mr Daryl Maguire, has managed
to find funds for a Graffiti sting operation as a crime priority, with a
particular focus on people who paint penises on fences (as reported in the
Daily Advertiser),  In stark contrast, we have zero resources available for
local people who have been defrauded out of millions of dollars in assets.

This very situation was confirmed today. Other persons in similar
circumstances have been driven to an early grave or suicide. Is this a
situation of political protection for criminals against the  people?

In contrast to a cordial correspondence last week in relation towards the
application of  the Law, today we are informed it's all changed,. Will there
ever be an investigation concerning a multi- million dollar asset stripping
racket involving out of town pan handlers and local identities? "How dare
Citizens ring up and report crime", was the tone.

Rather a Graffiti sting operation about pretty penises painted on walls -
will be the priority.

How many local people are on board with the Good Ol Boys programme ?

Persons of elevated status in the community who publicly harass and
intimidate other persons with the most threatening of demeanours have their
sins overlooked of course, but if one raises one’s voice to protest a matter
at a local venue one is placed on numerous police charges which they have to
contend with for more than 18 months - until finally the matter is dismissed,
negating the whole issue anyway.

MP Daryl Maquire announced publicly he was providing a blank cheque to local
police to move the Aboriginal people and other poor people out of Tolland.
This matter is an area of Tenancy Law.

Recently, we had a situation where we had enough resources to prosecute a
homeless person arrested by an over zealous off duty police officer for
possession of a minute amount of cannabis and heaven forbid, a stolen,
pirated, Michael Buble CD recording. Maybe the sell off of NSW public assets
can fund some local crime fighting?

Where are the priorities ?

Our police are used by government to go after quick and easy revenue raising
crimes and the poor and the working class ordinary folks are easy targets.

It’s falling into place now: if you are amongst the ordinary class of folks,
there are more than ample police resources to persecute and harass you and
all you fine people at that end of the social spectrum including humble truck
drivers and the working class generally, can receive the injustice.

But when it comes time to find resources to deal with rabid fraudster loan
sharks dealing "improperly" with legal matters as a convenience for asset
stripping farmers and others millions of dollars, it appears police have no
interest or resources to chase these white collar criminals?

The case to which we refer involves multiple millions of dollars and one
struggles to understand why police belligerently refuse to take an interest;
but if it was a bank robbery involving multiple millions would police equally
deny their responsibility to react to armed theft? Perhaps the thieves are
only of interest to the police when they are armed with firearms and weapons,
but when they are armed with pens and computers to commit robbery and
fraudulently abuse Law, that does not require the police?

So, the law is as it is defined by any representative of the law. Is
something legal or illegal? Does the law depend on the attitude of the
individual police officer on authority at any given moment? Is real crime of
no interest to the police? Do otherwise targeted persons have to fight for
their own justice?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

From The China-Gate Series


In all Maguire's years as Liberal State MP for Wagga, he's done nothing to combat the SOCIAL-TERRORISM of THE DRUG SCOURGE in the Wagga Community.   But now we are expected to believe that his farcical elevation to "PARLIAMENTARY-SECRETARY TO THE MINISTER FOR COUNTER-TERRORISM,  CORRECTIONS AND VETERANS' AFFAIRS", will wreak profound results against a,  so far,  relatively minor and infrequent "threat" which has hitherto been capably managed by Federal Police,  State Police,  and National Security Agencies.  At the very least, it is grossly insulting to suggest that this DO-NOTHING  UPSTART,  UN-QUALIFIED,  IN-EXPERIENCED, Political Babbler is going to now "........SHOW THOSE EXPERT AGENCIES HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS !!!"    Such Effrontery ;    such  GALL !!    However,  it is,  after all,  THE YEAR OF THE 'ROOSTER' .
Maguire will be  ".....involved in the strategic policy direction for Counter-Terrorism in New South Wales".    Well, we've all seen that ANY of his "Policy Direction" relevant to his own Electorate, has achieved NOTHING.   With  NIL "Strategic Policy Direction"  skills to his abysmal record,  FROM WHENCE COMETH .....SUDDENLY, such Skills and Knowledge of "Terrorism" and "Counter-Terrorism"  ??    We note too, FOLLOWING HIS 'TRADEMARK' FORM,  that he's already 'PASSING THE BUCK' to the Foreign Minister,  to rescue Wagga man,  Timothy Weeks, from the Taliban.   No-one dare argue that Maguire is less than "formidable" when repeatedly 're-establishing' his Historic 'Reputation' as the region's Champion Buck-Passer .
Maguire says,  "The Federal Government can't do it all, they need co-operation and support from the States".   Oh, really, Sir ?!    So Canberra will be lavishing extra funds,  for Counter-Terrorism,  upon the States for their VASTLY SUPERIOR EXPERTISE ??    Will Federal Government be next receiving,  gratuitously, the States'  " and support" in managing the Army,  Navy and Air Force ??

Maguire and David Elliot,  Minister for Corrections,  for Veterans' Affairs,  and for Counter-Terrorism  (MINISTER FOR 'EVERYTHING'  ??),   "......already work hand-in-glove on Corrections and Veterans' Affairs".   Do tell  !!!    What 'relative connection' does NSW Government perceive to exist between/among Corrections,  Veterans' Affairs,  and Counter-Terrorism ??   Has NSW Government taken a leaf out of the Repressive Handbook of America's Obama Administration ??    Obama wanted to jail  (or worse !!),  as 'Terrorists', the US Veterans,  along with Patriots,  Constitutionalists,  Christians,  Militia Groups which are called-for under the US Constitution, Gun Rights Activists & Gun Owners,  Free Speech Activists,  Anti-Abortion Activists, Anti-Establishment Activists,  The 'Alternative Media', and where-ever possible, White Folk generally.    So,  this is where NSW and Australia is headed,  right  ??    Just thought we had better check.    So, Folks,  stand by for an Obama-style Dictatorship in NSW/Australia,  wheeled in by a French-Revolution-style "COMMITTEE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY" courtesy of Robespierre-Maguire under a 1984  "MINISTRY OF DESPOTIC 'LIBERTY' " !!!


Pandora's Box

(?) versus (?) 
FAKE  NEWS  -  PRIME 7 NEWS. “Prime 7 News” TV report on 18 January 2017, purporting to present “even-handed” (Ha- Ha-Ha !!!) comparisons between the above two groups,  has provided,  to the increasing number of observers “with eyes to SEE”,  a ‘gratuitous’ serving of cynical merriment. 
MR FANG  -  “THE DUZZENTMATTA CANDIDATE” ?? Many local readers will have long noted that local TV Media is ever so fond of repeatedly affording Mr Fang,  TV  promotional profiling,  enabling the all-knowing Mr Fang to deliver his frequent unwanted opinion on everything that doesn’t matter.  As an intending political ‘Candidate’, does this make Fang “The DUZZENTMATTA CANDIDATE”??. 
LOOK  FOLKS !!   HERE COMES THE NATIONAL PARTY’S  “ANOINTED  ONE” !! Fang, being a long “ANOINTED” upcoming Political Representative for the National Party, is merely being given a ‘free ride’ by the obliging TV Propagandists, in order to make him “readily identified and ‘acceptable’ to the local and Regional voters”  when finally the Nationals choose to field him as a Candidate, heralded as a ‘Dedicated,Community Conscious Hero’ who has lavishly devoted so much of his time in SERVICE to the Community’ !!   Bring on the fanfare.  Don’t choke on your chopsticks, folks.    
SCRAPING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARRELL ?   OR …..SOMETHING ELSE ? Fang’s somewhat “meteoric rise” within the NSW Executive of the National Party in recent years, is ‘notable’,  and an honest explanation of this ‘rise’ and ‘Anointing’, and its far reaching purposes, would be more than embarrassing to the National Party. 
KEEPING THE “PRO-FANG PROPAGANDA FEST” ALIVE. The above TV presentation, rather than, in fact,  presenting a comparison between two (quite dis-similar) groups, was smoothly hi-jacked by Prime 7 News and converted into another corny Pro-Fang Propaganda Fest.    
PRIME 7 NEWS.  SUCH UN-ORIGINAL “SKILLS” OF BIAS !!   MORE FAKE NEWS. Prime 7 News cynically presented a miniscule segment of Ms Sharp’s interview,  just enough to demonstrate to viewers that there was, ‘supposedly’ rivalry between the two groups.  
They then proceeded to grant the “Anointed”  Mr Fang their usual favoured public profiling (his ‘Pre-Election ELECTIONEERING !!), via an obviously longer exposure on the TV screen.  But, for them, that was not enough.  They clearly gave him other content of Ms Sharp’s interview which was not shown on the screen, and gave him opportunities, not only to contest elements of Ms Sharp’s  interview-statements UN-OPPOSED, but also to distort and to deliver ‘out of context’ commentaries on Ms Sharp’s statements to the interviewer.  Similarly(?), Ms Sharp was not given the opportunity to retort.   “Even- handedness”, huh !!   APPLAUSE,  APPLAUSE . 
PRIME 7 NEWS BELIEVES :-  THEY CAN FOOL “ALL” OF THE PEOPLE “ALL” OF THE TIME.  Effectively, Prime 7 News set out to blind-side Ms Sharp and to thereby Promote Mr Fang.   Old, old Media tactic.  Another case of the Politically Privileged being rescued from self- delusion-land  and supposedly re-inforced in politically-favoured status.   Prime 7 News obviously believe that they “CAN fool ALL of The People ALL OF THE TIME”  -   perhaps even Fang ??   (Heaven Forbid !!)     
THOSE DARN “FANTASY SPECS.”. Then, Mr Fang, why do we perceive, ominously, that your political “Free Ride” is about to come to a disappointing end which may not be visible to you through your Fantasy spectacles ?? 
“TOUGH CHEESE” ….. FOR WHOM ? Since Ms Sharp was denied, by Prime 7 News, the even-handed courtesy of retorting to Fang’s gratuitous comments, we’ll attend to that matter now, but we think that Fang would rather have had the spontaneous verbal response on TV.  Mr Fang may thank Prime 7 News for much of the following .    
We address Mr Fang’s erudite pearls of wisdom below, but not necessarily in the same order as they were pronounced on the god-box. 
FANG FIDDLES A FEW FACTS. Commenting on the numerous aspects of COMMUNITY concerns  (NOT  expressly nor individually necessarily the responsibility of Council) expressed by Ms Sharp, which concerns Prime 7 News deceitfully and un-cleverly did not display for viewers,  Fang deceitfully ‘cherry-picked’ “Housing,  Drug use and Crime”, and suggesting that Ms Sharp had said that these were  matters for Council, he adopted his ‘Wise Man’ visage, complete with faintly furrowed brow, and declared that such matters were not part  of Council responsibility.      So ??   Ms Sharp did not say that they were. 
But we have some GENEROUS uncomfortable “howevers” for Fang, ensconced in his familiar cosy world of fluff and flummery. 
a).  HOUSING. Without even trying, the following Council responsibilities concerning “Housing”, come readily to mind :- 
i).    PUBLIC HEALTH.  For example, during and following local floods;   Rubbish removal;  Sewerage and Drainage;   Prevention of Livestock Slaughter by Refugees, for human consumption, in their back yards or houses in Residential areas; 
ii). PLANNING, BUILDING.  Town Planning/Planning new Housing Developments;  Development Approvals;   Building Approvals, and progress Inspections. 
iii).  INTENDED HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FOR ‘PRIVILEGED’ NON-AUSTRALIANS.   In respect of the now defunct(?) Chinese Trade Centre,  Council obviously considered Major Housing Development for the 4,200 Communist-China families (around 20,000 people ??) which the Proposers of the project laughably  claimed were required to staff and operate the Chinese Trade Centre.   It requires no genius to ‘guess’ exactly where this “Enclave” would have been built .  
b).  DRUG USE. 
THE EFFECTS OF DRUG ABUSE IS NOT A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE ??  Whilst Council provides some diminutive Community Health/Social Programmes, and some Nursing Services for Babies, and periodically euphorically propagandises non- effective Programmes, and Council has always had a Public Health role in respect of Shops where food is handled/served, Council’s neglectful lack of interest in one of the most serious Health scourges, illicit drug-use, is abysmal.  There is no lobbying to State government for EFFECTIVE local Drug Rehabilitation Services, and no offer of Council land where such a facility might be constructed.  The land which earlier had been ‘secretly’ considered for the 4,200 Chinese families purportedly required to operate the Chinese Trade Centre (stop laughing !!), could easily be made available.  According to Police in recent years, Wagga is the second worst area for drug-abuse in NSW.  Wagga Council has every opportunity to do their bit in turning the tide of the drug scourge which continues to destroy Australian families in this region.   Wagga Council’s very recent pronouncements that they will ‘partner with Police in the fight against crime’,  rings rather hollow when Council squanders real opportunities available to it.  
c).  CRIME. 
COUNCIL “PARTNERING” WITH POLICE, FIGHTING CRIME. Despite Mr Fang’s un-clever pronouncement that Council is not responsible for dealing with ‘Crime’,  Council proudly and publicly declare that they are partnering with Police in the fight against Crime. 
Additionally, within Council there is a great deal of ‘shady behaviour’, corruption and other highly suspicious and deceptive activity.   
COUNCIL CRIMINALS INVESTIGATING COUNCIL CRIMINALS. With the ever frequent use of “Commercial in confidence” strategy, clearly this Council has no intention to observe any genuine level of ‘transparency’ and honesty with the Public.   If Council was being sincere in their pronouncements that they were partnering with Police in the fight against Crime, their first ‘port of call’ should be themselves, for clearly there are matters of criminal behaviour within this shady and corrupt  Council. 
GENERAL MANAGER IS EXEMPT FROM THE LAW.  “SHERIFF” CONKEY SAYS SO !  All of Wagga is aware of the recent “public ‘misbehaviour’ “ of Wagga Council’s General Manager Mr Eldridge, at Wagga Airport.  All of Wagga is aware that Mayor Conkey generously relieved the Police and the Local Court from dealing with the matter.  Perhaps Mayor Conkey will now assume to himself the authority to deal with ALL  local Crime, and provide our Police and Court with some much needed respite.  Has Mayor Conkey now appointed himself as the SHERIFF OF WAGGA WAGGA, and Magistrate of the Local Court?    So, there you have it, Folks.  If you have a brush with the Law, just see Sheriff Conkey and he’ll straighten it all out for you, yessiree !!! (Ha ha ha .) 
In merely summary form, here are just some other highly suspicious Council issues to be ‘clarified’ to the Public :- 
1).  Re the Chinese Trade Centre -  (a).  The ‘Mayoral Task Force’ which NEVER consulted with the Citizens.   (b).  The ‘Gong Cha’ or ‘High Tea’ delivered to ………??   (c).  The $50,000 cost of proposed “Bill of Sale” etc.   (d).  Various Planning etc ‘Studies’ costing many thousands of dollars.    (e).  Council knowingly ‘negotiating’ with Criminal Immigration Fraudsters.    (f).  The ‘Trojan Horse’ of the 4,200 Chinese families. 
FANG’S “FRESH SET OF EYES”  LOOKING,  LOOKING …….THE “WRONG WAY” . The fact that Fang has never displayed interest in this WASTEFUL & EXPENSIVE charade, the Chinese Trade Centre, is no simple ‘omission’, and it is not because he doesn’t know how to saddle and ride a Trojan Horse, nor because the cheap “Made in China” saddle and Trojan Horse were, as usual, ineffective copies of the real thing !!   Mr Fang’s “Fresh Set of Eyes” were conveniently looking in other directions. 
“FORBIDDEN CITY”  -  OF WAGGA’S COUNCIL & THE GOOD OL’ BOYS !! Over 100 questions, re the Chinese Trade Centre, were put to Wagga Council and NEVER answered.  The mysteries and secrets of China’s ancient “Forbidden City” are more likely to be uncovered than those of our own local ‘Forbidden City’, Wagga Wagga Council. Can’t blame Kendall’s “CATTLE-CLASS” for this, Folks !!  
CONFLICT OF INTEREST - UNDECLARED PRIVATE BUSINESSES IMPROPERLY PROFITING ?? 2). Then there  are ‘anomalies’ relating the Airport Car Parking businesses, and other ‘anomalies’ in respect of ownership of Airport Hangars etc BY Elected Councillors,  BY certain employed Council Staff and certain local “VIP’s”.   Also there are a number  of private Business interests of Mr Eldridge potentially capable of acquiring “favoured” business opportunities from Wagga Council. 
WILL COUNCIL PAY TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC FROM MR ELDRIDGE ?? 3).  The secret Remuneration Package for Mr Eldridge is a colossal outrage.  The apparent “threats” etc which have followed him to Wagga, raise many questions,  e.g., (a) Is his excessive Salary etc necessary in order to meet blackmail demands from ‘someone’, or to pay for unusual security (bodyguard) protection ?   (b).  Does he have ‘AVO’s’ against ‘others’ ?     (c).  Has he been subjected to ‘Death  Threats’ and from whom ?      (d).  In truth, should ANY person with such a background, be even employed by Wagga Council ?? 
GEN. MANAGER ELDRIDGE PROTECTED BY COUNCIL WHEN HE VIOLENTLY ABUSES AND STANDS-OVER PERSONS IN PUBLIC PLACES. So far, we have observed that HE has unloaded bullying, standover behaviour on others, in Public, but Council is not providing the Public generous financial assistance to protect them from Mr Aldridge.   
$2.4 Million “DISAPPEARS” FROM COUNCIL COFFERS. THEN GEN. MANAGER “DISAPPEARS” ……..WITH FULL PAY AND REDUNDANCY “ENTITLEMENTS”. 4).    Former General Manager, Pinyon, has disappeared to Loddon Council in Victoria, following the IMPROPER “investment” of $2.4 Million of Wagga ratepayers funds in an enterprise which later collapsed.   Pinyon and Kendall must re-imburse the Council.    
SINCE WHEN HAS COMPULSORY FOREIGN GROG-GUZZLING AT RATE-PAYERS’ EXPENSE, BEEN ADDED TO THE ‘DUTY LIST’ OF THE MAYOR AND GEN. MANAGER ? 5).   The German Beer-Fest for Eldridge and Kendall very likely cost Wagga Rate-Payers over $20,000, and both of them would have been on full pay and allowances for the duration.    
There is no evidence that this “expenditure” will measurably repair much of Wagga’s appalling roads, nor in any way defray other Council expenses.  Kendall and Eldridge are required to re-imburse Council in full.  
ELDRIDGE ATTENDS TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL – FOR NEW IDEAS ON HOW TO MEND WAGGA’S APPALLING ROADS ??  6).   In keeping with his established self-interest, arrogance and audacity, Eldridge has driven to the Tamworth Country Music Festival  -  with an UNEXPLAINED “STOP” (obviously Private Business, whilst on full pay from Wagga Council)  along the way. ======================================================================== 
DEPUTY FANG’S “UNPAID”, GO NO-WHERE, WORK RELATIONSHIP WITH COUNCIL. About his own ‘Ratepayers group’, Mr Fang,  faithfully subservient to the un-profound New Age linguistics, declared, “It’s about building a working relationship with Council.”  WOW ….. I think !!!   If he’s going to have a continual ‘working relationship with Council’, he obviously doesn’t have much confidence in his ability to  efficiently resolve Ratepayers’ problems with Council.  And no-one wants to see an already incompetent Council wasting more time with in-effective political “show-offs” and grandstanders.  Finally, how much of his own UNPAID time is Fang ever so generously offering,  and just what volume of purely  Council issues does Fang believe that his Ratepayers’ group has accumulated ??   Is Fang planning to become Official External Deputy to the Mayor ??  Deputy Fang, even ?? ========================================================================== 
“VICTORY” FOR FANG  -  POSSIBLY A MIND-BENDING 5% SUPPORT !! Concerning his Ratepayers group, Mr Fang says that they have 300 “Likes” on their Facebook page and that therefore his group has been embraced by the community.  So, 300 out of Wagga’s  Voter population of (?) thousands is around  perhaps 5% ??  Wow !!   A truly magnificent  Community ‘embrace’,  Mr Fang.   Are those the kind of figures which you expect to wheel you into Parliament one day ??   In that case, we look forward to competing with you at the next election !!  
“POPULARITY”  -  A FETISH OF DELUSIONAL POLITICAL ASPIRANTS. A rational and sincerely motivated person on a mission to serve others,  never considers his ‘popularity’.  The popularity hang-up is a well known fetish of those attuned to the delusional aspirations of political grandeur, and thus it is understandable why Mr Fang feels impelled to imagine that, his only two friends having each placed 150 “Likes” on his Facebook page, this elevates his popularity and public acceptance.     
FANG -  THE “SELF-MADE MAN”.  IT’S JUST THAT HE HASN’T FINISHED THE JOB YET. Once again,  Mr Fang,  you reveal your penchant for  Juvenile self-indulgent Fantasy and Delusion -  scarcely the character attributes of one who aspires to positions of “Leadership”.     
FANG -  TOO “ABOVE” THE “UNDIGNIFIED” HARDSHIPS OF REALITY TO EVER BE “IN TOUCH” WITH THE REAL WORLD.  About 40 years of enjoying the hardships of Reality in the world where real folk live, would inculcate the necessary humility and honesty required  -  you will find that in  the world of those “lesser folk” beneath your imagined superior social class.  Such an experience will also reveal to you just how much you really are presently “out of touch”. ========================================================================== 
THE SELF-APPOINTED GENIUS, ON PLASTIC PEDESTAL, TO PASS JUDGEMENT UPON US !!   OH WOE,  OH WOE IS ME !! When asked for comment about Ms Sharp’s group, adopting his most professional “Serious Look”  perfectly coalesced  with his  long cultivated  “All Knowing Air”, he responded,  “We’ll wait and see what it looks like first”.   We are ever so relieved that Wagga’s Self-Appointed Genius In All Matters,  on his home-made Plastic Pedestal, has deigned to not immediately condemn us.       
MR FANG  -  THE IRRELEVANT MAN. Mr Fang, your un-interesting gratuitous  comments or opinions about Ms Sharp’s group, are of no relevance or interest to us.  There really is no comparison between the two groups and their objectives anyway.   So we won’t be waiting for your  AUTHORITATIVE “Warrant of Approval” to determine whether we are “Fit for the Future”. 
MR FANG  - KEEP YOUR FAKE NEWS, FAKE GLAMOUR, FAKE FAME & ‘ACHIEVEMENTS’. And do note that we don’t limit our Community concerns to a mere less than modest single issue as you do.  Last time we looked,  the Community was not revolving around just Rate-Payers’ issues.   Neither are we clamouring for fake public glamour.  We don’t need and don’t seek accolades, wealth, glory and the dizzy heights of ‘fame’.    We leave that to the shallow people,  got it ?!!? ========================================================================== 
“INVESTIGATOR” FANG NOW ON DUTY.  WATCH  OUT, MR MAYOR !! Mr Fang says they will ‘investigate’ any issues which residents bring to them.  We would think that he really meant to say that they would “Represent” such issues to Council, seeking answers, explanations, or a resolution  as the case may be.   Well, let’s see what he can do with just the issues aired in this article  -  best of luck, Chum !!    
FANG’S FIRST “VICTORY” FOR RATE-PAYERS.  GOOD JOB, BOY-O !! Notably, Mr Fang has already had one meeting with Mayor Conkey, and resultantly Mr Fang reports that the subject matter was “Confidential”and that no information was offered in response to the enquiry raised in their meeting.  And then, what was Fang’s enquiry about anyway ?  We presume that it too was “Commercial in Confidence”.   
TAKE CARE THAT YOU DON’T CONTRACT THE “CATTLE-CLASS” CONTAGION. (Mr Fang, you  need to remember that since the Council has for so long been dominated by former Mayor Kendall, Council’s conscious perception of the Community is that most of them are the “CATTLE-CLASS”,  and so are easy to ignore.   A person of your self- elevated social standing should be constantly aware that he is dealing with persons below his social  standing and standards of personal hygeine, the CATTLE-CLASS,  and he should carry in his pocket, some ‘hand sanitizer’ at all times.) 
FANG’S RATE-PAYERS GROUP – FOR HIS PERSONAL POLITICAL PROMOTION. So you see,  Mr Fang, everyone else has been routinely fobbed off  by this SECRETIVE, “Fit For The Future”  Council in  the same way -  for years.   If the above result is all you can achieve, Mr Fang, why go to the bother of the elaborate ‘Poser’ effort to set up a Ratepayers group that is going to achieve NOTHING -  EXCEPT, if your sole purpose is to entertain the Public with your Thespian posturing, as part of your  “Pre-Election ELECTIONERING” Promotion in anticipation of your future political Election prospects ??   
FANG LINING UP  FOR ELECTION TO NSW PARLIAMENT. It is known that Mr Maguire  (NSW State Liberal MP for Wagga area) “contemplates ‘retirement’ “, and it is also known that you,  Mr Fang, expect to be ‘pre-selected’ by the National Party, as the “Anointed One”, as Candidate for the State seat to be vacated by Mr Maguire.    
Let’s stop kidding around, Mr Fang.  Your repeated, shallow, meaningless, pathetic,  public,  political posturing “contributes” nothing and fools no-one.   
FANG – HERE TO PROTECT COUNCIL SECRECY. With your Ratepayers’ group, Mr Fang, at best, you believe that you can become the ‘legitimate’ town ‘go-between’ (with repeated Media exposure to enhance your political aspirations), and that somehow your presumed social and political status can be employed  (and ‘enhanced’ !!) to safely render the “Confidential” fob-offs ‘acceptable and respectable’ to Wagga’s  Ratepayers, thus silencing Community concerns and simultaneously protecting Council’s on-going DECEITFUL SECRECY.    
Thus, Mr Fang, you would become the Official ‘Lord High Protector’ of Wagga Council’s on-going long established SECRETIVE, SHABBY SKULLDUGGERY,  and Council could pompously announce that they had “done their ‘duty’ “, by informing your Ratepayers’ group that the matter is “Confidential”.   Well done,  Mr Fang !! 
What a grand way to reveal  your “effectiveness” and  true colours to the Electorate which you expect to vote you in to elevated political greatness !!  
Wake up, Mr Fang.  With this Council, EVERYTHING of serious concern is ALWAYS “CONFIDENTIAL”, and the Public knows it, but they DON’T ACCEPT IT. 
FANG, THE “CHOSEN ONE”, & MYSTERY OF HIS METEORIC RISE IN THE NATIONALS. Some folk may now begin to wonder why you, Mr Fang, were considered for pre-selection around the time of Kay Hull’s retirement, and why, since that time, you have been “blessed” with such a magic, meteoric rise in your political “fortunes” within the National Party.   But, in good time, we will explain to the Public, why this is so,  i.e.,  IF you decide to “persevere” along your present political path !!    
FANG – HOW WILL YOU WITHSTAND “PUBLISHING WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR” ?  A person of your unquestioned intellectual prowess, Mr Fang, will appreciate that, at times, our Media, though they try their hardest, can fall short in complying with that long standing and revered  maxim, to “Publish Without Fear Or Favour”.   Where it is possible, we believe it to be our bounden Civic Duty to make up that “shortfall”.  Get the ‘picture’,  sport !!??      
FANG’S ‘SELFIES’ – CAUSING WIDE-SPREAD ‘FANG-SYNDROME’. Your obsession,  Mr Fang,  with endless  Media-provided  and broadcasted ‘Selfies’ to massage your ego to a constant state of political roadworthiness, is probably causing wide-spread Fang-Syndrome among the Public, and as yet, the treatment of this scourge does not appear to be covered by Medical Benefits.  If you have any social conscience, you will cease afflicting the Public immediately.  
For the time being, our free education service to Mr Fang is now concluded  -  until next time. 
Thus far, Fang’s “Fresh Set of Eyes” seem to have been of little benefit to his fanciful ambitions. 
Unhappily,  Mr Fang has been nominated for the unsavoury Distinction and Award of “The Mao Tse Tung Order Of The Third Hand”, an Award already shared among a number of Australian politicians.  For such an Award, unfortunately, “congratulations” are not in order.  Thus, any fanciful notion that he may one day rise to the heavenly level of First Emperor of The Fang Dynasty in Australia, as China’s 34th Province, is lost. 
Chinese New Year celebrations having just passed,  we note it is “The Year of the Rooster”. 
There is little to celebrate when one has condemned oneself with one’s own hand, to, in short order,  effectively go from  Barnyard Rooster to Feather Duster.

Sunday, January 15, 2017



Have our "News Releases" attracted such gripping interest from the "Good Ol Boys" of Wagga, that their enthralled anticipation of what's next to come, impels them to drive up and loiter at the front of my humble home (in  excited hope), drive off, but return again,  and again, and again and yet again ??    Indeed, in a car with Number Plates which belong to another car,  no less ??!!   Gentlemen, please !!!   We understand what an undignified embarrassment for you that it would be should your own 'Privilege-Class' vehicles be seen here in the realm of the "CATTLE CLASS" ;      but, really,  don't you think that  might be a rather 'extreme precaution'  to only avoid being "noticed" ??

And then there are 'others' who have taken to 'tail-gating' my daughter around the suburbs.   Perhaps they are just mis-guided 'admirers' too shy to ask for an autograph from the daughter of such an interesting person as myself.

Could it be that "The Good Ol Boys" are just 'discreetly' looking out for our personal safety and security ??   Nah  !!   They're too busy just being "important" !!

Of course,  there is always the drab possibility that we are witnessing nothing more than the hum-drum of some un-exciting, criminal stalking and surveillance.  So, no Fan Club, after all?


Wagga's trusting good citizens may be somewhat shocked to learn of the grasping 'extra-curricular' proclivities of certain senior figures in and associated with Wagga's "Fit For The Future Council".   We sincerely hope that they will take more serious steps to 'alleviate' the pain of these discoveries, than a session of un-therapeutic "Counselling".

Q. 1.
The General Manager, Mr Eldridge.   A significant component of his SECRET and outrageous "Remuneration Package", is that Council (i.e., the Rate-Payers/Wagga Residents) provide him with THREE CARS,  because, allegedly, Mr Eldridge has been, according to him, "victim"(?) of on-going "threats" to his personal and exalted  safety.   We ask:-

(a).  Mr Eldridge, being such a renowned "Standard-Bearer of Integrity and Propriety" in his  vocations prior to and since joining Wagga Council,  what dastardly intrigues have pursued him to laid-back and friendly Wagga ??    Surely he has not been previously engaged in certain "less than scrupulous" activities  -  indeed, activities which might cast a 'negative blot' upon his otherwise  "Sterling" character  and disqualify him from occupying his present position in Wagga Council ??

(b)   By what mysterious standards does Wagga Council "JUSTIFY" such SECRETIVE,  BREATH-TAKING  BENEFITS to Mr Eldridge   -   for ANY reason ??

(c)   Who decided that Wagga's Rate-Payers/Citizens may be SECRETLY  raped to pay for "protection" for the  'Eminent'  Mr Eldridge,  in respect of some suspect matter which he may have brought upon himself BEFORE he joined  Wagga Council ??     If  he has a "less than reputable" past that is now catching up with him,  it most certainly is not the obligation of Wagga Citizens to subsidise the costs of his "Personal Security" !!    Indeed,  it is the DUTY of Council to consider most seriously, their responsibility, to the Public, to engage persons of only the most impeccable standards to his position.  Given Mr Eldridge's recent Public performance, in light of the apparently suspicious background circumstances of his past,  Public confidence is most unlikely to be 'sustainable'.   And there is more to come  -  whether or not he remains there to 'face the music'.

(d).   Why does Mr Eldridge's Employment 'Package' include unlimited Free Travel, to ANYWHERE, whether or not legitimate Council Business is involved,  and when Council Business is NOT involved, does he continue to receive his full salary during his period of absence ??    Following his recent lavish Booze-up in Germany, all at Rate-Payers' expense,   nothing would surprise us,  but the truth will obviously shock Rate-Payers;     otherwise, why all the SECRECY surrounding the Package deal agreed by Council ??   Other Business Interests of Mr Eldridge raise serious concerns about 'Conflict of interest' which we will address in detail at a later time.    

Council-controlled Parking at Wagga Airport.    "Someone"(?) in Council  Proposed and Authorised the INCREASE in Council's Parking Fees to a DELIBERATELY PROHIBITIVE and UNCOMPETITIVE  sum of $12.00 .    WHO ??    Also,

(a).   In doing so,  IT WAS KNOWN that the opposition Parking provider at the Airport, was 'Valet Parking', owned by the son of our Local State Liberal M.P., Darrell Maguire,  WHO  was charging ONLY $7-50 .    WHY HAS COUNCIL  SQUANDERED  COUNCIL'S  OBLIGATIONS AND  OPPORTUNITIES OF REVENUE BY PREMEDITATED DESIGN TO DRIVE THE BUSINESS TO MR MAGUIRE'S ENTERPRISE AND THUS INCREASE HIS PROFITABILITY WHILST SIMULTANEOUSLY UNDERMINING COUNCIL'S REVENUE PROSPECTS ??    Not a bit of back-scratching among "The Good Ol Boys" ??     THIS IS ANOTHER FORM OF "PRICE-FIXING" AND CORRUPTION.

Behaviour by Wagga Council,  such as above-described (and we have more to follow), seriously erodes the Public Funds entrusted to Council.   As commonly realised, Council never has any qualms in raising Rates when it can get away with it.    And as we will show,  there are occasions when Council corruptly and incompetently "erode" the funds (and shroud it in "cover-up" secrecy) sufficiently to seriously diminish the works and services for which the Public has already paid,  meaning that the Public will be made to pay for such works and services a second time and,  of course, WAIT !!!

Abuse of authority within a government or Public body,  particularly via Financial "FAVOURS", and IN SECRET,  does not sit well with the Public, especially when such abuses have been at direct Public expense.    In this respect, Wagga Council has a dismal history which goes back a significant number of years.   Nor has this Council earned itself any "merits" from  instances of malice against certain Council Members or former Members, over the years, which matters we will be publicly reporting in some detail in the near future.     Macquarie Street moves in recent times, to emasculate the very Authorities created to properly and justly deal with corruption, may not, in the end, be sufficient protection against the "heat" which is about to be turned on the long history of misdeeds within Wagga Council.

The General Manager, Mr Eldridge.    His propensity for shameless VIOLENCE in Public places.   We refer to recent media reports of Mr Eldridge's screaming, abusive Stand-over behaviour at Wagga Airport.    When other 'lesser'(?) folk, in Local Courts every week get 'the book thrown at them' for 'offences' of much less import,  how is it that, in Mr Eldridge's case, a Police Officer is assigned to investigate his churlish, offensive and intimidating  behaviour at the Airport, and then summarily ordered to abandon the matter ??    Are there special 'laws' for over-paid, privileged Bully-boys in elevated positions of  "Service"  to the Public ??   And,

(a).   By what "privileged authority" does Mayor Conkey presume  to 'set aside' appropriate Police involvement (as would apply if other citizens had committed the same offence), and palm off the Public with nonsense platitudes and an insincere 'apology' by Eldridge to THE PUBLIC  -  but NOT TO THE VICTIM ??    Is Mayor Conkey setting a new  'Legal precedent'  -  will he, from now on, be relieving the Police and Courts of their work relating to all local criminal behaviour ??     NOT GOOD ENOUGH,  Mr Mayor !!!   But thank-you ever so much for revealing yet again the renowned proclivities of Wagga Council to SHAMELESSLY EXTEND FAVOUR TO AND TO COVER-UP FOR THE IMPROPRIETIES OF COUNCIL AND OR ITS 'PRIVILEGED' ONES .   You obviously can't help yourself to do other than follow the long established "PATTERN" of what has always more commonly been done IN SECRET  !!   

Why was Mr Crakanthorp sent home on full pay, for about a year, and without explanation ??   In this issue, a considerable amount of money AND a considerable amount of un-done work must be accounted for .

When will the Public be informed about the mystery surrounding Council's Planning Department ??

The abortive Douglas Aerospace adventure.   When will the outstanding $2.1 million be reimbursed to Council by those responsible for this needless loss ??

In respect of Mayor Conkey's improper and inappropriate interference in and mishandling of the Eldridge Airport Violence matter, we are not satisfied that this matter has received the  "All are equal before the Law"  attention,  and especially in respect of those holding prominent positions in service to the Public.  The long history of secrecy, waste, and 'improprieties' (to put it mildly),  of unexplained senior staff dismissals and resignations, together with matters presently  being addressed to Council (with  much more to come), and Council's arrogant belief that they can continue ignoring such matters of increasing Public concern,  will not go on forever.   The "status quo" will eventually meet its Waterloo .     If Mayor Conkey could just cease and desist from endlessly massaging his ego and strutting like Wagga's Chief Barnyard Rooster, he might just begin to understand the real crisis circumstances which he continues to nurture and incubate, and have the common sense to begin resolving the problems.   We expressed our concerns with the DPP  who recommends that the matter be referred to Council or the Local State MP, Darrell Maguire.   Amusing, huh ??   Considering only the contents of this article, obviously Council will not respond appropriately.    And concerning Mr Maguire,  we have other very serious matters to raise which will "interest"  him.  However, in "the fullness of time" we will have rather more expansive and exciting material published,  after which we suggest, certain parties may wish they'd "done the right thing".

Meanwhile,  supposedly,  the "surveillance"  and "stalking" as mentioned above, will probably continue and may even morph into something more exciting.   If they weren't so shy, we'd offer them a cup of tea.    Being in "CATTLE-CLASS" territory, they wouldn't want to expect anything fresher than last weeks tea-bags,  of course !!